Mission 1: Collect 6 jars

Click on the flowers to fill the jars with honey.

Mission 2: Return home

The enemy wants 1 jar of honey before you pass. Use the mudpool on your left to cover your eyes and the enemy won’t recognize you. Now you can proceed without giving them a jar.


To go past the spider fly high into the stems. Then click on the bright pool on the right of the spider. Then half way up to the big stem right of the pool (where the leaf is bent). Straight to the right until you can’t go further and then down. You’re now past the web.

Mission 3: Find the recipe

Go inside the house and look at the books to find a recipe. In the tea cup you find a SPOON. Take it and fly to the right, into the kitchen. Fly to the right and use the spoon on the sugar bowl. The RECIPE is there. When you fly all the way to the left you notice that the window is closed so you can’t leave that way.

Back into the kitchen use the cupboard door below the red cup. It is slightly ajar. Fly to the right and use the right button on the fan to stop it. Hop on the shoeshine and the matches and find the exit on the right.

Mission 4: Avoid the enemy

Fly from pole to pole until you reach the leaf with the flower on it. Take the FLOWER and after a rest fly further to the right until you reach the frog. Use the flower on the V-shaped twig in between you and the frog will think it’s a fly. While the frog is eating, you can go further to the right.

After your rest fly further and into the cave. Go all the way to the right until you’re at a gate. You can’t go through so use the water in front to go under the gate. You’ll surface on a lead down the stream.

Mission 5: The ditch

Since you can’t fly yet, float down the stream. When there’s a choice which path to follow take the lower route. At the next fork in the river stay on the lower path again. Eventually you’ll see land again.

Mission 6: Avoid the enemy

Fly to the right and hide behind the bucket. From there fly into the bucket so you can see the crack on the side.  Use the crack to fool the enemy and lure them from their positions. You can safely fly home.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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