Your auntie asks you to get Spirit of Hartshorn from Poron to wake up the man sleeping next to the inn.

Next to the man is a bottle with SALT. Pick it up and look at the plant and find a DAGGER in the pot. You’ll take it as well. Walk all the way to the right to the house of Poron. There’s a guard at his door. Talk to the guard to find out you can’t enter. Watch the guard and see how bored he is. When he closes his eyes, you can take the HALBERD.

Next to the house is a girl eating. Talk to the girl and learn that she doesn’t like her chips. There’s no salt. Give her the salt and she’ll give you a CHIP. Walk to the statue left and look at it. There’s a pigeon on her head. Give the chip to the pigeon and it’ll fly down. The statue will talk. Talk to the statue and learn about the missing clothes. You need to solve that.

Sitting on the edge, use the pigeon to get the MESSAGE from it’s neck. Walk to the left and talk to the assassin. She needs a message so give it to her and she’ll reward you with a DOLLAR. Talk to the cleric next to her and he’ll tell you all about the ritual blade and the deity. Give him the dagger and he’ll let the deity crush the unholy object. If only he didn’t hold on to it.


Use the dollar with the vending machine to realize it only accepts pennies. Go to the chanter on the right and talk to him. You can buy three pennies from him. Give him the dollar and you’ll get the PENNIES. Put the pennies in the vending machine and out comes a HOLY COLA.

Walk left to the flag hanging from the building and use the halberd to get the FLAG down. Use the flag on the statue to wish it could fit. An Imp will appear to fulfill  your wish. Talk to the Imp and he’ll let you know about the mana. Give the holy cola, which contains mana,  to the Imp and your wish is granted. Give him the flag and the statue has a dress again. She’ll tell you the password to get into Poron’s place.

Use the door on the right to give the password to Poron. He’ll give you the SPIRIT OF HARTSHORN. Walk all the way to the left and talk to your auntie again. She’ll tell you to use the spirit on the sleeping man. Put the bottle with fluid under the sleeping man’s nose and he’ll wake up.  Just in time….

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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