You have 10 minutes to rescue your daughter. No time to lose!

Use your car to get inside (1/1) and open the glovebox (1/2). Take your HANDCUFFS (1/3), your WALLET (2/5) and your GUN (4/9) out. Look at your wallet to find your ID (2/11). Leave the car.

Walk to the right and find a bum lying in an alley. Use your ID on him to show your an officer (2/13) and ask him some questions. Ask him if he’s seen your daugter. Then arrest him for obstructing justice (2/15) and ask him about the suspects. Ask him if he’s heard any names. One name comes up (3/18). Leave the bum and walk to the left.

Enter the building and use the doorbell next to the door. You hear a click and the door opens (1/19). Show  your ID to the man at the desk and talk to him. Ask him about Hassan. You should check the seventh floor. Look at the intercom just left of the caretaker (1/20). Leave the room and step right back in again. You can overhear a bit of the conversation between the caretaker and the man on the seventh floor.


Use your gun on the caretaker to draw it before entering the room. Then talk to the man (5/25), he’ll put his hands on his head. Use the handcuffs on him and you’ll take his gun as well (2/27). Unplug the intercom at the socket (2/29) to make sure the guys upstairs won’t be warned again.

Use the caretaker to search him and find a KEY (1/30).

Take the broken BROOMSTICK standing at the lower right corner of the room  (3/33) and leave the room. Use the key on the (still open) door to lock the caretaker up (5/38). Then call the elevator (1/39). Once inside, use the broomstick on the manhole in the ceiling to open it (2/41). Then use the broomstick on the open manhole again to put the stick across the hole (2/43).

Use the stick to climb into the hole and you’ll push the button for the seventh floor with it (5/48). Walk to the right into the maintenance corridor. When you passed the second manhole, the terrorists will be warned. Walk quickly back to the left and hide behind the pillar, left of the door (2/50). When you’re in position you’ll draw your gun.

As soon as the terrorist passes you, use your gun to shoot him (7/57). Use his body to search him and take his KNIFE (1/58). Walk back to the left and use the manhole again to enter the elevator. Then walk north to enter the hallway on the seventh floor.

Walk to the right and pick up the FLOORBOARD lying in front of the second door (1/59). Use your gun on the first door to storm the place (4/63) you cought the terrorist by surprise and while he’s trying to run off,  he’ll wait in the doorway. Now you can shoot him (7/70).

Use his body to search him and find a NOTE (3/73). Read the note (2/75) to see a strange combination. Step over the body and walk to the north to find your girl tied up. Use the knife on the tape on her mouth (5/80). She’ll tell you about the bomb, but doesn’t know where. The clock starts ticking again. Look outside the window to see a lot of cops downstairs (1/81).

Walk to the south and use the phone on the desk left of the door to warn everyone (4/85). Look around the room. Where can something be hidden. Look in the bin and find the bomb (5/90). Use the yellow wire of the bomb to get a close up. Now you can disarm it.

Remember the code on the note? Push those numbers. Number one is the top left button, five the top right, six the bottom left and zero the bottom right. Next to those is the A-button. When the sequence is entered correctly, the bomb is disabled (10/100).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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