You need to prevent a terrorist attack within 15 minutes (real time).

There’s someone at the front door. Get out of bed and walk to the right to answer the door through the intercom. It’s Toby and he’s telling you some terrorist action going on and you need to hurry. Best is to answer professionally because that’s the quickest.

After the conversation, walk into the bathroom and use the sink to get your GUN BARREL from it. Walk over to the desk and take the GUN HANDLE. Next to it is an EMPTY CLIP.  Use your desk drawer to get a pack of AMMO.  In your inventory, add the ammo to the empty clip, then add the barrel to the handle. Insert the clip into the gun and you have a loaded weapon. Look under the bed to find your PHONE.

Use your jacket next to the door to get your BADGE, your KEYS,  and a nice MEMENTO of R. Use the door to realize you might not find a toilet for some time so you take the opportunity to waste a few moments. Meanwhile Toby gets briefed and you need to disarm a bomb at Starbeans across the street.

Once outside, walk to the right and try to enter Starbeans. Dependent on the time it took you, they might or might not be open. They open at 08:05am so make sure you got ready in the first five minutes. If you’ve got time to spare you might start a chat with Toby.

After the front door has been unlocked, enter the building and talk to the barista behind the counter. Stay professional to not waste time and you’ll be allowed into the basement. Walk to the right to go downstairs. Once there, you’ll find the nuke.

Use the panel of the nuke to open the override panel and notice it’s screwed tight. You can try to search for tools but you won’t find any. Use your keys on the panel and undo all four screws. Once done, you’ll see a panel with a switch and five coloured wires. But which one goes where? It takes too long to try every combination. After looking at the panel, Toby suggests to call Jolene.

Use your phone to call headquarters and ask for a schematic of the nuke. There’s a problem: to get the plan of the bomb you need to find the serial number. When you look at the nuke again you noticed they filed off the serial number. No luck here then. Use the waste basket to find the SCHEMATIC and lucky enough a serial number.

Call HQ again to announce your findings. You’ll get to hear that the serial is one digit short and can range from 1 to 5. Let’s take a wild guess then. Name one of the 5 serials and attach the wires accordingly. One of the 5 is bound to work and override the nuke. If you’re under time pressure: it’s #2.



Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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