You’re stranded in Reality. You need to get to a phone.

Walk to the left and enter Scid’s. You just witness Mika being refused a drink so when she leaves, follow her outside. Talk to her and she’ll offer you a phone at her place. Once you get there, it appears not what it seemed to be and Mika has other plans. When there’s a knock on the door, use the window in the kitchen to escape.

You land outside next the Melt and Drake who can explain about the car and what they’re doing here. Since they’re nice guys, they wil give you a FOLDED MAP of the area. In your inventory look at the map to unfold it and find an AREA MAP, a TOWN MAP and a MYSTERIOUS HERB.

Meanwhile you walked outside and Phil is attracting your attention. Talk to Phil and he’ll tell you about his brother. Phil will be waiting in the shop. Walk to the right to reach town square again and notice someone nicked your car. Great!


Walk to the left and enter Scid’s. Talk to George behind the bar and ask for Dave. You can enter the back room on the left. Talk to Dave and ask about his relation with Phil. Then ask for Phil’s belongings and ‘persuade’ him into giving back whatever it was. You’ll get a brown BAG from Dave. Leave the room on the right and notice the man in cow suit at the table. Give the man the mysterious herb and after a while he’ll leave a BULLET on the table. Pick it up and leave Scid’s.

Walk to the right and enter the Yahtzeebrand General Store. Inside, give the bag to Phil and he’ll leave. Use the counter to find a can of PAINT behind it. On the shelf there’s a can of LEMONADE and a BANANA. Take them both. In your inventory look at the town map to see that the mayor’s office is south of town and a telephone on the east side of the square.

Leave the shop and walk all the way to the left where the Bum is standing. Today he’s Ms. Davensport of the tourist information. Talk to him and when you express your concern, he’ll tell you about his thirst. Give him the lemonade and in return he’ll give you a QUARTER.

Leave the alley on the right and walk all the way to the right across the square until you find the donut shop and public phone. Use the quarter with the phone to make a call and you’ll receive some vital information. Now all you need is a receiver.

Talk to Greyson on the corner but he won’t be much of a help yet. Let’s see if the Mayor of this town can help you out. Walk to the right to return to the square and opposite the general store walk south. You’ve found the Mayor’s office and Death is the receptionist. Talk to him and ask to see the Mayor but you can’t. After some talking, Death wants you to find his blue orb first. He must have lost it on the beach.

Look at the area map in your inventory and select the beach on the left. There’s no one around but talk to the shack to call for Josh. Talk to him and he’ll tell you about Knoffel and Mary who are in the forest. Best get over there then. Use the area map in your inventory again and select the forest on the right.

In the forest, walk to the path north to find a werewolf. You can normally only kill those with silver bullets…. Ah! In your inventory use the paint on the bullet to make it silver and then use the silver bullet on the werewolf to get rid of him. You’ll now find Knoffel.

Talk to Knoffel to learn that he has indeed the blue object but only wants to trade it for…. a banana. How fortunate that you happen to have one. Give the banana to Knoffel and in return you’ll get an ODD ROCK. Close enough. Use the area map in your inventory and select Reality. Walk all the way to the right to find Greyson again and what sounded odd at first, if you give him the rock, he’ll turn it into a BLUE ORB and leave. Walk to the right to the square and south to Town Hall.

Give the blue orb to Death and you can now see the Mayor through the doors on the left. Talk to the Mayor and learn the the city council had nothing to do with the removal of the car. That doesn’t help you any further at all. You’re back to square one. As consolation the Mayor gives you a VOUCHER for a night in a hotel that is yet to be build…. some consolation.

On the square there’s the private investigator’s office. Let’s see if he can help. Enter the building to find Max Griff. Talk to him and learn that there’s not much sense coming from him. Although… he suggests some people might have seen something. Back at the square, use the door to the right of the general store to enter Davy Jones’ apartment. His little brother answers the door and sends you upstairs to the bedroom where you’ll find Davy and Elandra.

Talk to them and ask about your car. They refer you back to the Mayor. No help here. Ask about the radio and ask if you were interrupting and learn about their time off. You can help out by giving them the voucher. In return you can use the receiver that Elandra built. Result!

Take the RECEIVER from the table and in your inventory use the frequency on the receiver to start scanning. Eventually this will lead you to the Baron … and your car.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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