Use the columns. The third one from the left is different. It sounds different. Use the gun from your inventory on that one and the cracks will get bigger. Then use the brainpower from your inventory and it’ll break down.

Use brainpower again on the column to let it follow you. Walk to the right to the next room. You can’t get to the door because there’s a gap blocking your path. Use your brain on the gap and the column will fill the gap. But the ends of the column are a bit sharp. Use the gun to smoothen the edges and now you can cross to the other side. As soon as you crossed the gap, use your brain on the column again so it follows you again.

Leave the room to the right again. You can see three different doors in three directions. First go through the door on the right. Use the device against the wall to get a closer look. There are three levers and appearantly they operate the belts against the wall. You can do it two ways here.

Brute force: playing with the levers, you can find out that as soon as you move the third lever, the belts start rolling. That means that one lever is in position one. That leaves two other levers with both three positions. It’s not too hard to hack.


With aid: use your brain on the machine. The column will hit the machine. Use your brain on the machine two times more and all the levers will jump into the right position. A box will be transported over the belts and eventually fall down.

Use your brain on the column to leave it behind.  Leave the machine and walk out the room.

At the crossing some signs are now lit. Use the signs and you’re transported downstairs. Walk through the door on the right and you can hear the box coming down. As soon as it’s dropped you can take the BOX from the pipe and walk back to the left again. Use the lit signs to go back upstairs again. Enter the room on the left.

You have to get the box to the machine on the left. Again two ways here.

Brute force: When standing in front of the tiles (the ones without the symbols on them) start in front of the dark one. From there it’s: L2 (you’re on the bright green one), D, L2, D, L, D, R3, U4, L, U2, L2, D3, L2.

Use the box in the cabinet and it will become bright green. Then take the box back again. Walk to the right and you’ll fall down to the basement. Walk to the right here and use the bright symbols to go upstairs. Walk to the room on the left and use your brain on the column to take it with you again.

With aid: In your inventory use the brain on the box. The box has a white circle now. Take the box from your inventory and use it on the cabinet on the other side. The box will float to the machine and turn bright green. Use the bright green box again and it’s in your inventory again. This way you don’t even have to cross the panels. Leave the room on the right and go to the room in the north.

Use the box from the inventory on the lower part of the machine, standing on the tiles with symbols. Your beer is being served.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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