You have a terrible cold and need to attend a meeting in a few days. Fortunately mom has the solution:

1: Fresh air:

So we better make that cure. Some fresh air. Let’s open the window. Ah, the handle broke off.  Take the stirring stick out of the red paint and walk to the kitchen on the left. Take the BLUE CUP from the worktop.  Use the fridge to take the GREASE out. Use the grease on the pot that’s on the stove. When it’s completely liquid, use the blue cup on the pot to scoup some OIL out.

Walk to the south to return to your living room. Use the stick on the window on the right to make the opening big enough fior your hands. Use the window but it still moves very heavy. Use the cup with oil on the window to grease the window and then use the window again to open it.


2: Bright flowers:

Walk back to the kitchen and use the cup on the faucet to get some WATER. Walk back to the living room and use the water on the plant. Use the gum that’s on the table to create a WAD. Open the curtains of the other window. Use the window to open it and it will but not for long.Use the window again and quickly use the wad on the window to jam it. Fresh air and sunlight for the flowers.

3: Chicken Soup:

Take the last piece of gum to create a second WAD. Walk to the kitchen and take the  COUPON that’s stuck to the fridge. It was held up by a MAGNET. Read the coupon. It’s a phonenumber for free soup.Take the coins from the edge of the sink but of course the fall in. Use the wad on the stirring stick and use the magnet on the stick and wad. Use the sticky stick on the sink to get your MONEY out.

Walk to the living room and use the coupon on the phone to call for soup.

4: Good night sleep:

Use the stool to sit on but the leg will break. Pick up the STOOL LEG. Use the stool leg on your bed to take all the lumps out. Good night.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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