When the car has stopped, walk ahead. You can’t go back. Once outside the car look at the right. There are some funghi there. Can’t do much with that. Follow the road ahead. You’ll see some steps going up on your left. You can have a peek but are not able to do anything there yet. Straight ahead. You can look at the little arched and walk past it. Next to is is a stone with some unreadable text. The building itself can’t be entered. The path along it goes back to the road again. You’ll eventually end up at the motel/gasstation.Outside:

Look at the red mailbox on your left. There’s a postcard sticking out. Read it. It’s from Elsie to Marianna about the GSM mast. Turn to your right. There’s a car with the engine still on. Look near the trunk. There’s a bottle lying on the ground neat the car. Walk around the car. On the other side are kids toys, shoes, crayons and drawings. Take the crayon. Look to the right of these things. There’s a lump of something with what looks like glasses. Underneath is a book of Cornish Fungi. Turn right again. You can see three buckets of which one has a flower (if you can call it that). Look in the right bucket. There’s a box of matches. Funny detail: if you don’t pick them up here, you can pick them up in the men’s room or under the picknick bench. Walk past the buckets and enter the service station on your right.

Service Station:

You can hear someone talk. Knock on the door on the left and meet Ben. He’ll tell you some hints. There’s a lamp in the kitchen. Read the brochures on the right of the office. Learn about the colours. And about the autumn equinoxe. Look at the postcards. So St. Anneka’s well is what we saw earlier. Take a look at the drawings on your right. Look at the pictures. Behind the picture of the stones is a piece of paper with all names on it: Melkah, Gavrok, Baligo, Dolment, Hammer Stone, Cailleach and Henrik. Look furter right. There’s a stand with postcards. You can make a puzzle.



Enter the cafe. Look at all tables and everything on it. Look at the pictures on the wall. Turn around and walk towards the counter. On the left is a tagboard. Read everything. You’ll learn the duty schedule and the phonenumbers. Turn right. Take a bite out of the cakes. Turn the coffee on if you want some. Turn right twice. You’ll be facing the cash register. Under it is a note from George to Ben with the code of room #2. Write it down, it’s different each time you play. Turn left. Open the door to the kitchen.


It’s dark. Turn around and try the light switch. It doesn’t work. Turn left. Look at the lamp. Turn the handle on top and turn the lamp. Use the box of matches from your inventory (the one near the lamp is empty) and take a match out. Click on the matchbox to light the match and click on the dish to light the lamp. Now take the lamp. Turn around. There’s a panel. Open it. So #4 is the Kitchen Light. First turn of the main switch at the bottom. Then take fuse 4 out. There is no fuse. Oh well. Take the wire from the card stuck on top. Click again to put the wire where the fuse should be. Push the ‘fuse’ back in and hit the main switch. And there was light. Close the box and turn right.

Walk towards the end. There’s a door on your left but it’s locked. Turn right. On your left there’s a window. When you look outside you can see the GSM antenna. There’s also a radio. Tune in to BHR (15.3) and listen to Emma. You just can’t hear her phonenumber. Turn right and go to the cupboard. There’s a basket on the counter. Take it. There’s also a box with egg-cups. Take those as well.

Leave the kitchen again. Leave the cafe and leave the Service center. Right in front of you are the motel rooms. Cross the court and access the entrance to the doors a bit to the right, next to the picknick table. Then go to door #2 and open it with the code you read under the till.

Motel Room #2:

Enter the room. In front of you is a desk. Look at it. There’s a radio. Tune it to BHR (15.3). Listen to Emma again. There’s a green box. Open it and take the trowel out. Read the letter from Lucy to Pete. Look at the pictures and drawing on the wall. You can see where your car must be standing. Open the drawer on the right of the desk. Take the mobile phone out. It has a low battery. Look at the letters from Lucy and Conrad. Look at the bed. There are drawings and a journal. Take a look at these.

From the journal you can learn where the excavations are: #1 is Melkah. #2 is Gavrok. #3 is Baligo. #4 is Dolment. #5 is Hammer Stone. #6 is Cailleach. #7 is Henrik. There’s a sentry stone at the outlying Menhir. Learn about the protesters, Conrad’s PDA and GPS. Room 1 is the archeologist’s storeroom. Learn about St. Anneka’s well.

Look at the nightstand. There’s a charger. Take the phone from your inventory (top) and put it in the charger. Look at the letter from Pete to Lucy. Read about the flask Conrad lost. Look at the plan on the wall. When you hear the sound of a car outside, leave the room and look what it was. Nothing… Enter the room again and take the phone from the nightstand. Leave the room again.

The woods:

Turn left and walk past the picknick table. Turn left right after it. When it becomes to dark to continue take your lamp and you’ll see a sign that says Stop the Dig. Next to it are some leaflets. Read them. Turn right and find a pile with a shoe in it. Turn left and straigh ahead. Another sign. Turn right and straight ahead twice. There’s a hiking sign. One pointing right and one pointing left. Go right. You’ll see the four stones left of the path and lights on the right side. They will go out. All of a suden there’s a big stone (the sentry) in front of you. DON’T TOUCH IT!!! Turn around and follow the trail. You’ll end up at the steps you saw when you walked from the car to the service station. At the bottom turn left. Then all the way straight ahead to the service station again. Go to the play area at the side of the service station.

Play area:

Walk to the fence next to the play area. Move one of the boards so you can crawl through. You’re now behind the service station. Turn right. Then forward and left. Forward twice and left. Look at the bins. Turn left and look at the sign on the wall. Then turn left again and look at the bin. Take a look at the newspaper. Walk straight ahead twice to the gate. It’s locked.

Communications Tower:

But there’s a hole under so you can get in. Walk forward and at the end turn left. Look at the box. It states the frequency. Open the box. It runs on the wrong frequency. 717 isn’t enough. By pushing the buttons, you can change the frequency. But which ones to push? Try each button separately and note the change. The left side from top down is: +200, +5, +50, +300 and +400. The right side: -50, -400, -200, -450 and -5. So how to get from 717 to somewhere between 830 and 865? The difference is between 113 and 148. The easiest result: +200 -50 -5. Push those three buttons followed by the red one and you can use your phone. Check it by calling the cab company (0503-265636) or the pastry company (0503-444222). Leave the site and turn left after the gate. Back to the playground. Go back inside the service station and talk to Ben.

Service Station:

Ben will tell you what the Sentry did and what happened to Conrad. He’ll also give you the code of room #1. Leave the building and cross the court to the motel rooms. Go to door #1 and enter the code you got from Ben.

Motel Room #1:

Walk towards the desk in the back. Look at the finds. Turn right and look on the bed. More finds. Turn right again. There’s a GPS device. Take it. Leave the room and turn right to the road. On the road again turn left and keep walking straight ahead, past the phonebooth, until you stumble upon the jeep of Conrad.

The jeep:

Look next to it. There are things lying. Look at the book with pictures, read the newspaper, read the letter and take the PDA. Use the PDA. You can click on the camera-views for a close-up. Read the notes to learn the room number of room #3. Look at the map. Close the PDA. Look at the pile. You can take the drivers license. So this is (or was) Conrad. Look inside the jeep. Take the radio and turn it on with the bottom button. Tune to BHR again. It’s Emma and now you can hear the phonenumber: 585-2131

Try to call her. No network. Turn around and a few steps forward. Then turn around again to face the back of the jeep. Read the licenseplate. Look at the left. There should be a path. Go there. Walk straight on until you reach a shed.

The shed:

Walk till you can’t go further. Turn left. A door. But closed. Turn left again, a bit forward and then right. You can see a big drum and a double door a bit to the right. Try the double door. Also closed. Walk past the drum till you see some crates. Move the crate and turn right. You now see another drum with a crate in front of it. Get the picture? Click on the drum to get the crate up. Climb on the crates. Look around. So this is where the activists were hiding. Walk straight ahead. Oops. Did it hurt? You’re downstairs now. You can see that the double door is blocked by a beam. No chance. The other door: locked by a padlock. Look in the crates. In one of them is a torch. Look on the floor. You can find a rubber hose somewhere. Go to the cylinder and put the hose on the cylinder. Put the torch on the hose. Turn the knob on top of the cylinder to open the gas. Now take your matches but be carefull! Light one and click on the torch. There you go. At least you can go out. On the side of the door you’ve just opened is a ladder. Climb it and look upstairs. There’s a table with leaflets and a lamp. In the pan is a camera. Click on the camera to turn and click on the play button to power it on. Browse through the pictures with the arrows on the camera. Look on the left side of the table. All cans. Turn left and look at the right window. A compass, a stopwatch, a journal and a nightviewer. Read the journal. They did a lot of sabotaging. Look through the viewer. You can see the menhirs in the moonlight. Look at the other window. There are some acorns. Take them. They’ll go into the basket. Look for the ladder on your right. Climb down again and leave the shed.

Once outside turn right. Keep walking straight ahead until you reach the road again. Turn right. Walk back to the service station. Talk to Ben. Then cross the court again to room #3. Use the PDA to get the code and enter the apartment.

Room #3:

Look around. Walk to the bed and look at all the papers. The one under the pillow contains GPS-locations (2778.446 by 7854.445). Turn right. Look in the top drawer. There’s a voice recorder. Listen to all messages (5). This will tell you the locations of the artifacts (one in the swamp, one nearby). Turn around. More papers on the wall. Below is a bin. Look inside. Take the papers and puzzle the text back. So the licenseplate is the combination of the briefcase. The license plate is 4×68578. That equals 274 312. Use this on the briefcase. Look at the letters, photo’s and reports. The report will tell you what was found in which trench: Trench 1 has oil residue. Trench 2 has fruit seeds, mainly Blackberry, Gooseberry and Pear. Trench 3 has Melanogrammus Aeglefinus and Gadidae species. Trench 4 has Quercus tree, red berries and a fungus (see separate document). Trench 5 has seeds of Barley. Trench 6 has sodium chloride. Trench 7 has clean pure conditions (moisture).

That’s all for now. Let’s find the two artifacts. Leave the room. Once outside turn on the GPS. Click on Activate to read the positions. Walk around until you get a clear readout (the only one that works). Walk to the mens toilet and turn around. You can see the extinguisher now near the pump. Walk towards it and lift the extinguisher. There’s the first part of the seal.

Behind the station:

Walk around the service station again, past the playgarden, and through the gate. Right, straight, right, straight again until you’re at the back. Wow, part of the wall is missing. Walk to the desk. Look at it. Open the drawers. Take paper from the right one, batteries from the left. Read the leaflet about the fruits. You can play with the golfball, play the scratchcards (if you call you can wait forever) and listen to Maggie on the answering machine. Turn around. Look on the floor. It’s (or was) Ben. Look in the file cabinet on the left. The middle drawer hold a bottle of Malt Blend. Learn what it’s made of. In the top drawer is a note with the code of room #1 (in case you forgot). In the bottom one a note about the fruitmachine. On the right there are monitors. Press play on each of the recorders. Number 4 is interesting. To the right of the players is the door that Ben kept locked. Unlock it. Now let’s find artifact #2. Go back the way you came and back to the road. Turn left. Follow the road. At the phonebooth call Emma. You know the number. Watch her and Wincey the dog. After being disconnected, walk on until you see the scarecrow. Turn right here. Climb the gate and see the pile. It’s Wincey!

The swamp:

Climb the gate again to enter the swamp. Keep following the beams on the ground ahead until there’s a junction. Turn right. See the lights? That must be the radio tower. Walk straight ahead until you come to a caravan. Enter it. It’s the studio.

Barrow Hill Radio:

Right in front of you is where Wincey used to lay down. Behind it is the box of a metal detector. Take a good look. Turn right. There are the parts. But how to assemble it? Just drag the pieces in place. If it’s correct, it snaps. Finally put the batteries in and you’ve got yourself a Turn around and walk towards the mixing panel. On you right are some mushrooms. Take the Liberty cap and Destroying Angel (read your guide). Listen to the jingles. The middle top one is very strange… On your left is a computer. Use it. A password… Hmm… The dog was everything to her. Try Wincey (case sensitive). Look at her favourites. The blog is interesting and the translation of scientific and common names. Leave the studio.

The swamp:

Outside turn on your detector (top inventory). Walk back over the planks to the first crossing. Turn to the right to the ruin. You will find a cross on your left. Turn left and walk past the statue. Then turn around. You’re looking at the back of the statue. The lower part has some kind of drawing on it. Use the trowel to open it. There’s a metal artifact and a book. Read the book. There’s also a drawing of St. Anneka’s Well. Leave the cross and walk straight ahead towards the ruin. Right in front of you, the detector starts to react. Look on the ground at the few stones there. Move them. Use the trowel to dig and to find the second artifact and a letter. The letter tells you about the offerings. That’s also what Conrad mentioned in his 4th voice message. But what offerings and to who?

The offerings:

So what have we learned so far about the stones? You can take the names from the board in the service station. You can read the order in the document found in room #3. Pete’s journal tells you which trench number was used. Conrads report tells you the findings in those trenches so you can conclude what needs to be offered. You can use the computer of Emma to translate some names to every day terms. So stone 1 is Baligo, trench 3 with Melanogrammus Aeglefinus and Gadidae species. So we need fish. Stone 2 is Melkah, trench 1 with oil so we need oil. Stone 3 is Dolment with Quercus tree, red berries and a fungus so we need acorn, red berries and mushroom. Stone 4 is Hammer Stone, trench 5 with barley so we need whiskey. Stone 5 is Henrik with trench 7. Clean moist conditions so we need water. Stone 6 is Gavrok. Trench 2 was dug here and blackberry, gooseberry and pear was found. The last in row is Gailleach with trench 6 where sodium chloride was found. Translated: salt. So now we can go in search of these items. We’ve seen some on the way already. Turn of the metal detector. Turn around and walk towards the cross. Just in front step onto the boards and turn right. At the end turn left and walk all the way towards the road.

Item search:

Turn left there and walk towards the phonebooth. Turn left next to the phonebooth and look at the right of it. There are some mushrooms. Use the book to identify them. Take the mushroom (False Death Cap). Turn around and go back to the path. Turn right. Walk past the service station until you see two red reflector poles. One step further on your right are red berries. They can go in the basket as well. Turn left again and follow the path to your car. There were also mushroom. Look at the left side of your car. It’s the Shaggy Ink Cap. Turn left again so you’re walking back to the service station. Remember the stairs? Climb them now. They are near St. Annaka’s Well on the left. On top use your light to go further. There are red mushrooms on your right. Take the Dryad Slumber.

The excavtion site:

Turn left and follow the footpath straight ahead. When you can’t go further turn left and you’ll get to the path with lights and the four stones. Walk on until you get to the main excavation site. On your left is a wheelbarrow. Walk past it untill you see a pile of soil on the right with a siff over it. Turn on your metal detector and search the pile. Use the trowel to dig up the flask. Use the egg cups from your inventory on the flask to get the Barley offering. Turn off the metal detector and turn around. There’s a path going downwards next to the wheelbarrow. Go there. Follow the path until you get to the lights where you can go between rocks. Turn right. You see more mushrooms here. Take the Parasol Mushroom and turn right. Walk back to the tent and turn right.

The Cafe

Then all the way, straight ahead, back to the main road. Turn left here and walk back to the service station, into the cafe. Walk all the way to the back until you’re in front of the emergency exit. Turn right and take the menu from the table. There’s a salt shaker behind it. Use the egg cups from the inventory on the shaker and the salt offering is yours. Go to the cash register and use your trowel to open it. Take the pound coins from it. Go into the kitchen.

The kitchen:

Walk towards the cooker and turn right. On the corner of the worktop is a chopping board. Put your basket from the inventory on the board. Time to make some offering.  Put the berries, the acorn and the Dryad Slumber in the morter. Click the pestle to mix. If you didn’t put the right ingredients in, use the trashcan. If you did a lightflash will follow. Use your egg cup on the morter to get the offering for Dolment. Click on the egg cup to take it. Leave the kitchen and go to the office. Since you unlocked it, you can enter. If not use the emergency door in the cafe and walk around.

The office:

On your left in the back is a door. Open it and you’re behind the service station. Outside turn right and step forward. Look at the junk they’re saving. Turn around and you can see a red mini-casino. Use the pound coins to play. When you win you’ll get 50p pieces.  It might take some tries. Walk forward, turn right, forward and right again. More junk. Step forward and turn right. You can see a headlight. Take the lens from the headlight. Turn around. You can see a ladder. Pick it up and while holding it, turn left. Click again to put the ladder against the building. Climb the ladder to the first level of the roof. Turn left and walk till the metal ladder. Turn right and climb that one. Click on the hinge to open the skylight. Climb through.

The garage:

Don’t climb down the ladder yet but turn right first. There’s an office. Enter it and look around. There’s an old oil can. Use the egg cup on the oil can and push the lever to fill the cup. There’s your oil offering. Leave the office and climb down the ladder. Turn around and walk past the car and open the door on your right. Outside turn right and walk into Ben’s office. Take the front door to the hall and turn right. Leave the service station and walk across the court to the motel.

Vending machine: 

Use the entrance of the boardwalk next to the picknick bench and turn left. Walk to the end and turn right. You’re in front of the vending machine. Use the 50p coins and push the blackberry. There’s your fruit blackberry drink. Again to get the gooseberry drink and a third time to get the pear drink. If you insist, you can also take the apple juice. Turn around and walk to the car still standing there. In front of it is a bottle of Omega 3. It’s new, marine enhanced… THAT’S FISH!  Use the egg cup on the bottle. Flip the cap and there’s your fish offering.

The kitchen:

Go back to the kitchen. As soon as you enter, turn right and go to the blender. Turn right again there. Take the cap off the blender.  Put the blackberry in twice (remember Conrad said there was twice as much blackberry than others). Do the same with the pear and with the gooseberry. The mixture will light up if it’s correct. Use the egg cup on the blender and your fruit offering is finished. Now for the water. Leave the kitchen and exit the cafe through the emergency exit. Turn right at the road and walk back in direction of your car until you get to St. Anneka’s Well. It’s best to enter when you’re past the steps on your right. Turn left there.

St. Anneka’s Well:

On the right of the entrance of St. Anneka’s Well is a stone. Use your light first to have a better look. Then use your paper and the crayon to trace the writing of the stone. It’s a legend. Enter the well. You must use your light here as well. Directly on your left is a tin can. It has a guestbook in it. Read it and especially the last section from Elsie. So we need to bless the water. Walk further down the well and turn right. There’s a wall with a mark on it. The metal artifact we found in the cross near the ruin might fit. Put it in and turn it. Turn right. A little cave is revealed. Take the box from the cave and open it. Inside are some coins. Music sheets and a letter. Read it and learn why the ruin is what it is today. The music sheet tells you the colours to use. So the seven offerings must be made to the stones. First the water.

Blessing water:

Turn right and forward and right again. You’re facing the candles now. Light the blue one first, then the brown one.  Now that the blessing is done, use your egg cup on the water and the seventh offering: pure water.

The offering: 

Leave the well and go to the road. Cross it and climb the steps. Walk straight ahead until you can’t go further and turn left. You’ll see the four stones with the lights. Turn left at the first and look at it. Use your paper and crayon to get a tracing. Take the paper again. It will be put in the top inventory! Repeat this with the other three stones and you will have a picture of a beam of light going through the standing stone.

The ring of stones:

Turn right and walk al the way straight ahead until you reach the ring of stones. Now give the right offering to the right stone. If you fail you have to get a new offering (so save your game?). From left to rightstarting at the point of entrance: Baligo: Fish, Melkah: Oil, Dolment: Plant, Hammer Stone: Whiskey, Henrik: Blessed water, Gavrok: Fruit Juice and Cailleach: Salt. When done correct, a beam of light will rise from the stone.

The seal:

Look in the middle of the circle. There’s some digging going on. Use your trowel to reveal the seal location. Put your parts on the seal. There’s a piece missing. Leave the circle.

Your phone will ring. It’s Emma.  She has the third piece. So walk back towards the tent and find the artifact in front of you. There’s also a warning note.

Now that we have three pieces, we need to restore the seal. Putting a broken seal back in place is possible but won’t restore the balance. Remember the drawing we saw in the box in St. Anneka’s Well? It was of a man holding up a stone in a ray of light. An there’s the tracing we made on the four stones.  It’s similar. Let’s go to the Altar stone. Walk on to the wheelbarrow and turn right. Keep walking until you’re at the Altar stone. Look at the main stone. There’s a space in the middle. Put your three artifacts in it. Turn left once. It’s the stone with the hole in it. Look at it closely. The moon will almost be aligned. Put the lens you took from the garage and put it in place. Turn right and walk towards the third stone.

Put your hand on the stone. Look at that! That’s what I call balance! Take the restored artifact.

The stone circle:

Go back to the stone circle and the point where they are digging. Use your trowel again to reveal the spot for the seal. Oops… looks like we’re not so balanced after all.  In the tomb you can walk along all the offerings and watch them once again. Eventually you should look at the center point and put your restored artifact there. Watch the balance and the ending sequence.

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  1. I lit the blue candle then what I thought was the brown candle on the right… turned out to be the candle in down on the bottom which looked more green than brown.

  2. light the blue first then the brown then click on the match box, it should dissapear and you should step back. now take the water

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