As soon as you get your assignment, use the CommKey on the door on the left to be teleported to PTG-DW2-073, Discworld II. You can see the jackalope running away.

Use the Commkey on the door again and select MP-RN-056, being the exam room from Rex Nebular. On the floor left of the gurney is a VGA JUMPSUIT CLIP-ON. Pick it up and look in the corner where you entered the room.

Use the office of Dr. Slache so the CommKey gets adjusted and used as a ‘normal’ doorkey. Inside the office you can find a sedative fluid that you will put in a SYRINGE. Use the office again with the CommKey and goto SOL-KQ1EGA-016. It’s the garden outside the castle of King’s Quest 1. Talk to the dwarf under the tree and learn about his plans.

Talk to the dwarf several times until you can suggest him to go on a vacation. When he refuses because he’s low-res, give him the jumpsuit clip-on and he’s off. Take the ROPE and look at the carrot-patch. Use the field to get a CARROT. Use the CommKey on the door to go back to PTG-DW2-073, Discworld II.

Use the syringe with the carrot to fill it with sedative fluid and then use the carrot with the ground to lure the jackalope. The catching of the jackalope will be easy then.

When the jackalope is back in it’s original spot, walk to the left and use the CommKey on the opening of the cave. This will bring you to a room with a lot of famous characters taking a break. Talk to Ichabod several times until the phone rings again. It’s your new assignment.

Use the CommKey on the door to meet Suzy-Ann. She gives you a VOODOO DOLL. Then you can proceed to meet Tlotzin. On your way you’ll meet Sidonius, another agent. Then you finally get your new mission: get the bowlingball from Leisure Suit Larry 7 to Day of the Tentacle. You get all necessary info and a RES CONVERTER.  Use the CommKey on the door on the right and goto SOL-LSL7-39000, the bowling lane in  Leisure Suit Larry 7.

In order to get a bowling ball you need to insert a score card into the walrus. But all you have are flashcards and when you use these, they are to thin. Use the CommKey on the door and travel to Spindrift: VG-S-009. On the south side of the beach is a sticky tar patch. Use the flash cards on the sticky patch to stick two cards together. Travel back to SOL-LSL7-39000, use the combined flashcards on the walrus and take the BOWLING BALL.

Use the CommKey on the door and go to LA-DOTT-6252070, Day of the Tentacle. Since the resolution of this world is different that Leisure Suit Larry, use the res converter on the bowling ball to change it’s resolution. The put the bowling ball on the cabinet left of the globe. Mission accomplished. The phone rings, Tlotzin again. Another problem to be solved.

Use the CommKey on the door to travel to Tlotzin. There he’ll tell you about the missing items. Since no one can do anything yet, go to one of the unused rooms to meet some more friends. Talk to Ichabod again and he’ll ask you to step outside. Felicia is missing. Something to look into later on.

Walk to the right and you’ll talk to Sidonius. Talk to Leenah, Seventy-Three and Ms. Fortune if you like but just as you want to use the CommKey on the door to leave you get another call. Again meet Tlotzin in an unused room. The boots of Roger Wilco need to be changed. He’ll give you the info and the BOOTS. But you have to find a mask first.

Use the CommKey on the door and go to storage room. Use the door on the left and find it locked. There has to be a way inside. Take the PLIERS from the table and use them on the hinges on the left. They are stuck. Try to leave the room through the door on the north and you’ll have the KNOB in your hands. Use the knob on the shelf to throw it and knock it down. Take the can of LUBRICANT. Use the lubricant on the hinges and then the pliers on them to take them out and open the closet.

You can take the OXYGEN MASK from the closet and inform Tlotzin that you’re done. This will take you to Space Quest. Use the chamber on the right to open it and put the boots inside. Then you next mission is announced.

You all meet again and there the next problem is revealed: more and more keeps disappearing. You travel to inherit the Earth to find that missing robot. Walk to the building on the left and use the door to have a look inside. Not there. Walk further to the left and use the door to look in that building. Also no luck. Walk back to the right and use the CommKey on the door you entered the game through. This will take you to the next one: Laura Bow. Walk all the way to the right to find half the screen is missing, then you’ll run back to the door to receive a call from Tlotzin.

You’ll get back to your onw game. Use the door on the right to find Suzy-Ann in the closet. Talk to her several times. She knows more about the disappearings. Give her the CommKey to repair. Use the CommKey on yourself to call Tlotzin. You can tell him what you’ve discovered. Then use the CommKey on the door on the left to try to leave and Suzy-Ann will stop you and give you a MARKER. Then you’ll travel to Sidonius’ home.

Look at the chest and the lock on it. Not very robust. Pick up the HAMMER next to the chest and use it on the lock to open the chest. There’s a lot of inventory items there. At first you take the METAL CANNISTER out and when you use the chest again, you take the BOTTLE with pills. Use the chest a third time to take the LETTER from the lid.

Use the cannister on yourself to open it and find the little robot inside. Joey can analyze a lot of stuff. Give him the bottle with pills and you’ll find out that Sidonius really was alergic. Give the strange letter from Vivi to Joey and he’ll tell you it was written by Sidonius himself.  Look at the pole in the middle. It has a strange engraving in the middle.

Look at the engraving to find it’s a puzzle. You need to set the dials on the correct number. Now if the letter was from him and he signed with Vivi, maybe it should be VI VI so 66 in roman? Set each dial to 6 to reveal a staircase leading down.

Walk down the stairs to reach another room. Look around and look at the bed to find the toenail clippings. Use the bottle with pills on the clippings to swap the pills for the CLIPPINGS. Put the bottle with toenail clippings in the voodoo doll. Use the door on the right to enter the technical hideout of Sidonius.

There’s Siderius. You need to stop him. Use the magic marker on the floor in front of you and then talk to Siderius. He’ll explain everything he’s doing and walk towards you. Talk to him again when he’s at the bottom of the stairs and again when he’s half way up. Keep talking until he’s standing in front of you. Use the voodoo doll on him to paralyze him. Then use the CommKey on the trapdoor to send him to another game.

Walk to the right and use the big monitor screen to stop the machine. Now to solve the big puzzle in the center: use the hammer to smash it. Then you can have some time off.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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