You must save the undercover operation but when you arrive at the scene your gun gets stolen.

Standing near your car walk straight ahead towards the red light of the church. On your right is The Rising Sun, the bar where it all went wrong. Use the door to enter the bar and look around. But be careful, you don’t have a gun. You cen see they’re selling illegal alcohol but that’s not your department.

Use the door in the back and the bartender will stop you. Since you don’t have any good reason to go there you can better leave the bar through the door on the left.

Outside turn left into the alley. There are wastebins and using them you find a CROWBAR. Use the door of the warehouse on the left and find a beaten man. It’s Jimmy. He tells you about his girlfriend being kidnapped. Leave the warehouse and move back into the street to face the church. Enter the church and look around. In the back is a door but it’s locked. Use the crowbar on the door to open it and then use the door to enter the back room and find the cleric in it. He’s undercover from Bureau 7.

Talk to the priest and he’ll tell you about the back room of the bar. So now you have a good reason to take a look there. Leave the small room and move back from the church to go back into the streets. Use the door on the right to enter the bar again and use the back door again.

The barkeeper protests, you call for a warrant and after a short fight with your crowbar you can enter the back room. You’ll find a prostitute there and you tell her to go to the church. Leave the room and use the door on the left to exit the bar. Go through the door in front of you to enter the church and use the door in the back to talk to Cleric again. The prostitute is also there and after deactivating the chip, she’s Ruby again. She informs you about Zeke and his whereabouts. It’s near the railwayline.

You’ll call the office for authorization and once cleared, leave the back room and leave the church. Go to the left into the alley and then straight ahead to the end of the alley. On the right is the yellow tape to the subway entrance. Go there and at the station walk straight ahead into the darkness.

Look at the barrels on the right and after scanning them you find Neogen, a very agressive chemical and used for the production of drugs. In front of you is a door and when you go through you reach another hallway. You hear noises coming from straigt ahead so you should be carefull there.

Go to the room on the right and take the VASE from the shelf.  Use the desk on the left to find some PAPER.Now what was it with that Neogen? Leave the room and move back to the barrels of Neogen. Use the vase on the barrel to take some with you. Walk straight ahead again and this time take the door on the left. Look at the hole in the wall to find the gang behind it.

Use the paper with the vase to ignite the Neogen. Use the vase on the hole in the wall to throw it into the next room as a grenade. Go back to the hallway and go north into the hallway to veryfy everything is clear. Then you’ll report back at HQ.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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