Part 1:

You must find that runaway robot.

Walk to the upper left to the “Stuff-On-A-Stick” shop. Talk to the lady behind the bar and ask about the robot. Then ask for the manager or assistant manager until you’re taken to him.Talk to Boyd until you can ask for the robot files and he gives you the DATADISK. Use the datadisk on the Data Link in your inventory to decrypt the content and find a passcode.

Use the buttons next to the door on the left to leave and in front of the counter. Left of the bowl with quiche sticks is a yellow tray with cheese on a stick. Take one, actually take two so you have a CHEESE ON A STICK for later and you eat one now so you keep the TOOTHPICK.


Walk to the left to the World Of Byproducts. Talk to the man behind the counter but he isn’t much of a help. Take a sample of JELLO from the counter. Walk to the south to return to the center of the plaza. Walk to the

Walk to the lower right side to Refried Things and talk to the guy behind the counter. Not much valuable information here. Pull the red CORD from the ceiling and walk to the left. Here’s no one behind the counter. Look at the smashed buttons near the door. You might be able to repair it if only you have something that can conduct electricity.

Use the toothpick from your inventory on the jello in your inventory to make it greasy. Use the greasy toothpick on the smashed buttons to open the door and step into the office. Look around the mess. That’s not an accident.

From the ceiling hangs a blue cord. Use your multi-tool on the CORD to take it down. Pick up the DISK from the floor and two janitor bots will enter. After some explaining from your side and asking them to leave the small one will attack. Quickly switch to the gun-icon and shoot the small robot. After two hits, use the gun on the long robot as well to get it out of the way.Take the robot’s HEAD from the floor since it’s still functional.

Walk to the right to leave the office and use the red keypad on the right to enter the warehouse. Since you’ve read the encrypted log, you know the code. Look at the little disk you picked up in the office to find out more about the BGCZ.

On the floor here is a yellow DISK. Pick it up and look at it to find more clues. On the wall is a Database Access Unit but it has no power. On the floor is a recharge unit with enough juice in it so you need to connect both. When you use one of the cords on the recharger, you’ll find out the cable isn’t long enough. Use the cables together in your inventory to create a longer one. Use the long extension cord on the recharger to power up the Access Unit.

Since you don’t know how to operate the Access Unit, use the robot’s head on the machine to interface for you. Talk to the head and with a little persuasion, he can enter search commands. Search for the organisation and travel plans. The robot will give you a printout of the PLAN. You can search for recipies if you like but you wouldn’t like the ingredients. Time to get to work.

Part 2: Recipe for Disaster

You need to find that workplace of the chef-bot. Walk to the right twice through the forrest. You can open the bush with your multi-tool to uncover a path. It will lead to a fence with a lock that you can open with your multi-tool. Walking past the gravestones to the right and then walking north will lead to an excentric man who can tell you how to get to the food plazas: walk back to where you uncovered the path and walk further to the right.

In the trees a bit further is a large vine. Use the multi-tool on the VINE to take it with you. Walk further to the right to enter the next part of the forrest. On your path is a large branch. Use the multi-tool to cut a STICK off and dispose the rest.

Leave the screen on the south to reach the bridge. The bridge is in bad shape and you can’t cross it unless you use the stick and vine on it to repair it. You can now walk further to the right to reach the dirt road. Walk to the right and go north to what’s left of a house. There’s not much but when you walk to the back on the right side of the house, you can find an AXE in a tree next to the well.

Walk to the south twice to return to the road. Continue to the right until you meet a huge robot. After he’s done talking take your gun and shoot the robot three times. Your gun is empty now so use the other gun to shoot the robot once more.

A man will get up from behind the bushes. Talk to him and ask him for a greasy spoon. He can take you there with his truck so you follow him to where he had his accident. He needs some tools to repair so give him the multi-tool. Use the axe on the fallen tree to clear the road. You’ll be driven to the next greasy spoon.

In the back of the red truck is a CROWBAR. Take it with you and walk up the stairs of the restaurant to enter. Talk to the lady on the right to learn more about the new staff. Take the NEWSPAPER from the stool and the MONEY from the counter. Then walk to the left and talk to the robot behind the counter. Ask him to unlock the door and after he does you’ll get a warning to get your weapon ready.

Use the door on the left to enter the kitchen. Now you can either use the crowbar or the axe on the robot as long as you don’t shoot it. You’ll report to HQ that the cook is harmless. But who will take care of dinner now?

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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