You had a dormatry party yesterday and that’s all you can remember.

Talk to the nude guy on the grass. Ask him to get to university. He suggests to take a taxi. Pick up the KEY in the grass and walk to the right. Talk to the bum in front of the bar and ask how to get to university and he’ll warn you about HIM. Look at the sign behind him and you’ll enter the bar.

Talk to the detective and he’ll ask you about last night. Since you don’t know he suspects you of murder. Take the BOTTLE from the floor and leave the bar on the south (below the detective). Walk to the right twice and use the key on the door to enter the restaurant. On the floor is a CAN OF MEAT. Pick it up and look at the man sitting at the table. He turns into a wolf. Use the door on the left to leave the bar and pick up the ROPE from the ground.

Walk further to the right and talk to Kittyman. He’ll also warn you about the mysterious HIM. Walk further to the right and enter the cematry. Walk to the left and take the LIGHTER. Walk to the right, south and left to return to the square. Walk to the upper left and enter the street between the postoffice and Dominatrix Pizza.


Enter the town jail and use the door in the back to enter the sherrif’s office. Use the trashcan next to the desk to find a SCREWDRIVER.  Walk to the north, then south to leave jail again. Walk to the left and enter the hospital. On the desk is your ID CARD. Pick it up and walk to the left to go to the morgue. Talk to the mortician and he’ll tell you where the bodies went. He’ll give you a BOOK. Walk to the south twice to leave the hospital. Go to the south and then walk to the north at the left of the jail to reach the back side of the square. The brown house’s back door leads to the restaurant. Use the screwdriver on the door to enter.

Talk to Luigi the owner. He’s freaked out because of HIM. You need to secure the door. Give the rope to Luigi and he’ll give you the CIGARETTES. Walk to the left to reach the kitchen. Inside walk to the right to reach the basement. Downstairs on the left you can find a tube of GLUE. Climb the stairs and walk to the left to enter the restaurant again and then go north to exit the house.

Walk further to the left to reach the beach. At the shack walk to the right and find the zombie walking on the beach. Give the can of meat to the zombie and he should disappear (not). But you can walk to the right to meet the sherrif. Talk to him and tell him about your conversation with Max. The sherrif is excited now and needs a cigarette. Give him the cigarettes and he’ll give you a KEY.

Look in your inventory at the key and see it’s a car key. Walk to the right to find a lot of parked cars. Use the key on the back of the green van to see the computer room hidden there. Use the red button to hear Agent Max talking about the demon and what can be used to get rid of him.

Walk to the left of the square and you’re at the entrance of the dorm. Talk to the cow and ask who HE is and how to stop him. Use your ID card on the reader on the gate and you’ll enter. Near the front door is  Jackie. Talk to her and she’ll tell you about where to find him: in the attic. Walk through the front door and go up the stairs to meet the evil demon in person.

What was it you’ve hear in the computer room in the back of the van? Use the bottle on the tank with ACID and use the bottle on the demon. You’ve saved the town.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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