You need to get to sleep to find the abducted kids.

Take the EMPTY PILL BOTTLE from the desk on the left and walk further to the left in front of  the desk to reach the kitchen. On the cupboard is a note. Take the NOTE and read it in your inventory. So that’s where you need to get the pills. Take the HOOK from the worktop and leave the kitchen on the right.

Walk again to the right to go upstairs and take the FISHING ROD from the wall. In your inventory use the hook with the fishing rod and use the combination on the attic door in the ceiling. You’re now hiding in the attic. Take the SLEEPING PILLS from the box on the left and walk towards the window to look outside. Use the sleeping pills with the large drop on the right to jump off and downstairs you’ll take the pills to enter a sleeping state.

In your dream, look at the distant star on the left and then use the stairway to walk into the new world. Walk to the north to the top of the cliff and walk to the toy shop in the center of the cliff. Talk to the lady behind the counter and ask her for free items. Ask if you can look through the trash and if you’re not allowed, ask her if she can have a look. Ask her for nothing in particular and she’ll give you a TOY SNAKE.

Walk outside on the right side and follow the path to the lower right to reach a house. Enter the house and take the LAXATIVE PILLS from the table. On top of the cupboard is some CHILI POWDER. Pick that up and leave the house again.Behind the house in the center is a kids corner. There’s a child painting. Swap the chili powder with the bucket of RED PAINT. In your inventory use the red paint with the toy snake.

Walk back to town on the right and follow the path in the middle up the hill. Walk all the way up until you see a giant bird. Use the laxative pills with the bird and when he doesn’t wake up, use the toy snake with the giant bird. It will now leave it’s nest. Follow the path down to the left and back in town walk to the south towards the painting on the rocks.

Talk to the man about everything to learn where to find the Gouda clan and ask the man for his ROPE. Since he won’t need it anymore you can take it. Follow the path to the upper right to enter Dream World. On the map walk to the village on the right side of the island. Walk into the shoe shop and talk to the saleslady. Ask her for free items and you’ll get a pair of INSOLES. Looking at them in your inventory you learn that they absorb a lot of liquid.

Walk to the left to leave the shop and walk to the left through the street. Almost at the end there’s a stall with a led melter next to it. Use the insoles with the led melter to make the insoles very heavy. Walk further to the left and take the pink PILLOW CASE from the line. Walk north behind the stall and at the entrance of the tent walk to the left. Looking at the flowers that grow here, you’ll find a BABY MOTH. Walk back to the left and enter the tent on the right.

Talk to the inconspicuous old man on the right and ask if you can enter the sack race. You have the pillow case so you can run, you just need to tell the man when you’re ready. Walk to the red sack hanging on the left and use the baby moth with the sack to make holes in it. Use the insoles with the shoes next to the blue sack and the second contestant is also history. Talk to the man on the right again and tell him you’re ready. The race will start and you’ll win a lot of MONEY.

Walk to the right to leave the tent and walk to the right again to return to the street. Enter the pub next to the shoe shop and talk to the bartender. Ask for a BARREL OF BEER. Talk to the drunk at the table and tell him you’re looking for the clan. When he doesn’t want to talk, give him the barrel of beer and he’ll tell you all he knows about the clan and where to find them.

You’ll see the election of Mort and then you’re warned by the Dream Portal Guardian. She’ll give you a piece of STRING and a DREAM CATCHER. You’ll also get a NOTE with important information. Walk to the left and at the entrance of the tent walk to the right in front of the tent to return to the street. Walk all the way to the right to see the map of the island again and walk to the volcano on the north side of the island.

Talk to the guard to learn about his fear for insects. Walk north to the ledge. In your inventory use the feather with the rope and use the combination on the ridiculous drop on the left of the cliff. The guard will be gone and you can enter the volcano. Walk to the right and find a lot of stairs. Look at the note you got from the portal guard to see the way to go: walk north up the stairs to the higher level, then down the stairs to the level below.  Walk to the right and at the next screen walk back to the left. You’re just in time to see how the portal guard is trying to defeat Mort. But you can’t help her.

In Mort’s underground lair you need to find Mort and defeat him. Walk through the door opening in the north and in the crazy dreamworld use the door opening on the right to find Mort. You’re just in time to prevent him flicking the switch but then you have to find a way to get rid of him for good.Use the door on the right and take the PETROL can. Leave the room on the right and walk further to the right in from of the decor. Take the EXTINGUISHER from the ground and in your inventory use the string with the extinguisher. Use the petrol with the string and extinguisher to make a flammable contraption.

[NOTE: Due to a bug in the game it’s not possible to finish the game if you use the petrol with the string first. You can’t use the soaked string with the extinguisher. The only solution here is to restore at a point earlier in the game.]

Use the flammable contraption with the hook on the wall and use the matches to light the string.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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