You’re asked to get a bucket of water. How hard can it be? Take the bucket. Select the pump to go there and again to place the bucket under it.

An eagle will steal your doll. Now you need to get it back! Take the bucket. Click on yourself to put the bucket down again, upside down this time. Select the bucket again to use it as a stool to jump over the fence. Select the tree to walk over there and click on the hole to see what’s inside: nothing. Walk to the log and select the log again to crawl through. You’re not fast enough. Three troll will prevent you from getting to the other side. So you have to distract them.

Walk to the tree again and look in the hole. One of the trolls will follow you and look at the hole. When the troll hangs over the edge, push him in. The other two will come to rescue their pal. Your chance to go to the log and crawl through to the other side.

Jump onto the log in the water. Jump on the next stone. Wait…. it’s not a stone!


Jump back on dry land and climb the mushrooms against the tree. Look in the top of the tree to see the colour of the creature. Climb down the mushroom and pull the vine with the same colour.  Climb the mushroom again and look again for the colour. Pull again the vine of that colour. Repeat the same ritual once more to get the creature out of the tree. Jump on the log again and use the huge tongue of the creature to take you to the other log. Then jump onto the rock and to dryland again.

Climb the root to the bush with the berries. Take some berries from the bush and slide down the root again.  Jump onto the rock laying in the water and click on yourself to throw the berries into the water. The fishing dwarf will catch a fish and you can grab the fish to use it as an elevator to the next level.

Climb the purple mushrooms growing against the tree  and then the blue mushrooms to the machine on top. Pull the handle on the machine to see what happens. Hmm… something’s stuck. And what to do with things that don’t work? Kick it! Click on one of the gears. The ones not used will come off automatically. Repeat this four times to remove all gears that are useless. Pull the handle again. The plank will lower and you can use it to walk to the other side. Push the cart on the plank and walk back to the handle. Pull the handle again to wreck it completely.

Walk over the plank down to the other side and use the stairs to go one level below.  Walk over the gutter up to the top of the rock. You’ll meet a goat. Go down again and climb the stairs twice and crawl into the tunnel. You’ll end up above the goat. Open the gate to release a boulder and knock the goat off. Crawl back into the tunnel down. Go down the stairs and walk up the gutter again, all the way to the top.

Get your doll from the nest and climb out again. The eagle will return but gets scared off by the rocks. Give the rocks a kiss. Pick up the feathers. You’ll make some wings out of them. Click in the air to fly home.

Pick up the bucket and put in under the pump. Use the pump to fill the bucket and take the bucket home.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. Anyone knows what happened to the makers of the game – trickysheep? It seems that after they released their second game, they just vanished.

  2. And what to do with things that don’t work? Kick it! Click on one of the gears. The ones not used will come off automatically.

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