You can’t remember anything anymore.

Use the door and walk down the stairs. Walk to the right and as soon as you’re near the phone, it’ll ring. Use the phone to listen to your assignment. Remember the password. After the conversation, walk to the right and take the KEY from the shelf. Walk back to the left and use the key on the front door. Walk through the door to the street.

Open the garage door on the right and enter the garage. Take the ROPE from the wall and use the toolbox to open it. Use it again to take the CROWBAR out. Leave the garage and use the crowbar on the sewer lid. In order to climb down, use the rope on the traffic sign behind you and then use the rope to climb down the sewer.

Walk to the right and talk to the man. Tell him the password swordfish and he’ll give you your next mission. He also hands you a piece of PAPER. Ask him what’s going on and he’ll fill in the details. Walk back to the left and climb the rope back to the streets. A taxi will take you to a laundromat.


Walk up the stairs and take the paper from the table. There are some strange signs on it. You have to return to the machines and when you take a closer look at the paper you can see that the numbers are mirrored. So machine 1 should bet set to 6, machine 2 to 2, machine 3 goes on 3 and machine 4 must be on 7. As soon as all machines have the right program, a teleporter will show, taking you to the alien space ship.

Walk through the opening in the north. Walk to the right and use the computer hanging on the right. With the ships schematics you can see the layout of the ship but more important is the mission update to see what the aliens are up to. Click on the side to close the computer.

Then you’re arrested and put in jail. Search through the pile on the right to find a BATTERY, use the pile on the left to find a piece of SCREWDRIVER and some WIRES. Use the lightswitch to turn off the light and take the LIGHTBULB from the cord.

Use the lightbulb and the wires and connect them to the battery. Use the screwdriver on the vent and use the light on it to go through. You’re free again.

Walk to the right an pull the lever to have a look at the earth. Walk through the door on the right try to get into the crew quarters on the right. There are people behind the door. Walk all the way to the left and walk through the door. Then walk through the door on the right. Enter the comm room on the right.

Use the bin on the left to get some pieces of MIRROR and parts from a MANUAL. Look at the manual to read the second page and note the channel and frequence of the Conqueror, the ship you’re on. Use the desk and set channel to 4 and encryption to 2. Then click on Initiate at the top of the screen to start sending a message. Tell all crew to go to the command deck.

Use the door on the left twice and then the door on the north wall. Walk all the way to the right to the crew quarters and enter the room. Use the blue sleeping capsules on the left to search them and you find a container you can’t open. Use the crowbar on the capsules to take a KEY from one of the compartments. Use the key on the locker in the middle to open it. Use the locker to take the KEYCARD from it.

Use the door on the right to leave and walk all the way to the left again. Use the door and walk through the door on the right. Use the keycard on the panel next to the door of the engine room and enter. Walk to the left and look at the engine. Use the screwdriver on the panel to take it off and then use the mirrors on the laser beams to divert the beams.

Use the console and slide the energy level all the way to the top. Now it’s time to get out. Walk through the door on the north and the engines start to explode already. Walk through the door on the left and then all the way to the left. Walk through the arched opening and use the panel of the teleporter to get away from the ship. The alien threat is over.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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