You need to finish your ezine and need to turn on the computer but what happened to the key?

Try to look in the drawer and find it locked. Look under the mat. There’s a small KEY. But it’s not the key from the computer. Then it must be from the drawer. Use the small key on the drawer and take the computer KEY out. Use the new key on the computer and finish the ezine. Work on some more ezines and finish your game. The all of a sudden…

You have to find out what happened. Walk to the north and leave the room. Walk to the science lab, the left of the three in the center. Talk to the Doc there. He’s still into time travel. Ask him what happened and learn about the explosion and his idea to send a cyborg back in time to reverse the effects of the explosion. He needs to eliminate the cause of the protest. The Doc will give you the blueprint of the cyborg and needs 3 things to complete it: some sturdy plate as backbone, some rubber like flexible as skin and preferrably some brains. Let’s see what we can find.

Take the SCREWDRIVER from the floor. On the wall is a JIGSAW. Take it as well. Walk to the right and leave the lab. The scrapyard will be added to the locations but first we’ll go to the mansion, right from the lab.  Talk to Hannibal and although he thinks you’re Clarice, you can talk to him. Ask him about the other man, about the bomb and give him his own line. The man sitting at the table has an open skull and you can see the brain. Try to take it.  Hannibal wants some wine first. Talk to Hannibal again and ask where to get the wine. Leave the house and the wineshop will be added to the list.


Go to the scrapyard in the north. Talk to the scrapman and ask about the bomb, if you can have some scrap and what the weight is for. Pick up the LEAFLET on the floor and look at it. It’s an advertising of the restaurant. Let’s check it out.

Walk to the left and leave the scapyard. On the map the restaurant will be added. Let’s go there. At the wall is a MOP. Take it. On the table are some BREADCRUMBS. Take these and walk further to the left.  Look at the kitchen sink. It’s fixed to the wall with brackets. Use the screwdriver on the brackets to take the SINK. So much for the restaurant, let’s go to the chicken pen on the right. A sculptor is busy. Talk to him and ask for his hamer and chisel. You can’t have them while the chicken is posing.

Use the breadcrumbs on the food tray and the scultor will stop working. Talk to him again and this time you can have the HAMMER and CHISEL. Leave the chicken pen and go to the wine shop at the lower left. Talk to the man behind the counter. You can have the wine for $30. We don’t have that much. The man is a bit deaf so that gives us the opportunity to go around the back and use the hammer and chisel on the wall. Behind it is a wooden plank so use the jigsaw to cut a hole in there. Then take the WINE. Walk to the left and leave the shop.

Go to the scarpyard again on the right north. Try to take the tyres and the man will step out of his office. Still we want the tyres. He’ll go back in again as well. Use the mop on the hooks of the door and the man is trapped. Not you can take the TYRE. Use the sink on the crusher baseplate to flatten the sink. Pick up the FLATTEN FLEXIBLE MATERIAL. Leave the scrapyard on the left. On the map select the mansion in the middle.

Give the wine to Hannibal and you can now take the BRAIN. Also take the bowl of BLANCMANGE from Minime. Leave the mansion on the right and on the map select the restaurant again. All that’s left on our list is some soft rubbery thing for skin. We have the tyre but it’s quite hard. Use the tyre in the saucepan on the stove and it will become soft and flexible. Take the MELTED RUBBER from the stove and use the bowl with  blanchemange on the pan with melted rubber. Now the rubber has a skin colour. Let’s go back to the lab.

Give the metal, the brain and the melted rubber to the Doc. The cyborg can now be used and sent back to the past. Meet the terminator and learn about ADAV and the future. Astalavista … baby.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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