Take the NOTE (2/2) from the floor and read it.

You need to do three things. Walk to the left to leave the room. Take the CROWBAR (2/4) from the floor and take the FISHTANK (2/6) from the dresser. Look at the rat and it will walk away. Follow the rat to the left and look at it again in the office. It’ll run away again and disappear behind the desk.

Use the crowbar on the drawer on the left to open it (4/10) and take the NOTE out (2/12). Reading the note gets you a password. Walk to the right and use the note on the red phone (4/16). You’ll hear a message about money hidden.   Use the door on the north to go to the kitchen.

The pan is burning. Use the fishtank on the sink to dump the fish (4/20) then use the filled tank on the pan to take out the fire (2/22).  Take the POT from the stove (1/23). Use the wastebin to get some used GUM (1/24) and use the fridge to open it and get the ICE (1/25). Leave the kitchen on the right.

Walk north to leave the garden and see the people waiting at the busstop. Talk to the girl and give her the ice. In return you get a BANDANA (3/28). Talk to the man standing next to her. Give him the bandana and receive a DEATH RAY (3/31). But you need to work on the lens though.

Walk to the left and a lady will tell you her dog is gone. Walk to the north and turn to the right into the street. Walk further north to reach the gates of a junkyard. Look in the trashcans to get the DENTAL FLOSS and the SOUP CAN (4/35). Go south again and on the corner is a convenience store.Enter and talk to the man sweeping the floor.

Use the gum on the floor (4/39) and as soon as he cleans it, take the MATCHES from the counter (2/41). Leave the shop again and walk to the right into the street. On the south side you see some metal reflection that you can pick up. It’s a WASHER (2/43). Walk further to the right and find the dog.

Walk over the DOG to take it with you (2/45) and walk to the left untill you reach the intersection. Walk to the south and use the yellow door on the corner to return the dog to its owner. As thank you you get a piece of cherry PIE (2/47). Walk to the north again and enter the bar on the right.

Talk to the man at the bar. Give him the matches and he’ll sweep the key and the rolling paper on the floor. Pick up the KEY (2/49) and the ROLLING PAPER (2/51). In your inventory use the floss with the washer and use the combination on the Quest For Death arcade in the back. Push the OK button to start the game. You have to play the game and it’s easy if you go to the most left or most right position and wait for the finish.

When you’ve made it, your prize seems to be stuck. Use the washer again on the arcade and collect the RABBITS FOOT (6/57). Leave the bar on the left and go into the street on the right. Use the door of the fortune teller and talk to the lady. Give her the rabbits foot and get a MAGIC KEY in return (2/59).

Walk to the left and go to the south. The walk to the right to return to your house. Walk to the north around the back and walk to the right through the trees. In the ruins you can find a MUSHROOM (2/61). Walk further to the right and near the end of the path you can find a GLASS STATUE in the snow (2/63).

Use the key you got from the fortune teller on the door and enter the mill. Inside you can find a WRENCH (2/65). Use the door on the south to leave the mill and walk to the left twice to reach the back yard again. Walk into the house and look at the hole in the wall. Use the mushroom on yourself to shrink (2/67).

Use the hole and walk into it towards the flashing light. Walk over to the rat tied with ropes and use the tin can on the rat to free it (3/70). Walk to the exit on the left quickly because the white priest rat will come after you. On the left of the pipe is water dripping out. Use the wrench on the pipes open the leak even more and create an exit (3/73). Use the pipe on the right to exit the basement.

Now that the rats are flooded and you’re outside again, eat some of the pie to return to normal size. Walk to the left and walk into the alley between the optician and the restaurant. There’s a man standing next to the dumpster and when you talk to him he wants something to smoke.

Use the mushroom on the rolling paper to create a CIGARETTE and give the mushoom cigarette to the man (5/78). He’ll shrink and it’s easy for you to get to the dumpster. Use the dumpster to get the DIAMONDS (2/80). Walk to the left to leave the alley and enter the optician.

Talk to the man and ask for a thick lens. He’s willing to trade so give him the glass statue and you’ll get the LENS (2/82). Leave the shop and walk to the left to the intersection. Go north back to the junk yard. Use the key you got in the bar on the gate to enter the yard. Walk to the north and find a huge robot. You need to repair the gun quickly.

Use the lens on the gun. Then it needs coal to run on so use the pot from the kitchen on the gun as well. The gun is now ready for use. Use it on the robot to save humanity (5/87). Walk to the right to leave the yard.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. nice walthrough….but what to do if i die in between the game ?? if u die in the game….u’ll see a weird place….where there r endless streets

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