You’ve locked yourself out of your car.

Walk to the right and take the POLE from the No-Dumping sign. Walk further to the right. On the left of the building is some firewood on stacks. But one LOG fell off. Take it and walk to the right back to the dump. Walk to the left twice to reach the fence line of the Cinder Range.

There’s a bird in the tree with a nest filled with junk. If we want to know what’s inside, the bird has to go. Walk to the bottom right side of the screen to take a closer look at the spider web. There’s a lot of junk in it. Use the Spatha in your inventory on the Data-Link in your inventory to smash the screen and get pieces of GLASS. This should attract the attention of the bird.

Use the log on the pole. The log had sticky sides so the pole will be sticky too. Use the pole on the red sphere  in the nest to get the ORNAMENT out. Walk to the north and to the right twice to return to the barn. Use the multi-tool on the front door to unlock it and enter.


Talk to the man and after the conversation look in the bin to the right of the fireplace. There’s a coat hanger that you can use. Ask for it and you can’t have it unless you bring an ornament. Give the red ornament to the man and you get the COAT HANGER. Walk to the right to leave the barn and walk to the right to return to the dump. Then go left back to your car. Use the wire on the window to open the door and fly home.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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