A Stain on Your Day (04:00):

The Postman: 06:07
The vicar: 09:01 (174 minutes later = 2hr 54mins = plus 3hrs minus 6min)
The baker: 07:19 (102 minutes before that = 1hr 42mins = minus 2hrs plus 18mins)
The chef: 08:10 (51 minutes after the baker = plus 1hr minus 9 mins)

Case Review:

When does the Inspector want you out of Little Riddle: By the time the last train leaves the town.
What color is the Hotel’s carpet: Cream.
Which of the suspects visited the Hotel first: The postman.
Why does the Vicar say he was at the Hotel:  He’s planning to make a large booking.

Gardening without Moses (04:00):

From left to right put: 1000, none, 2000, 1000, none, 1000, 1000.

The Tangled Candle (03:00):

Number squares from 1 to 6 from left to right, top to bottom and then click
1: once, 2: three, 3: once, 4: once, 5: once, 6: not

Chef Surprise (03:30):

A lucifer owl = Coliflower
State moo = Tomatos
A sugar sap = Asparagus
West atop toe = Sweet Potato
Ask a flemish con = Salmon Fish Cake
Past eight = Spaghetti
Rich eats ok = Artichokes
Cathedral Cook = Dark Chocolate

The Postman’s Ramblings (01:30):

North to sheep, turn right to cow, turn right again to car, straight ahead to kids, turn left to chicken, turn left to sheep, turn right to cow, turn left to car, turn right to kids, turn left to cow, turn left to sheep, turn left to cow, turn right to car, turn right to cow, straight ahead to chicken, turn turn right to kids, straight ahead to sheep.

Drinks with Her Lady (02:00):

The tilted  jug shows 10 cm filled at the top, 30 cm at the bottom. That means that if you tilt it back, it would be 20 cm both. The total height is 30 cm so 20 cm is 2/3 of the total. 2/3 of 750 ml is 500 ml that means that there’s 250 ml in the glass.

Dirty Evidence (03:00):

Number all cells from 1 to 24, top to bottom, left to right. Then move:
3-1, 1-8, 8-10, 6-14, 21-13, 7-17, 17-15, 19-11, 18-10, 10-12

Case Review:

What’s the Butcher’s first name: Winston
What does the Baker say people think when they see a dirty bakery: Dirty Sausage Rolls
Who is in possession of the statues: The Antique Shop owner, The Doctor and one is missing.
What did Lord Malachi say of the statues: They are the key to the key.

Fickle Flower Frolics (03:00):

A: pot 1 = 2 blue, 1 red, pot 2 = 2 blue, 2 red
B: pot 1 = 3 blue, pot 2 = 3 blue, 1 red
C: pot 1 = 5 red, pot 2 = 2 blue, 3 red

The Colonel’s Conundrum (01:30):

Rearrange the letters to spell: THE VILLAGE GREEN (helped by the type of letters).

Breaking and Entering (02:00):

The only two sentences that will combine to 10 syllables are:
And the Trumpets Sound
Until Judgement Day

A Monumental Moment (03:00):

Divide the cards with holes into 9 imaginary squares. Then number the targets from left to right, from 1 to 6 top to bottom. Put the cards on:
1: holes on 3 and 7
2: holes on 1, 7 and 9
3: holes on 1, 3 and 9
4: holes on 1 and 4
5: holes on 3, 7 and 9
6: holes on 4 and 9
Hole 1 on Card 2 will show the only cross.

Case Review:

How did the Constable find the tiles and the poem in the statue: He turned one of the legs.
Which of these verses is not part of the poem: On that macabre call.
How many tiles have you retrieved from the statues: 6
Why doesn’t the Antique Shop Owner want to lend you the statue: Because he likes it too much

Crypt-Ic (05:00):

You can reason your way through this one: there’s only one tile with a skull so it has to go on the top row. There’s also only one with a lighthouse at the bottom. So it should go at the bottom. That means you need one with a key at the top to accompany the skull one and one with a note at the bottom for the lighthouse one. Since there’s only one that can match, you have two pairs now. So that leaves you with the drops and they can only fit one way. So that’s top and bottom sorted. Now go the same way with the left and right: The diamonds won’t fit so the one on the top tile should go right, the one on the bottom tile should go left. That leaves the drop-tiles in the center.

Who Dunnit:

The Vicar: His muddy shoes were behind him when you visited him.


Game source: A demo of the game was found here on the internet.

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