After you’ve entered insanity, Robbie the robot is in your way.

Insert your keycard in the slot next to the door on the right to unlock it and use the door to enter the warehouse. Use M on the green box to get the GUN from it with only one bullet. Use the doors again to step outside and use the gun on the robot. The roof collapses and you end up in another part of the hall.

Use the trash on the right to get a tram KEY from the debris. Use the decryptor card from your inventory on the card reader on the left of the door. It unlocks the door and then use the doors to enter the tram station. On the side of the door is an image similar to the key you found earlier so insert the key into the corresponding keyhole.

The journey doesn’t go as planned to when you jump out you’re on a station with a pile of glass next to you. Use the glass to pick up a SHARD that has a diamond shape. On the left is a sensor that you don’t recognize. Use the detector from your inventory on the sensor to discover that you should be able to use your grape laser on it to activate it.


Use your laser on the sensor to find out it’s not quite the right signal. Put the diamond shaped piece of glass on the laser to distort the signal slightly and then use the combination on the detector again. You’re cleared entry and you can access the barrack sector.

Walk to the left to visit the quarter master. Talk to the man behind the desk to learn about the weapons deal. Give the man your slightly altered laser gun and he’ll give you a state of the art Zap-Rite laser gun. Walk further to the left and find the doors of a teleportal but you need two keycards for it; a red- and a green one. The elevator is locked as well. Walk back to the right and talk to the quarter master again.

Ask him about the teleportal and he’ll tell you about the card. He can give you one in return for a small favor so he gives you an EMPTY CUP to get him a hot cup of coffee. Walk all the way to the right until you find three machines. The middle one is the coffee machine so use the empty cup on this machine to get a nice cup of COLD COFFEE. Seems the heating element is gone. Use your laser gun on the cold coffee in your inventory to end up with some HOT COFFEE.

There’s an ammo machine on the right. You can’t reach inside so use M on the machine to get a GREEN ACCESSS CARD from the machine. Walk back to the left until you’ve reached the quarter master again and give him his nice hot coffee. He’ll give you a broken RED ACCESS CARD. You need to find a way to fix it first. Walk to the right two times to where the sleeping quarters are.

There’s a sign on the left wall and if you look at it you can see some sticky substance coming from it. Use the broken access card on the sign to fix the card again. Walk all the way to the left until you reach the portal. Use the red card first on the reader left of the portal, then the green one on the right side and then you can use the portal doors to get into the reactor core.

After having seen how busy and concerned the mayor is, use M on the reactor core to retrieve a CRYSTAL from it. Then you’re updated on the situation. Once back in the teleportal room, use the crystal on the slot left of the elevator door and the elevator gets powered up. Use the elevator door to reach the next destination..

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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