After your nightmare, you get your chance to become a wizard with your first spell.

Take the SCROLL from the shelf and look at it in your inventory. So that’s how to make cheese. Use the scroll on the crystal but then you realise it won’t hold. Take the TAPE from the lower right corner of the poster above your bed and use the tape on the scroll in your inventory. Use the scroll with tape on the crystal again to make it stick.

Walk to the right to go downstairs and talk to the master. You must get some ingredients: cucumber, oregano and cheese. Walk to the left into the kitchen and take the COFFEE BEAN GRINDER from the worktop. Use the grinder with the dish towel to clean it.

On the cupboard is a sticky note and when you read it, it says: Need water. Open the cupboard on the right and take whatever it is in there. When you’ve got it, you see it’s a SANDWICH BOOK.


Use the door of the masters room. It takes some time for him to appear but when he does you can talk to him about all the ingredients, where to find them and your dreams. After the conversation he returns to his room. Use his door again and quickly walk to the right of the stairs to hide behind them. As soon as the master walks into the kitchen, climb the stairs to your room and use the laundry chute to gain access to other room so both doors are open now. Take the BROOM and walk to the south to go outside.

Walk all the way down the mountain and follow the path to the south. When you’ve reached the Highwaywoman, walk to the left to go to the cliff. Look at the snake and talk to him. Learn about the shapeshifting and ask where to get oregano. Ask then to borrow the book. You can take the BOOK and the BLANKET. Look at the book and find it’s about recognising plants.

Walk back to the right and use the gate in front of the barn. There are some sheep and the left most sheep is standing next to some purple plants. Use the book on the plants to identify them as oregano. Try to take it but the sheep won’t let you. Use the broom on the sheep to chase it and then take the OREGANO LEAVES. Use the leaves with the grinder and you have your first ingredient.

Use the broom with the sheep on the right to let them move towards Highwaywoman and once they’re close enough Highwaywoman’s attention will be drawn to the sheep. Use the gate to leave the field and use the sandwich book on the sandwich next to her to swap it and take the CUCUMBER SANDWICH, your second ingredient.

Walk into the barn and take the STOOL and MILK PAIL. It smells funny and when you look at the pail in your inventory you realise it past it’s expiration date. The master asked you to saddle the horse so you need to get the saddle.

Use the stool with the saddle to climb a bit closer and use the broom with the saddle to lift it and take the SADDLE. Look at the saddle to see the bags are made of a horse stomach. Leave the barn and walk to the horse halfway up the mountain. Use the blanket with the horse and use the saddle with the horse. Then use the pail with the saddle to fill the bags. Just as the scroll told you: motion, heat and stomach enzyme.

The master will come out ’cause he noticed the horse is ready. When he’s gone, try to enter the tower. Before you know it, he returns with the water. Take the saddle from the horse to get the CHEESE. Walk up the hill and enter the tower. Climb the stairs to your room and meet the master. Together you’ll make a nice spell…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. There’s a hidden secret where you use the blanket to see the secret of the scroll and after you get the cheese you use it on the farm girl to turn her back from stone.

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