You have to save the village!

Use the nightstand to find some coins. Take the COPPERS from the drawer and take the SCROLL from the shelf. Look at the scroll and find the way to create a golem. Take the PICTURE with the cup from the wall and walk downstairs where you’ll talk to the master. You’ll get three tasks to fullfill and become a magician.

Walk down the path to view a map of the area. Go to the village and find Highwaywoman there. Talk to her and ask to sign the petition. Ask her to sign again and you’ll get the QUILL PEN. Use the quill with the desk to put the pen down.

During your conversation you’ll meet Navy Joe. Talk to him and he’ll invite you to a game you can join for free. He hides a teddybear in one of his nine pockets, he gives two clues and you must tell him in which pocket the bear will be. Three times correct is a prize. The trick is to add 2 to the pocket he indicates at first. 8 becomes 1, 9 becomes 2. After three correct answers you’ll get a TIN CUP.

Walk to the right and talk to the guard, Ollie. Learn about the Lord Vermicelli and his shirt that he’s missing. Walk to the left, around the building and on the other side you find a LANTERN on the ground. Walk towards the mill and talk to the bird in his cage. You must find a way to get him out of there. Under the cage you can find some CLAY. Take it along.

Walk into the bakery and talk to the baker. Take the BUTTER from the table and in the cabinet in the back is a can of MOLASSES. Take these. Under the crumbs on the shelves you can find BELLOWS. Leave the bakery and in the street walk to the south to reach the map. From here goto the fishery south of town.

Talk to the lady pirate. She’s repairing her diving equipment and needs a gear and repairing the lever. Take the GEAR and the PINCHERS above it from the machine and walk into the shipwreck.

Look at the shelves. There’s a bottle with potion. Try to take it and talk to the fisherman about it. You can have some of the potion in trade for grog. Talk some more to him to learn how to make grog. Take the CASK with seawater next to William and leave the ship. Walk outside and walk to the left to walk to the main map.

Visit the camp in the north and when you return to the map, go to the village. There’s the recruiter again, trying to recruit Highwaywoman. While she’s very busy, take the QUILL PEN from the desk. Walk to main map and return to the village until the recruiter is gone. Talk to Highwaywoman about the soldier and the Foolkiller.

Walk around town to find Navy Joe and talk to him. Ask if he has rum, which he has, but can only give it to you after you have a centaur autograph his POSTCARD. Use the pinchers you found at the diving equipment on the cage of Lloyds to set him free. Walk to the south to go to the main map and select the race course on the right.

Talk to the ticketmaster and learn about the centaur and the races being canceled due to the weather. Talk to the old man in the corner and he’ll tell you about the curse and the man behind it. Walk to the left to the stables and talk to Centaur 13. His hoof is stuck in the bucket. Use the butter on the bucket and then take the bucket to pry it off the hoof. Take the BUCKET PART that’s still left there. Talk to the centaur again then. Look at the pegs that hold up the awning and try to take the pegs. They are out of your reach. Walk to the south twice to return to the main map and go to the village.

Walk to the right and talk to Lloyd about his freedom. Ask him to do you a favor and get the pegs. As he flies off, walk to the left, go south to the main map and go to the race course. Walk to the left to enter the stables. Talk to the centaurs and ask what they’re doing to become big and strong. Give one of them the postcard and aks them to sign it. They will. Walk to the south twice to leave the stables, south again to go to the main map.

Select the village again and in the streets search for Navy Joe. Give him the postcard and you’ll get his flask with RUM. Walk to the bakery and look at the three stoves. Open them to find one with rats. Make sure the rats are not in the middle stove. Use the gear on the vent below the stove in the middle. Use the bucket part on the stove that doesn’t contain the rats.

Leave the bakery and use the ladder outside to climb the roof. Use the stovepipe of the stove that contains the rats and they will leave the bakery. Use the ladder again, enter the bakery and take the GEAR and the BUCKET PART again. Leave the bakery and walk to the south to return to the map. Go to the tent in the center.

Talk to the Foolkiller. Mention the Highwaywoman and the recruiter pestering her. The Foolkiller will take care of that. Leave the Foolkiller by walking to the south but return immediately to see that he’s captured the soldier already.

Talk to the Foolkiller and he’ll offer you the SUIT OF ARMOR from the soldier. You can pick it up in the tent. Leave the tent on the south and go the the camp, left on the main map. Use the suit of armor on your inventory to wear the suit. An ARMOR PART fell off. Take the T-SHIRT from the box behind the sergeant. Talk to the pencil maker on the right and free him by using the pinchers on the stocks.

You tell the sergeant you’ll transport the pencil maker to the training camp and end up in the village. As thanks you get two pieces of COAL. Return to the village and walk to the right. Give the t-shirt to Ollie and he’ll grant you access to the mansion. Walk to the mansion and talk to Lorenzo. Talk about the races, the curse, the centaurs and the fish.

Try to take the lemon from the table but you’re not allowed. Use the shrub behind you to get your own LEMON. Use the tin cup on the fish tank to take the WATER. Walk to the south back to the village and then south again to return to the map. Return to your master in the tower. Talk to him about Vermicelli and he’ll mention the misplacement of the curse book. He’ll send you to Billy Shiskabob.

Walk to the south and on the map go to the fishery. Walk into the doorway of the shipwreck. In your inventory use the lemon with the cask and use the molasses with the cask. Finally use the rum with the cask and give the cask to William. You can take the POTION from the shelf. Ask him about masters spell book.

Leave the shipwreck on the right and walk to the diving rig. Put the gear back on and use the armor part with the rig. Put the pinchers back above the gear and use the butter on the lever to loosen things up. The rig is functioning again.Talk to Jezelle and volunteer for the testdive. Use the diving suit to climb in and you can see how the monster takes the book before Jezelle gets you out again.

Use the potion on the inventory to lower yourself back into the water again. Talk to the bunnies and when the conversation is over, you’ll surface again, this time inside the well of the book wyrm. Talk to the monster.

Try to take the curse book but you’re not allowed. Look at the bookshelf on the right and find the space behind it. Use the shelf to move it and find the valve. Use the valve and the monster will be scared. Tell him you didn’t realize that and that you really don’t want to. Tell him you’d like nothing better but that you couldn’t leave unless you’d be a wizard and disguise the well. The monster doesn’t know if it can trust you so tell him why else you would try to reason with a dragon.

The monster is convinced and you can take the CURSE BOOK now. Use the charcoal in your inventory with the lanters. Use the quill pen on the monster to tickle him and make him fire up. As soon as he does, use the lantern with his flames to light the lantern. It takes a bit of timing but you can make a light.

Use the bucket to leave the well and go to the tower and enter. Put all the ingredients in the cauldron to make a golem: the clay (earth), the lantern (fire), the tin cup with water and then use the bellows on the cauldron (air). Then use the scroll with the cauldron to say the magic words and after some fireworks you have your golem.

Walk to the right to leave your room. Walk down the path to reach the map and select the races on it. Go to the stables on the left and give the picture with the cup to Seacookie. Go south to walk outside again and talk to the ticketmaster. Give your coppers to Garvey and you’ll bet on Seacookie and get your TICKET. Use the turnstiles on the right to enter the course and the race starts. Of course Seacookie won! You have a lot of SILVERS now.

Walk to the south to return to the main map and select the tower. Give the silvers to the master. Enter the tower and look at how much fun the golem has. Walk downstairs again to tell the master about the golem…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. Third one is the first child of Chaos -> Luck

    Talk to Ollie about his clothes first then give him the t-shirt

  2. I have a problem with Ollie… can´t give him the t-shirt (Pib says:”I don´t think he´d want that”. Did I forget sth.? Can anyone help?

  3. Also, do you have any clue who the third bunny is in the game? I know that the first two are Chaos and Entropy, but I didn’t click on the option.

  4. And yet another one. Sorry for the trouble (I ought to just put together all the typos into one message, but then I’ll forget them all.), but in the same paragraph as my first typo, at the bottom, it says “he;ll” instead of “he’ll”. Of course, that’s not much of a difference, but I’ll point the typos out anyways.

  5. I found another typo. It’s the paragraph before the one with “CURSE BOOK”. It has a space in the 5th sentence with “h im” instead of “him”.

  6. Hello. I found a typo. It’s on the paragraph after the COAL paragraph, and it says “alowed”, not “allowed”.

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