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A Night in Berry – Walkthrough (Marc Denizol/2014)

By Leon | October 31, 2016

A night in Berry Walkthrough Warning! This page contains the complete solution or walk-through to this game. Reading this page can spoil the challenge to complete the game by yourself. Please consider this when reading on. The walk-through of this game given here might not be the optimal solution, it’s a solution. Just to prove that the game can be finished. If you want a section of the walk-through or just a hint, send us an email with the part where you’re stuck, we’ll send you the section of the page you’ll need.

Your father is in a coma after he fell off a horse and you need to get some medical help. The party that wants to stay for the night has a healer so you need to get to them.

Playing as Lilith:

Walk to the right into the kitchen and find some plants and herbs on the far right. Take a PINK FLOWER from the left compartment and leave the kitchen on the left.

Walk south to the right of the table to enter the hallway and walk to the right up the stairs to the attic. On the bookshelf on the left is a book about plants. Read the book and learn more about the pink plant you’ve found. It seems to be very useful.

Walk down the stairs and left back to the reception room. On the table next to you is a big TANKARD. Take it and walk to the right back into the kitchen. Use the mug on the basin to fill it with WATER. Use the pink plant from your inventory (you now know it’s Valériane) on the chopping board on the right to mince the plant.

Walk back to the reception room on the left and put the mug with water in the fireplace to heat the water. Once you know it’s hot, pick up the HOT WATER again. Put the sedative minced pink plant in the mug as well and give the mug to your uncle Ambroix behind the bar on the right. He’ll fall asleep.

After waiting upstairs, use your bed to find a HANDKERCHIEF under your pillow. go down and to the left to the reception room. Your uncle Ambroix has left. Take the INKWELL from the counter and in your inventory use the inkwell on your handkerchief. You’ll write your uncle a message and leave it on your bed.

Walk down the stairs and to the left into the reception room. Use the door north to go outside and find the healer.

Playing as Lizaigne:

Walk to the left to reach grandmother’s house and use the door to go inside. Use the door north to leave again and then walk to the left into the garden. Talk to grandmother about the weather and the garden and then walk to the right back to the front of the house again. Use the door to go inside and realize that Lilith is gone. Now you have to search her.

Look at the bedside table to notice that the plate that was there before, now is gone. Leave the house north and walk south to the inn. Use the door on the left to enter the inn and walk to the south into the dining room and then right again up the stairs to Lilith’s bedroom.

Read the HANDKERCHIEF on the bed to wonder who could help Lilith and read the botanical book on the shelf to learn about fertilizers. Go down the stairs and walk to the left to the front of the inn. Walk to the left to reach the fireplace and use the handkerchief on the fireplace to put it in front of it. Take the SHOVEL from the tool stand left of the fireplace and use the shovel on the fireplace to put some ashes onto the handkerchief. That’s a good fertilizer. Pick up the handkerchief to carry the ASHES to grandmother.

Leave the inn and walk to the left around the building. Walk left again into the garden and give the ashes to grandmother. Talk to grandmother to find out more about Lilith but she isn’t much of a help. Look at the pot under the bench grandma was sitting on to discover the roast from the plate. You’ll take a slice of MEAT. Show the meat to grandma and this time she’ll explain about the gift the family has.

Talk more to grandma and she’ll tell you where to find Lilith. Walk to the right to leave the garden and right again to the front of the inn. Before chasing Lilith, enter the inn and walk to the right into the kitchen. Use the terracotta pot on the right to take some PEPPERCORNS. Now leave on the left and north to the outside again. From here go north into the woods.

When the wolf is approaching and walking down on the right, you walk north from where you’re standing and then to the right. This way you’ll bypass the first wolf. But when you proceed to the right, there will be another wolf waiting for you. In your inventory, add the pepper to the meat and give the meat to the wolf. The wolf will get thirsty and leave.

Walk back the path you came until the wolf gets past you and then walk to the right and north to hear Lilith’s voice. You’ll then see Lilith interacting with the wolves.

Playing as Lilith:

Walk to the left and enter the inn. Walk south to the right of the table to enter the dining room and look at the altar piece behind the bar. Notice the image and the numbers around. Uncle Ambriosius keeps his keys there but you don’t know the combination of the cabinet.

Since it’s an altar piece, it might be that you can find more in the church. Walk to the left to the front of the house and then go north outside. Walk south to leave town and see the map and then on the map south and to the right to the church.

Use the door on the left and look at the three stations whilst walk to the right. Walk along the bay until you find Father Stéphane. Talk to him and find out if he knows more about the combination of the cabinet but he’s annoyed and doesn’t want to talk. Look at the stations four to seven.

Walk to the left back to the middle of the church and then to the right to see the right bay. Look at stations 11 to 14 and at the 14th station you realize there are also 14 numbers on the cabinet. Walk to the right and enter the right bay on the south. Here are stations 8 to 10. Now what do they have in common? The image on the cabinet was Jesus on his knees. In the stations, there are three stations where Jesus falls. So that might be the combination.

Walk to the right to leave the church and south to the city map. Then north back to the inn. Enter the inn on the left and walk south to the right of the table to enter the dining room. Use the altar piece and enter the numbers of the falling Jesus: 3, 7 and 9.

Once the panel opens you can take the KEYS of the hostel. Leave the room on the left and go outside through the door north. Walk across the street to the hostel on the right. Use the door to see the keyhole and when you want to insert the key you notice that there’s something in there already.

Use the door next to the keyhole to knock and ask to see the healer. No matter how you ask, you won’t see her. Then tell the person you’ve got a letter for the healer. If the person wants to see proof through the keyhole, once the eye appears, use your key on the keyhole to unlock the door. The wolves will help you see the healer.

Playing as Lizaigne:

When the guard is under attack he asks you to get the rifle from the coach. But the coach is in the locked barn. Close the door of the hostel and take the KEYS that are still in the keyhole. Then walk to the left and use the keys on the door of the barn to unlock it. Walk all the way to the left to find the coach but when you want to look inside you realize it’s too dark.

On the shelf in the back are SHEARS. Take them. Not for the shears but you’ll find WICK behind it that you can use. Leave the barn on the right and enter the inn. Walk towards the fireplace on the left and take a CANDLE from the surround. Use the wick from your inventory on the fireplace to light it.

With the smoldering wick leave the inn and return to the barn. Near the coach use the wick on the candle and now you can see inside. Tap the floorboards to find the hollow one and then open it. Underneath you’ll find a RIFLE and a STICK. The pouch with bullets is empty so no use to you.

Search the wall with nails until you find the loose one. This NAIL can easily be pulled out. Use the blanket in the cargo net to find a bag with POWDER. Leave the coach and leave the barn. Once outside, use the powder with the gun then add the nail to the gun as ammo. Use the stick on the gun to press everything together and then fire the gun at the wolf. The rifle will break in the process but the guard is saved, though injured.

Enter the inn and walk to the right into the kitchen. Take the white flask of SMELLING SALT from the table and leave the kitchen on the left. Leave the inn and once outside use the salt on the injured guard. Now you can talk to him.

As soon as the guard is in hospital, you can take care of the healer as promised. Walk to the left to find one of the wolves in front of the door. You need to get rid of that one. Walk back to the right and enter the barn. On the shelf is a HANDLE you can use. Leave the barn again and walk to the left back to the wolf. You’re standing next to a well. Use the handle on the well to raise the BASKET.

The basket contains food and when you check the basket in your inventory you’ll take some GIBLETS out. Ideal to lure the wolf but he mustn’t see you otherwise he’ll attack you. Walk to the left into the garden and use the door of the toilet. Use the basket to put the food inside the toilet. Then use the post of the pergola to climb onto the thatched roof.

Throw the giblets first at the wolf and then each next one a bit further to the left to lure the wolf towards the garden. Throw the last one in front of the toilet door and once the wolf is digging the basket, close the door of the toilet to lock him in. Walk to the front of the house and go inside.

Follow the coach north to the collapsed bridge. The coach is in the water but there’s a wolf in the way. Use the broken rifle from your inventory on the wolf. He won’t be back soon. Jump into the river to rescue the healer. The door of the coach won’t open so you need to think of something else.

Do not smash the glass as it will kill the healer. Use the shears you got earlier on the loop next to the front seat. Then take the end of the bridle you’ve just created and tie it to the door handle of the coach. Use the bridle to release the horse and it’ll might dislodge the door. Alas it doesn’t but it helped it bit. Now use the rifle on the door to pry it open and save the healer.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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