Look at the door and the pressureplate in front. Try to step on the plate. Be sure to get off again…

On the other side, the crate is made of metal. You’re not going to shoot through there. You can open the box but the content isn’t interesting enough. And the box is too heavy to move. Behind the box is a window but the box blocks the window. Still we can get out:

Use the console against the back wall. First press the unlock button, then set the gun to point to the left, the side of the box. Make sure you push the lock button afterwards. Close the console and step onto the plate.

The gun will fire, this time on the crate, smashing the bottles with cleaning fluid. Because of the fluid, the box will float a bit and this time you’re able to  move the box to the right. Step on the plate again and the gun will fire again. The window behind the crate will break. Your way out. Select the window and you’re on your way.


Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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