You must get out of this room and fast!

Walk to the bottom of the screen and search through the pile of clothes.  In it you’ll find a BACK MASSAGER. On the dressing table are a NAIL FILE and a pair of SCISSORS.  Take them.

Use the scissors on the black dress on the model to take a piece of PLASTIC from it. Use the piece of plastic on the back massager and then use the nail file on the combination and use the total on the lamps around the mirror to melt it together.You now have a makeshift SCREWDRIVER. Use the screwdriver on the vent on the left.

Use the open vent to climb through. On the table on your right are some sachets with SUGAR. Take one. Walk to the left and look at the bed. On it is a pillow. Use the scissors on the pillow to take the COTTON out. Pick up the LUBRICANT from the floor. Use the lubricant with the cotton and add some sugar for a nice MARSHMALLOW.


Talk to the alien and keep talking until the ropes are removed. Then give the marshmallow to the alien. He’ll break out and then you can follow him to the left to leave the room. On the floor, to the right of the carpet is the DOOR HANDLE. Pick it up and use it on the rope to create a GRAPPLING HOOK. Use the window on the right to climb out.

Use the grapling hook on the hole in the ledge to lower it and then use the rope to climb down.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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