You’re invited to a party and need to bring some alcohol.

When talking to Jeanie with the light brown hair  she’ll ask you if you know what Friday means. No matter what you answer, it’s lottery time. She’ll tell you who’s in on the lottery and to win you must make sure the others don’t get any chance of winning. Walk to the right and take the CUP from the desk of Henery. When he’s asking you why, tell him you’ll pour him a new one.

Walk to the right and use the cup on the coffee maker left of Jeanie with the light brown hair. The cup is now filled with coffee. Walk to the right again and look at the note next to the door. Use the hot dog pronto to get TWO HOT DOGS. Use the cup of coffee with the hot dog pronto and it will break down and make a mess. Use the large door to try and enter but Ruby will stop you. Talk to Rudy and tell it you want to get in. When you tell the door that the Pronto is broken, Ruby will break down as well.

Take the WIRE from the floor and walk to the left again. Sadie is the cleaning lady. Talk to her and tell her about the mess at the Pronto machine. She’ll clean right away. Look at her trolley. On it is her jacket and in her jacket are her TICKETS. Take them. Pick up the bag of GARBAGE from the trolley and in your inventory look at the bag to see what’s inside. You’ll find last weeks PINK TICKETS and there’s a box of PASTILLES in it. When you look at them you’ll notice they are very laxative.

On the shelf next to the window is a box of junk food on the bottom shelf. Take the BOX and in your inventory look inside the box to find a HOOK TOY. Use the empty cup from your inventory with the coffee maker again and walk to the left. Use the pastilles with the coffee to make it laxative and give the cup to Henery. He’ll dash for the toilet and on the left side of his desk is his jacket and wallet. Pick up the wallet only to take the MONEY out and return the wallet. Another player out of the game.

Talk to a boy named Sue and ask about his tickets. They are pink. After the conversation use your pink ones from last week with the ones on his desk. You’ll distract the boy named Sue and switch the TICKETS. That’s player three, one more to go. Use the drawer under the plant in the left upper corner of the room. Look inside the drawer and you’ll find a FISHING ROD. But it’s missing a few pieces. Use the wire with the pole and use the hook-figurine with the pole. You now have a complete rod. Use the hot dog from your inventory with the rod as bait.

Use the hot dog rod with the open drawer and you’ll lure little Susie from her desk. Her tickets are now freely available on her desk so take the TICKETS. You’ve got them all! Now it will be lunchtime and of course you’ll win the wine.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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