Part 1:

If you chose to skip the forest maze, scroll down, otherwise read on.

Walk to the upper left to leave your car. You’re now in the forest and need to find your way out. Walk to the south twice and go left. Near the rocks on the other side is a branch that you can’t reach. Go north and left to find a log you can use to cross the river.

Cross the river, go left and south and follow the path to the right. Go right again and you’re at the branch, this time on the right side. Pick up the BRANCH and walk back to the left.  Walk south and find a bottle in the river, just out of reach. But you have a branch so use it on the BOTTLE to pick it up. You’ll open the bottle and read the note but before you can put it away it dissolves into the water.


Walk north and turn left. Follow the path to the north and turn left again. Follow the path to the north (deja vu?) and turn right. Meet Phil, Marty and more Big Mouth bass who are in discussion. After they’ve left, pick up the NEWSPAPER. Try to get the book with the branch but as soon as you do, the book drops in the water and floats away.

Walk to the left, go south and walk to the right twice to reach the bridge. And the book washed ashore so you can pick up the BOOK. Go to the right and turn south. Again walk to the right and to the south and you’ll see a fisherman. Talk to the man about all things (you’ve got time…) and after that try to take the boot. You can’t have it and when you talk to the fisherman again, he’ll trade for a paper. Give the newspaper to the man and you’ll get the BOOT. Walk to the north, go left, to the north and left again to reach the bridge. Twice to the left, walk north, go left and north and you’ve reached the barn.

Without the maze:

Both doors are locked. Use the multi-tool on the smaller door to unlock it and enter the barn. There’s not much in there so use the ladder to climb to the loft. Walk to the right to find your Maid-bot. After the discussion tell her you’ll make it quick and then you’ll pull the trigger.You kill her and take the NITE LITE, the STOLEN LUGGAGE, two BOOKS and the PROCESSOR LOG.

If you chose to skip the forest maze, scroll down, otherwise read on.

You have to get back to your car. But it’s dark now. Walk to the left, then go to the right. Walk south and to the right twice to reach the bridge.  There’s Earl, the ghost that the fisherman told you about. Follow him to the place he died. You’ll know when because then the ghost starts talking to you. Talk to the ghost about everything and learn about your future and the location of the moonshine.

Walk to the right twice, turn south and go right twice again to reach the bridge. Use the stick on the bridge to get the MOONSHINE out. Walk to the right, go south, right again, north twice and to the right to reach your car. But then you meet the Night Chickens.

If arcade mode is off, scroll down, otherwise read on.

Run back to the barn: south, south, left, north, left (the bridge),  left, left, north, left, north. Be sure to walk into the barn to jump to safety.

In both cases:

You’ll end up on the loft of the barn with the chickens downstairs.

Chapter 1: detour at the crossroads of destiny

Look around the workplace. Walk to the doors on the left and notice there are only the brackets for the extinguisher. Not the extinguisher itself. Walk back to the left where the lady is. Dr. Noriko is working here. Talk to her about everything. Tell her you have something she might like and you’ll give her the waterproof book.

Walk onto the platform on the left and talk to the HangarBot. Talk about everything and mention the extinguisher so he gives the EXTINGUISHER back to you. Climb down to the platform and walk to the Dyne stuck against the wall.

Take the CONES from the floor and climb the ladder to look inside the car, at least what’s left of it. Use the extinguisher from your inventory and use it on the flames on the dashboard. Take the MULTI TOOL from the windscreen. Take the AIRBAG, the NITE LITE that’s under it and the STOLEN LUGGAGE from the car and leave the car. Near the machine where Dr. Noriko was working is a machine on the floor. When you take it, you can see it’s a POWER SAW.

Walk back to the left and use the panel next to the door to open them and then walk north to leave the hangar.

Walk to the right on the parking level. Look at the blue truck. Use the power saw on the lock to remove it and use the multi tool to pick the lock of the cabinet on the right. Take the bottle of PLASTI BLASTA from it and leave the truck. Walk back to the left and the use the car parked next to the entrance. Take the TICKET from your screen and use the plasti blasta on the lock on your front wheel. Then use the car again to leave.

Use the red panel next to the door on the left to talk to the doorbot. Tell him you’re selling vacuum cleaners and you can walk through the door. Talk to the doorbot behind the screen and ask to enter. He won’t lower the security screen until you give him your gun. Agree to do so and use the gun on the open drawer. The screen will be removed and you can walk to the left.

Look around the lobby and talk to the doorbot about everything. Since there are no appartments here, use one of the elevators. The doorbot won’t let you. Talk to the lady in purple to see if she can help but alas, she has a lot to say but nothing useful so far. At last she’ll give you a BROCHURE.

Against the shrubbery console on the left, on the left side of the fountain you can find a big clump of shrubbery. Use it to move it and find a hatch underneath. Use the hatch to see a close up and use the multi tool to unscrew the lid. Pull the lever and the rain will stop. Leave the hatch and find the fountain dry.

Now to repair the bots. Use the multi tool on the FixBot to open him up and have a closer look. Read the label to note it’s a 6-amp system. There are three circuit boards: in slot 1, slot 2 and slot 3 (equals six). Take the circuit boards out and put them in the container on the left. When they’re out, you’ll see one board damaged. Take the good boards and return them in slot 2 and slot 4 (equals six). Push the On-button and the robot will come back to life.

The maintenance bot is beyond repair. Use the DataLink on the maintenance bot to retreive the log. The fourth entry you see is Upkeep Lobby. So there might be a name? Push the Next button four times to read the details of that entry. So it’s the Googie family. Talk to the doorbot and tell him to get an elevator because the Googie family asked for you.

You’ll get in the elevator going to Penthouse 2 and once there, look at the statues in the lobby. The middle one on the right is holding a note. Use the multi tool on the NOTE to pry it out and read it. Use the panel next to the door and talk to the bot. You return the bag and get an HOURGLASS.

At the police station you need to give the evidence to Roy. Give him the pink disk with MaidBot logs, the two propaganda disks, the airbag, the brochure from the bald lady and the parking ticket. Use the buttons on the door on the left to join the captain and hear what she has to tell you.

Back in your HabWell, walk to the right to get a closer look at your front door. There’s a yellow NOTE on the panel next to your door and when you take it and read it, you find out your apartment has been confiscated. Fortunately there’s a big hint on the note as well.

Use the panel to get a closer look. On the left side is a small notch. Use the multi tool on it to take the cover from the panel. Inside you need to rewire the panel. Easiest is to take all wire pieces and put them in the slots on the left. Then return them as follows:

There are four slots between the red and blue bars. On the left should be magenta and yellow (makes red), on the right ones should be magenta and cyan (makes blue). It doesn’t matter which one goes on top.  Below the red bar, the red wire, below the blue bar the blue wire. Then at the bottom to connect to the power the purple one (red and blue makes purple). Push the power button and you’re done. You can enter your house/storage room.

On the table next to the couch is a REMOTE CONTROL. Take it and use it on the screen. Select one of your favorite channels and use the couch to get some rest.

After your dream and conversation with Harry, you’re at the FoodPlaza. Go either to the left or right counter and talk to the bot behind the counter. You can talk about the food but in the end you order two meals. Back at the table you can talk to Harry. When you’re ready he starts asking questions. Now you can lie, tell the truth or evade the question. It doesn’t matter for the outcome of the game.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. There is a bug during the shooting tests. On the final test, my mouse cursor turned to walk, and my character started walking around the shooting feild then the game crashed.

    Other than that, great game! Great story, great gameplay and great puzzles.

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