You’re a con artist and work on your last mission: Mr. Victor Sammuels.

You’ve made contact with the victim and are being invited to a party. Talk to the officer Bartholeomew on the right, Jacques behind him and the couple on the left, Bridget and Jacob to learn more about them and their relation with Victor. Then Victor wants a word with you. Then dinner is being served and at some point Victor leaves the table. That’s your chance to look around.

Walk to the right and up the stairs. Use the door on the right and in the corridor use the door on the right again to enter Victors bedroom. Use the slight ajar door on the right to overhear a conversation and do a gruesome discovery. You have to hide now. Use the door on the left to return to the corridor. Use the door on the left to reach the top of the stairs and walk down the stairs. Use the double doors in the middle to enter the kitchen. You’re safe for now but didn’t sneak out unnoticed. During the toast, you’re being drugged and taken to the room you saw the killing in.

Arthur will try to explain but needs to leave all of a sudden. Then you manage to untie the rope. Search the dead body to find a rusty POCKET KNIFE and a JOURNAL. In your inventory read the journal and learn about Victor’s behavior, his wife and plans. Just as the secret is about to revealed, the journal ends. Now you need to get out of the room.

Use the chair to put it on it’s side and use the pocket knife on the chair to saw a LEG off. Use the body again to stage a strange scene. Then use the door to get Victor’s attention and as soon as he walks in, use the wooden leg to knock him out. Use the door to leave the room and enter the bedroom. When you hear footsteps you’ll hide and overhear another conversation about the front door.

Walk up the stairs on the left side and enter the room on the left. It’s a simple bedroom. On the table is a NOTE and when you look at it in your inventory you’ll see it has a diagram and a picture of a cane. Leave the room again and go down the stairs on the right. Use the door next to the stairs and find Victor’s JOURNAL on the floor. Look at the journal in your inventory to learn more about him and his wife.

Use the door to leave the room and walk to the left. Use the door under the stairs on the left side and find the storage space with boxes. Look at the boxes to find a familiar CANE.  Look at the floor and find the small indentation. Use the cane on the small hole and a secret passage will be revealed. Walk down the stairs until you hear the conversation in the other room. When they are finished, you’ll have to hide. After Victor and James have left the staircase, you’ll enter the room and find the other guests tied up.

Use all the hostages to untie them and then talk to them to learn what happened and the voice. In the kitchen Barty decides to go alone and you’ll go after him. Walk to the left and use the door next to the bottom of the stairs. You’ll find Victor being held in a trance. Walk to the right side of the hall and use the door at the bottom of the stairs there to overhear a conversation again.

Use the door under the stairs on the right to enter the music room and find out who the voice was you’ve heard all the time. Then Vanessa has to leave because someone is coming. But it’s the voice that’s interrupting and takes you to a cell. On the floor you can find a KEY. Pick it up and look at it to find that it’s a very thin one. On the north wall, third row from the bottom is a brick that’s slightly different from the others: it’s loose and it has thin cracks around it. Use the thin key with the BRICK to pry it out. Look at the bed. The chains it’s hanging on have very weak connections.  Use the brick on the bed  to take the CHAIN off. Use the key on the door of the cell to open it and walk to the right.

Use the outer door on the right to open it and walk further to the right. On the floor are some rocks. Near the edge is small pile of rocks. Use the cane with the rocks to put it in and use the chains with the cane to use them as a rope. Use the chain to climb down. In the cave below you find a grate that’s blocking the stairs. On the ceiling is a rock that seems very loose. Use the leg of the chair with the rock on the ceiling to knock it down and the staircase will open. Use the stairs to walk down.

On the right is a door blocking more stairs. Use the lever next to it to raise the door and walk up the stairs. Then you’ll reach a familiar place. The monk will explain everything and tell you what you need to do. It’s all hypnosis. When you’re in the music room again, walk to the right up the stairs to reach the hall. Walk to the left and use the door under the stairs on the left. Use the secret passage and walk down the stairs to reach the seance and you’re just in time to stop them. At least Victor because you’re not safe yet.

Back in the kitchen Victor will tell about the excavations and the signs he’s found there. Look at the hieroglyphs to learn more about the door. You must stand on both sides. But you’re alone with a dead body. Use the body to find a small MIRROR. Use the mirror with the floor just above the dead body to reflect the light. Walk to the right above the stairs and you’ll hear a click. Walk back to the left again to hear another click. Do the same below the stairs and again there’s the click. Walk back to the dead BODY and use it to pick her up.

Put the body below the stairs so you’ll hear a click. Then walk to the space above the stairs and the door will open. Then a voice calls you and walk towards it. Back in the kitchen a plan is made. You need something to write on and something to write with. On the floor below the fridge is a piece of WOOD that could be used to write on. Next to the fridge on the worktop are knives. Take a KNIFE from it to serve as pen. In your inventory use the knife with the wood to carve it.

Use the door on the right to enter the dining room and tell Victor you’re ready. But then Bridget is taken away. You’ll hurry upstairs to find Tomxenekiel again. The first try to overpower him fails but then you get help. Now you need to hurry out of the building because it’s collapsing. For Bridget the end is not so happy but you got out alive.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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