You’re summoned by King Arthur.

Walk to the north until you reach the gate. Talk to the guard and he won’t let you in without an invitation. Talk all you want, he won’t let you in. Walk to the south twice to reach the hut. In front is a STRAW STACK. Take it. Use the door of the hut to enter and talk to the man inside.

Talk to the man and learn about his daugther. Kidnapped again. You get the NOTE. So Karkan wants 5000 golds as a ransom. Use the silk bag in the cupboard to get the SUNFLOWER SEEDS. Leave the hut and walk to the left. Go north into the woods and meet Sir. Robin.  Talk to him and he’ll show you his invitation so you can tell the time.

Coincidently, Karkan has the same initials and Robin has a bad eyesight. So give the ransom note to Robin and you have your INVITATION. Walk to the south and all the way to the right until you’re at the gate of the castle again. Give the invitation to the guard and, although announced as Robin, you can enter the castle. Walk to the right to meet the King.


You’ll hear about the dream, the cup and Sir Timmy who must give his blessing. Only then you can quest for the cup. Walk to the left and use the door on the north. There’s Merlin… eehhh Marilyn. When you’re worthy you should return for the potion. Talk to her about the cup and she’ll give you a MULTIPASS for the museum.  In the cabinet next to the door is a BOWL. Take it and leave the room. Walk to the left to leave the castle.

Walk to the south twice and to the left twice. In the north you can now see a church. Go there. Use the door of the church to enter and inside you discover it’s a synagogue. So you should wear a kippah. Use the bowl on yourself to wear it as kippah and talk to the rabbi. Tell him about Saint Timmy and he’ll give you the KEY of the graveyard. Tell him about the other holy cup and he’ll give you some MONEY.

Walk to the south to leave the church.Go north to the graveyard and use the key to open the gate. Take the BONE from the graveyard and leave on the south. South again twice and to the left to see the Shoe House. Use the house to take a piece of CHOCOLATE from it. Talk to the clown: if you want to enter, you need a ticket. Give him the multipass and you can enter. Use the stack of hay on the weaving wheel and use the money on the coin stand. The weaving wheel will make you several bars of GOLD. Use the door on the right to leave.

Walk to the left to find a dog in front of the cave. Use the bone on the dog to catch him and take the DOG. Walk to the right twice and then go south. There’s Sir Lancelot shouthing at the tower. Talk to him to find out what’s going on. Use the door in the tower to climb the stairs and meet Karkan. Give him the gold and he’ll tell you about the change of plans. You’ll get a WEDDING INVITATION.

Walk to the right to leave the tower. Walk to the right three times more and at the hut go south. Another knight in distress: Sir Tor. Talk to him to learn he lost his dog. Now coincidently you bumped into him already. Give the dog to Sir Tor and you’ll receive a YO-YO in return. Walk to the left.

There’s a bird in the tree. You can drop the sunflower seeds in front of the tree and the bird will leave the tree. Now you can take the HANDLE it was sitting on. Look at the hole in the tree and find out someone lives there. Talk to the hole and you can only do so if you have something amusing to do. Give the yo-yo to the dwarf and he’ll drop some GRAPES on the ground. Walk to the right, the to the south to visit the well.

On the side of the well is a hole. Use the handle in it and use the handle to lower the bucket. Use the rope the bucket is hanging on to climb down. Below there’s a corpse and when you take a good look, your find a SANDWICH. Use the rope again to climb out, walk to the right twice and visit the hut again.

Give the wedding invitation to the man and he’s happy. You can now take his SHOVEL and leave the house. Walk to the left twice and to the north twice to visit the graveyard again. Use the key on the gate and look at the tombstones. The second from the right is Sir Timmy’s. Use the shovel to dig his HAND up. Take it and walk to the south twice, right three times and north. Give the invitation to the guard and you can enter again.

Walk to the right and give King Arthur a hand. You are now worthy and able to enter the cave. Walk to the left and use the door on the north to pay Marilyn a visit. Give her the grapes and she’ll give you a POTION. Walk to the left twice and you’re outside. Go south twice and then all the way to the left until you reach the cave where you found the dog.

Enter the cave and meet the dragon. Talk to the dragon and he’s only prepared to fight after he’s had something to eat. Give the sandwich to the dragon, then the potion and finally the chocolate. The dragon will fall asleep. Walk through the door on the north to meet Shay. He’ll explain everything.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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