You misbehaved and that’s why you have to stay in your room. You don’t like it here.

Take a good look at the window. It’s shut and there’s a combination lock on it. If only you had the combination. Walk back to the door on the right. Talk to the door to find your mother behind it. Ask her for the combination of the lock. She won’t give it… yet unless you have a good reason to use it. Tell her you have a doctors appointment. Tell her about the doctor and you get the code.

Walk back to the window and your freedom… isn’t there yet. The lock is very rusty.

Look around. Take the OIL CAN from the TV at the right. There’s an oil stain on the floor. You still wet your bed? Oh well, use the oil can on the stain to fill the can with oil. Walk back to the window and use the oil can on the lock. Use the lock to unlock the window. Use the window and there’s your freedom. But was that a smart move?


Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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