Play as Kate:

Strapped on the table, click on the straps to free Kate. No effect. Maybe we need to try a bit harder and not give up so easily. Try a few times more. Eventually she’ll get free. Take the HELMET from the desk. Use the helmet to talk to Mike and tell him that he needs the remote to get into the saucer.

Play as Mike:

Enter the house you just left. You’ll be warned about the pair of scissors on the floor. Pick up the SCISSORS. Not much left here. Leave the house and checkout the neighbours. Enter the house of Kate. Just in front of dad (what’s left of him) is a mirror on the floor. Take the MIRROR. Look in the kitchen. In the cupboard are medicine. Not for kids to play with but hey…. this is an adventure! Take the PILLS. Leave the house and walk to the left.

There’s WackDonalds. Go in and order a hamburger. Hmm. No money. Show Brian your pills and tell him it are beauty pills. He’ll gladly take them but needs proof that they work. We have a mirror but he needs to be fooled. Take the scissors from your inventory and cut out the poster. Put the face on the mirror and show it to Brian. How handsome he is… Now that Brian’s out you can borrow a HAMBURGER. Leave the restaurant and walk further to the left.

There’s the store. Look at the guard. He’s bored. Maybe hungry? Give him the hamburger. As thanks you get a REMOTE CONTROL. Now walk all the way to the right where you can see the saucer. If you haven’t played the part of Kate, do it now, else read on.

Use the remote on the saucer. You can enter.

Play together:

Let Kate use the door and get the BLASTER. Shoot Urb’Zul. You both can now hijack the spaceship. A happy end?

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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