Your mission is to restore communications and find out what happened after they never heard of your commando again.

Once the plane has reached it’s destination you are requested to go to the briefing room. Walk to the left and talk to the commander. Your mission is explained. Make sure your audio is OK, there’s no text, only speech. Anyway, walk to the left and use the door to jump out of the plane.

You’ve landed next to a tank. Behind you is Alpha City. To get there walk to the left.  Walk to the right to follow the sign to Alpha Corp. Keep walking and when you reach the building, enter it by walking underneath where the arrow is pointing.Since the right is blocked, you need to go left and with the tanks walk to the lower left corner.

On the stairs you need to find your way out. Click under the stairs, where the first step is leading up, above the green fence. From there you will reach the streets of Alpha City and is Alpha Corp in front of you. Walk to the north and at the billboard go left. You’ve reached Alpha Corp.


Enter the building by walking through the black door in the middle. At the reception go north again to reach the elevator. Read the sign next to the door and enter the elevator, selecting floor 2. There’s a lot of blood on the floor and when you walk further to the north you can see a paper warning you. Next to the paper is a CIRCUIT BOARD that you can take.

Walk back to the south until you reach the elevator again and this time go to floor 10. Climb the stairs and use the circuit board on the transmitter to repair it. A helicopter will land. When you walk down into the elevator you can only select the reception. But be carefull! The note already warned you about the militairy so when you get out of the elevator there will be men waiting for you. Go back into the elevator and you return to floor 2. Walk to the north to the point where you found the circuit board and use the blue service elevator door.

There’s a lot of confusion and your team will be killed while you run into the city. You get a new mission here. Walk to the red spot in the upper left of the map. It’s the cinema. In front is a dead body and when you enter the cinema you find a KEY on the floor. You take the key and can leave again on the south. Walk to the right to reach the map. On the map select the lower right spot of the police precinct.

The door is closed and you need a key. Use the key on the door and you’re inside. Walk up the stairs and goto Admin on the left. It’s a mess but on the floor is a GUIDANCE CHIP. Walk to the right to leave the office and walk to the right again to go to the cells. There’s a man hanging who couldn’t take it anymore.

Walk through the blue door to reach the cells and there climb the ladder in the back. Follow the blood trail to the helicopter but don’t get inside yet.

Walk to the right and climb the ladder into the tower. Look at the computer on the right and use the start menu to launch the Radio Control Application through Start & Programs. The radio code will be written to a DISKETTE. Use the diskette on the Radio Panel on the left and you’ll receive some COORDINATES. Leave the room on the south.

Walk to the left back to the helicopter and climb in. Using the ignition button won’t help because when you open the service panel you can see a part is missing. Take to closer look at the wires and use the guidance chip on the empty spot. The helicopter will take off and fly to a nearby base.

Walk over to HQ on the left but no one is willing to talk. Leave the building on the right and then a troop of zombies will chase you. Be prepared to walk! Walk all the way to the right until you reach a house. Stay in front of the zombies! When you reached the house enter it.

Walk to the right and use the curtains to close them. Walk to the left again and the go through the blue door to the hallway. Use the door next to the stairs to reach the kitchen and leave the kitchen through the door you can see right of the coocker.

Outside is WOOD that you can take. Walk to the south to return to the house, south again to the hall and south again to the front door. Use the wood to nail the front door shut. Walk to the room on the left and do the same with the windows. Just nail the wood over the curtains. Walk to the right twice and in the room with the TV use also the wood on the blinded window. Better safe than sorry.

Walk to the left and in the hall go south. Climb the stairs and in the corridor you can see a hatch in the ceiling above the Van Gogh painting. Use the hatch to go to the attic. Take all boxes away and find the GUN underneath.Leave the attuc through the hatch again but be carefull. Downstairs will be three not so friendly gentlemen. Use the gun on them to shoot them. Search their bodies to find a KEY.  It will drive you back to the head office. Report to the commander on the left. Then the bombing starts.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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