Your Crash Site
After getting up and walking down, you talk to your sister automatically. You can explore this location, but there’s currently nothing much for you to do.  Head right into a new location, the Three-Way Junction.

Three-Way Junction
Here, there are two crashed drones and two new locations to explore. Examine the drone, especially the Drone Claw, and pick up the KEY at the end of the Drone Claw.  Head to the top-right location, the Two Crashed Ships.

Two Crashed Ships
First explorer the Repair Ship on the left.

Repair Ship
You find two tool chests. There are three items to collect, a SCREWDRIVER, needle-nose PLIERS, and some FACILITY PLANS. While you are here, notice the panel on the right side of the ship. Use the screwdriver to unscrew the panel’s four screws and open it up.
Inside you’ll find a working NAVIGATIONAL SYSTEM UNIT. Take it and exit the ship.
Now, enter the right Commercial Passenger Ship.


Commercial Passenger Ship
Explore the seats, especially the bottom compartments of the seats.  Make sure you find TWO CANS OF FOOD, the TWO BOTTLES OF WATER, and TWO PROTEIN BARS. We’ll explore the overturned seat later.  Now go ahead and head back to the Three-Way Junction, where the two crashed drones are.  Then left, back to your own crash site.

Your Crash Site
Use the screwdriver to unscrew the four screws to the panel, at the back end of your ship, where you will find and collect a working FUEL CELL. Now head back right to the Three-Way junction and go north on the left side to the Three Crashed Ships.

Three Crashed Ships
Two of the ships, the Utility Ship and Medical Aid Ship, are obviously beyond repair, but the third, the Simple Transport Ship, looks promising. Explore the Medical Aid Ship and find a BANDAGE.
Explore inside the Utility Ship on the right.

Utility Ship
Inside you will find a bottle of CONCENTRATED ALCOHOL, some PAIN PILLS, and a paper with FACILITY PLANS on it. Also notice the magnerator which is how these transport ships fly. There is nothing you can do with it, it’s just a fun little detail. Exit the Utility Ship.

Three Crashed Ships
Notice the panel on the side of the Utility Ship. Use your screwdriver to unscrew the four screws and open the panel. Inside you will find a working PROPULSION COMPRESSOR unit.
Now for the left, simple Transport Ship. Go ahead and unscrew the panel on the back of the ship and replace the broken fuel cells and propulsion compressor the working ones you found. Use the door left of the panel to open it and go inside the ship.

Escape Ship Interior
Notice the access panel on the right wall. Go ahead and unscrew that, and replace the broken NAVIGATIONAL UNIT with the working one.  Now that the transport ship is in working condition, you can open the secure medkit drawer by pressing the blue round button, where you will find a CRASH DISK and a canister SEALANT FOAM, which is used to seal up wounds.

You can now go and help you’re sister. Leave the ship and walk left twice.
Your Crash Site
Before you can help your sister’s leg you have to give her the pain pills and a bottle of water to swallow help them down.  After easing her pain, interact with her leg to have a look at it. The first thing that you should do is use water on the three spots of dirt. Next, use the concentrated alcohol to disinfect the pliers  and then pour the alcohol over the infection near the piece of shrapnel, in your sister’s leg. After the wound is disinfected, remove the SHRAPNEL with the disinfected pliers. Now use the sealant foam to seal up the wound, and finally use the bandage on the leg.
You’re done helping the wound. Go ahead and leave the leg closeup.

Wait and then take a look at the seat your sister was resting against, specifically the compartment at the bottom. Pick up the trusty CROWBAR.  Walk to the right and at the surveillance drone walk to the north on the right side to go to the Two Crashed Ships, and into the Commercial Passenger Ship.

Commercial Passenger Ship
Now use the shrapnel on the back of the overturned seat and reach inside it to find a bottle of MEGA POWER HYDRATE and a SYRINGE. Now use the crowbar on the metal panel at the back of the ship and climb through to the new location, Facility Entrance.

Facility Entrance
Here we see what looks like an entrance to a bunker, a guideline and the cable connecting the guideline in the bunker. Use the key you found on the end of the drone’s claw, on the lock to the right of the bunker door and go inside.  Once inside the facility, press the button for the door on the right and then head down in the elevator. Here is the Four-Way Junction.

Four-Way Junction
The first thing you can do is use the key to unlock both the middle and left doors, but before going through them notice the hatch at the bottom on the floor. Go ahead and go down hatch and you’ll find yourself in the Incinerator Room.

Incinerator Room
Look around this room to find your sister’s SHOES AND BELT, a SMALL KEY in the pocket of the pants, and some SCREWS in a tool belt. Also in a small cardboard box on the top, left side of the junk pile is a MEGA AMPLIFIER.  Head back up to the Four-Way Junction and go through the middle door, into the North Hallway.

North Hallway
Here you’ll see a long hallway with three doors. One of the buttons is lit up (red) so head through that door.

The Chair’s Chamber
Look at the small panel on the left-hand side of the screen. You must flip the switch first before you can turn the key switch with the small key, and doing so will open up a panel on the right-hand side of the room. Go ahead and look at the panel on the right side, and slide both switches down and press the red button.  After that sequence is done, look at the disk compartment, on the right hand side of the room, and get the PERSON RELEASE DISK. You can look at the other disks but you can’t take any of them right now.

Help the Escape
At this point, if you need a hint where to go to now, you can look at the escape plans in your inventory, which you picked up in the Utility Ship.  Walk south twice to the  Four-Room Junction and use the button next to the left door into the West Hallway.

West Hallway
Another door’s button is lit up (orange) so go through there, to find the Computer Terminal Room.

Computer Terminal Room
Look around if you want, but eventually look at the computer.  Here you will find 4 disc slots which must be used in sequence. Insert the person release disk into Slot 1, the one on the left under the screen. As you insert the disk and the computer will light up the drives accordingly, so just follow the highlighted slots.  Leave the computer and walk south, then to the right and push the button of the middle door into the  North Hallway where another door’s button will be lit up.

Go ahead and go into that door (the right door) and here you will be find yourself in a room full of water tanks, the Aquarium.

Look at the control board in the middle of the room. For this board, you can only turn off or on switches when another section is complete. Start by turning off the five switches on the right, then the two bottom-left switches. Use your small key to  turn the top left switches. Finally the slider switch.
You will find that the Slider Switch does not stay down. When the Slider Switch is down use the sealant foam on the slot that the sliders switch slides in, to keep the switch down. If you filled the slot while the slider was in the up-position, use the piece of shrapnel in your inventory to clear the slot first.
Exit that room in back into the North Hallway, where you will find the left the door’s button lit. Push it to enter.

Processing Platform Room
Here, you will find a room that you can’t, initially, do much in. Notice the window and try to climb through it for a hint of what you should do. Unscrew the bolts on the sheet metal door with the pliers and use the crowbar to pry it open. Head left into the next room, the Extended Aquarium.

Extended Aquarium
Go ahead and explore the room, and notice the lights at the bottom of the center tank, where one of them glows red.  Use the crowbar or screwdriver to open the panel above the red light, where you will find the Neurological Transfer Cable.  Try the red button.
Separate the cable using something something sharp. Use the shrapnel twice to sever the cable. Exit and wait. Then head right into the Processing Platform Room.

Processing Platform Room
Turn both of the rotary levers, and then flip the final two levers. Wait.
In your inventory use the syringe on the bottle of mega power hydrate, and then inject it on your sister.
She will be hungry so give her one of the protein bars. Then give her her shoes and belt. Follow Anne to the right by pushing the button next to the door.

North Hallway
The first thing you will notice, once in the North Hallway, is that all the doors are locked. That means to access them you must hot-wire the button panels.  Use the crowbar or screwdriver on the North Door’s button panel. Then disconnect the white wire entirely and then connect the bottom two wires (red and green) to their corresponding terminals at the top, crossing the wires to circumvent the security gate (so green to blue and red to yellow). Leave the wires and push the button to open the door.

The Chair’s Chamber.
Once inside the room, look at the panel on the right and use the crowbar to open up the disk compartment. This time get the SYSTEM HEALTH DISK.  Go ahead and return to the Computer Terminal Room by walking south twice, then the blue button on the left and the button next to the door north. This one is blocked as well so repeat the bypass procedure: use the crowbar to open the panel, cut the white wire and connect the green to the blue and the red to the yellow. Then leave the cables and push the button again to open the door.

Computer Terminal Room.
Use the computer and perform the same sequence as before with the system health disk (Slot 1, Left Slot, Slot 2, Right Slot).  After performing the sequence the coolant pump will turn off. You can now access the two panels and the coolant opening in this room. Open the lid to the coolant tube, and sabotage the cooling system by dumping all your remaining food in there (should be two cans of food and one protein bar).

Go ahead and open each of the other panels (using the screwdriver or crowbar) and replace the weak amplifier with the super mega amplifier and replace the fuses with the screws that you found. Now you can go outside to the Facility Entrance. Walk south to leave the room, then to the right to the hallway. Press the elevator button next to the green door to go upstairs again and use the button next to the door on the left to go outside.

Facility Entrance
Disconnect the guideline cable by using the pliers on the cable connection box.  Now head back into the facility by using the key on the door and use the button next to the door on the right to take the elevator down. Use the button next to the blue door on the left, and then the button to the door on the left. It doesn’t work. Use the screwdriver to open the panel and disconnect the white wire. Connect the green to the blue and the red to the yellow. Leave the panel and use the button again to enter the Server Room.

Server Room
Look at the control board, and this time turn all the switches and buttons to the on-position. You must turn on all the switches on the left section before you can flip the two left section levers
And then you can turn both the key switches with the small key at the bottom right section and turn the rotary lever. Finally flip the main lever in the right section. Leave the server room on the right and head back into the Computer Terminal Room by using the orange button next to the door north.

Computer Terminal Room
Use the computer and finally use the crash disk you found earlier in the lower left slot. Insert the disk in the highlighted slots until you will be asked to use a code that is on the facility plans. Finish the disk sequence, as usual. Once you’re finished, leave the computer and go south back into the West Hallway and watch the end of the game.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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