Try to pick up the hat from the window and it’ll fly off. Better find out what’s going on. Take the yellow BOWL from the table and use the bowl on the PORRIDGE on the table. Open the door… with your foot. Ah…. the hat is on that cactus. But it’s unreachable from here.

The tenth plank from the left of the fence is loose so you can take that one. Leave the garden and walk to the right. When almost leaving the screen, call Emily, the goat, to let her follow you. Now that there’s a hole in the fence, she can get through. Walk to the right and follow the river to the smallest part. Use the plank there to cross the river. The goat can’t follow you and will stay on this side.

Walk to the north and you’ll see a wall with a goat on it. Emily will also see this and use the rocks in the river to cross. But the jumps go a bit too hard and she hits her head against the wall causing it to open and bounces back into the river and floats away. Let’s hope she’ll be allright. Follow the goat to the south and see that the plank is gone.

Walk further to the south. From here you can see a tree with a long branch. Use the porridge on the far left end of the branch. Follow the path to the north. At this point you reach an intersection where you can go to the right and to the north. Go to the right first. On the gnarly tree is a cherry. Pick up the BERRIE and feel into the crack, just under the bush. You are able to get a STICK out. Walk back to the left and at the crossing turn left again. Walk back to the entrance of the cave.


Use the bowl with porrige on the waterfall to clean the bowl and take some WATER. Enter the cave and walk to the right. When you reach the dripcycles take a look at the red part. The screen scrolls up and you’ll see a monster. Take a note of the symbols and colours on his hat. Walk further to the right and you’ll see four panels with the same colours and symbols but in a different order. Your job to get them in the same order as on the hat: for the symbols: click the left one (triangle) once and the second from the left (cirlce) once. For the colours: press the second from the left (green) once, the most left one (blue) two times. Now everything is the same as on the hat… except the red one. It’s a very faded colour. Use the berrie on the red panel to restore the colour.

You hear a click and a panel will open. Take all the items out: a new CARD (#1), and an EGG. Reply yes on the question to force it. There’s also a lever on the left side. Pull it. Walk further to the right and see the end of the cave, held up by a plank. Use the water on the loose soil at the bottom of the plank to get the FLINT out and then you also can take the PLANK.

Walk all the way to the left to the entrance of the cave. When standing at the waterside, put the egg on the yellow sand and walk to the south. Follow the path until you reach a vulture. Use the little stick you took from the berry bush on the large trunk three times to make an awfull sound and scare the vulture away. Walk further north along the path.

Your standing above the opening of the cave with the egg under you. Use the flint to drop on the egg and cause it to break. This will reveal a key. Walk back the way you came and when you reach the tree with the large branch you can see the vulture trying to get the porridge. But because of his weight at the end of the branch it breaks of. Pick up the BRANCH.

Walk further to the left and go back to the entrance of the cave. Pick up the KEY lying there and enter the cave. At the dripcycles is a flight of stairs leading up because you pulled the lever behind the panel. Climb the stairs, through the monsters head, all the way to the top until you reach a dispenser. Use the key on the dispenser and take the SUNGLASSES out. Walk back down again and leave the cave.

Where the river is the narrowest, use the plank so you’re able to cross again. Walk to the left and you’re back where you’re hat is. Go inside the fence and use the long pole to get the hat. Because you have the sunglasses, you won’t hurt your eyes. Finally you have the hat…. but hold on tight!

The forrest:

Death gave you his CARD (#2). You left quite an imprint. Scratch your hand along the edges and pick up the PEBBLES. Walk to the right. At the open space, drop some pebbles. Go south, drop some pebbles, go south again, drop some pebbles, go left, drop some pebbles (oops… last ones). Go north and you can see a building. Go north again. On the wall at the left is a SNAIL. Pick it up and use the snail on the lock in the door to unlock it. The snail has to crawl over a map to unlock the door. The paper is devided into six blocks and the snail has to cover each part of the paper to unlock it. So move the snail and he’ll tell you wether it’s progressing. At the end, the snail has to tell you that the door is unlocked.

Use the thought from the inventory on the keyhole in the door. Ma will be able to pick it up and shock the snail. This will open the door. Enter the castle and go up the stairs. You’ll be scared the first time, but when you go up again, you can talk to the magician.

Introduce yourself and then ask about the hat. Look at the chest and try to open it. Talk to Grunt again and ask about the chest. Ask for the most unnicest thing in it and he’ll show you. It’s a card. To show it to you the magician had to say a spell. When you’ve seen the card ask the magician to show it again and the ask it for a third time. Now you’ve learned the SPELL.

Go down the stairs and use the spell on the chest downstairs. The will result in a new CARD (#3). Leave the castle, take the snail from the front door and walk to the left of the building. You’re at some bushes and can see a piece of PAPER sticking out. There’s more but you can’t reach it. Use the snail on the bush and from here the snail will take over.

The snail:

Go to the left and find six leaves. It’s in the order you look at the leaves to find the piece of paper. The order is: top left, bottom right, middle right, middle left, top right, bottom left. This results in a piece of paper (1). Now follow the brown branch to the right and pick up two pieces of paper (3). When you reach a leaf, bite it and it’ll fall down, covering the gap. Don’t go there yet, follow the branch up and pick up a piece of paper (4). When you come to three leaves, turn the left and middle one by pushing them. Climb further up and when you can’t move any further, turn the last leaf as well. A drop of water will fall onto the leaves and flow down making the trail below a bit more slippery.

Climb back down the branch to the point where you knibbled a leaf. Go downwards and follow the branch to the right. After the leaf pick up another piece of paper (5) and follow the branch. Be carefull at the slippery bit but it gives you just enough speed to pick up another piece of paper (6) and when you’re on your feet again, turn the leaf you see next by pushing it again. But you can’t pick this one up…. Follow the branch out of the bushes again.

The forrest:

Pick up the snail and put it back into the bush again. Let the snail walk all the way to the right, following the lower path. At the jump you’re able to pick up the last piece because you turned the leaf. Crawl out of the bush again.

Now fit the pieces together to create another CARD (#4). With the righ you can rotate, when the pieces are correct, they’ll lock into position. Your fourth card. Walk back to the right, to the tower and go in again. Your hat is on the stand. But you can’t pick it up. Go upstairs and talk to Grunt again. Ask about the hat and you’ll get a SPELL to try on the hat. Go downstairs and use the spell on the hat.

Move the hat around and hold in on the mirror. Then put the hat back on the pole and go back upstairs. Talk to Grunt and tell him the hat has four eyes. When the magician don’t know what to say, ask again and he’ll tell you to go far away. You’ll go downstairs and see a vortex. Step into the vortex and go to:

The Worm:

Inside the worm you can keep walking to the north but there’s no use. Talk to the worm and with a little patience you’ll get a reply and can talk to the worm. It’ll take you to another place. Walk the last bit to the south and you can see a city. The light pink building has one window that’s lit. Look a few times at that window to get a good look what’s inside. All of a sudden you are inside.

The cell:

Pick up the BLUE CUP. Take a good look at the and of the bed. It’s damp. In the wall there is an alcove and inside is a CARD (#5). Take it and look at it. It has a message on it. Walk to the lower right corner. There’s a toilet and sink like thing. Use the blue cup in that corner to fill it with water, then use the cup on the lower part of the mattress to make it wet. Now you can move the mattress. Under it was a life-form: FUNGUS. Pick up the fungus.

Look at the right upper corner of the cell, where the mattress was. There’s a small hole. The first time you look, a worm like creature will fly out and run straight through the barrier. Why didn’t the barrier stop it? Look inside the hole again. There’s a hot pipe. Put the blue cup in the corner under the pipe and hit the pipe so some hot water flows into the cup. Take the cup again and use the fungus in the hot water. You inhale the mixture and fall over. Repeat the exercise: put the cup under the pipe, hit the pipe, pick up the fungus and put the fungus in the cup. This time you don’t inhale the fumes. Look at the barrier. Use the blue cup on the barrier. At first you don’t want to but after a second try you halucinate yourself through the barrier. You’re outside again.

Walk to the north and you can see four rooms with automatic doors. Enter the third room from the right. All dark and filled with boxes. The upper right box can be opened and you take some of the PACKAGING out. Put the packaging material in the hole in the wall. Use the blue cup to make the box on the left under the small hole soggy. Leave the room, go one room to the left and use the packaging material on the hole in the wall. Leave the room and go two rooms to the right. Also block the hole in the wall with the material. Go one room to the right, put the material in the hole and look at the yellow thing. It is a big chicken foot. Feel inside that and you find a MAP. Walk two doors to the left and enter the room.

Look at the box. There’s a hole in it now. Look in the hole and you’ll find a TORCH and the little worm. Pick up the torch and leave the room. Walk to the right and enter the room half way in the hall. There are four CARDS (#6, #7, #8 & #9) on the table. Pick them up and take the KEY with you.

Leave the room and walk back to the hall with the four doors but this time walk past them. You’ll be in a room with a steel door now. Use the torch on the nodes to make them white. You have to be quick so they don’t cool again but when all are white, the door will open. Enter the room now.

There’s a huge tank. On the wall on the right is a blue control panel. Use it to open the door and use the key from the inventory on the tank to get in. As soon as you drive off, another little game will start: tank battle.

Avoid the mines by shooting them. Quite hard to master and luckily can be skipped after the first try.

Inside the tank was another CARD (#10). After the ride you meet the yellow rubber man who will tell you all about the mysterious hat. But the he’s electrocuted, leaving you alone. Pick up his hand, the box like thing on the left. Look at the hand and a real hand is inside. The hand held a piece of paper. Look at the piece of paper. It has a part of a number.

Go to the north and walk to the left, ignoring the desk for now. In the corner of the locker room is a mean looking creature. Talk to it and whatever you ask, you don’t get an answer. When you say goodbye, he’ll leave and then you discover he crashed Mr. Snail. The trail of the snail will become visible and when you search for the origin, you end up at locker #029. Look at the locker to confirm that’s where the snail came from. Try to open the locker: it’s locked.

Walk to the right and hit the bell on the desk. When asked for a locker number reply with 29. Walk back to the left and open locker 29. Take all your belongings out and walk to the right twice, at the plastic man go left and at the battlefield walk south. You can play the game again if you want to, but you can also skip it.

Exit the tank garage in the lower left corner, walk to the south and enter the second door from the left. Look inside the box with the hole again and give the hand from 0007 to the worm. He now likes you. Pick up the WORM. Walk one room to the left and look at the bookcase. The top rightmost book looks different and when you pull it, a secret passage will open. When you look at the passage, you’ll notice that you’re too small to go through. Use the worm on the passage. The worm ends up in a maze.

The worm maze:

You can see a map in the left upper corner. Your goal is to get eight pieces of paper. The locations of the pieces of paper (x,y) are: 4,1 / 10,1 / 7,3 / 3,4 / 8,7 / 9,8 / 3,9 / 10,10.

After the maze is complete (either finished or escaped), you have to puzzle the eight pieces together to get another CARD (#11). Leav the room and go two rooms to the right. There’s also a bookshelf and on the miidle shelf in the middle is a red book that looks a bit different when you look at it. Take the book and the shelves will move away, revealing a secret passage. Enter the passage and walk to the end of the tunnel.

The secret code:

You come across a panel with four displays, each expecting a number. Remember the paper 0007 carried? We need to enter that number. But it’s not that the display has to show that number, only the number of lines are important. So for this solution, make sure on the first dispay 3 lines are lit by pressing the green button below it, the second display must have 6 lines lit, the third display 5 and the last one 7. Then hit the orange button. When you hear ‘click’ you did right and can enter the second set of numbers: the first should show two lines, the second none, the third three and the last one 1. Again the orange button. Now for the last set only use the blue button until the first panel shows seven lines. Then the orange button again. You’ve created another portal. Go through the portal and you’ll get to hear that the coordinates were wrong. Now you have to play wheel of fortune. Never mind which colour you choose, you’re always a winner.


You’re at the High Priestress. Talk to her. So can only tell you what she’s doing. Take the LEAF (#1) from the left rock. Leave the site on the left. Walk all the way north and go to the castle. Stand on the castle bridge and take a LEAF (#2) that’s passing several times because of the wind. As soon as you’ve got one, enter the castle. Climb the stairs and walk to the right to meet the King and the Queen. Talk to the Queen and ask how you can be of service. She’ll tell about her daughter. Leave them by walking south and at the bushes outside take the LEAF (#3). Walk under the arch, under the blue window and meet the corn keeper. Talk to him and ask him how you can get the corn. He wants a shiney pitcher. Remember the man is a bit deaf…

Leave the keeper and walk to the right. On the court walk left to cross the bridge again. Walk further left and select the circus tent on the map. Talk to the jester. Ask for his mirror. But you can’t have it, because the Jester needs to work on his faces. Look at his stick. Talk to the Jester again and since he doesn’t have any use for the STICK, you can have it. As soon as it’s repaired, he wants it back.

Leave the Jester and select the cathedral in the south on the map. There’s a priest standing. Hide behind the tree and look at what the priest is doing. Walk a bit to the right and back behind the tree again to make the priest repeat his action until he’s out of liquor. The talk to the priest. Tell him you saw him drinking and he’ll give you the BOTTLE and a signed PICTURE (#12) (doesn’t that sounds like shiney pitcher?). Leave the priest and go to the forrest right of the cathedral. Look at the couple. Talk to them. Is she the princess? She lost her clothes. So before she can go home, we need to bring her something to cover.

Mr Snail is back an sitting on the rock. Use the pole on the rock to get Mr. SNAIL out of the water. Use the blus cup on the water and the yellow bowl in the water to fill them both. Leave the forrest and go to the Inn. Outside on the table is a folder. Take this CARD (#13) and enter the Inn. Talk to the barman and return the bottle. He’ll tell you about someone liking the cards. Then as when the Fool will perform and he doubts if the fool will because he’s missing a bell. Leave the Inn and walk to the right to the Hermit Cave. Talk to the hermit. He has a leaf, a bell and a card. And actually you want all three. But you can have the leaf if it falls automatically, the bell if the crows keep away and the card if he can look at himself. Leave the hermit and visit the Jester again.

On the right are some posters witht he word CIRCUS on them. Use the blue cup and the yellow bowl on the poster to soak it and part of the poster will come off. Take the STICKIE POSTER and leave the circus tent. Select the castle again and enter under the arch to see the corn guard. Give the signed picture to the guard and you can have your CORN. Walk to the right and twice to the left to the map. Go see the hanged man on the right of the castle.

Talk to the hanged man. He wants some new spectators. If you can get those for him, you can have the card. Talk to the hanged man again and ask if he fancies crows. Use the sticky poster on the hangman and then use the popcorn on the hangman to cover him with corn. There are the crows allready. Take the PICTURE (#13) and leave the scene in the lower left corner.

On the map select the hermits cave. Talk to the hermit and tell him the crows are gone. You can take the BELL now. Stand on the left of the hermit and turn to the left. Put the snail on the wall and let the snail walk the branch to the leaf. There the snail can munch the leaf from the branch and once it’s on the ground the hermit allows you to take the LEAF (#4).

:eave the hermit and visit the Jester in the circus tent again. In you inventory us the bell on the jester’s stick and give the stick back to the jester. He’s a happy man now and let you have his MIRROR. Walk back to the hermit cave and give the mirror to the hermit. You can have his CARD (#14). Leave the hermit and go into the forrest. Give the leaves to the princess and she’ll give you a CARD (#15) and go home.

From the forrest go to the castle. Cross the bridge and up the steps to meet the King and Queen again. Talk to the Queen and ask if the daughter is back. She is and as reward you get a CARD (#16). Now you must find the boy. You are allowed to look in his room for clues. A card on the desk. Pick up the CARD (#17) and look at it. There’s text written on it. The room turns red.

Walk up the stairs to enter the tower and there’s the hat again. Walk towards the hat and you can see the hat float away again, this time to the priestress. She caught it!

Walk back to the right again and leave the room in the south. Walk to the south at the king and queen and leave the castle. On the map select the Stone Arch.

There’s your hat. You talk to the priestress and she’ll tell you that the prince has gone home. Ask the priestress if you can go home too and she’ll help you. But only if you have enough cards. You’re missing still a few so you can’t go yet.

Go back to the castle and talk to the King and Queen again. They give you another CARD (#18). Leave them again and go to the Inn. There’s the priest. And quite a crowd to see the Fool. It’s packed. Talk to the priest. Tell him you weren’t expecting him here. He’ll explain his presence and will give you a CARD (#19). Look at the card in your inventory and discover that it’s a card on another CARD (#20). Would this be enough to be sent back home again? There should be 22 cards…

Go back to the stone arch and talk to the priestress again. She’ll give you a CARD (#21) and she’ll tell you that during your journey back home there will be the last card.

Journey home:

The priestress will send you inside a spaceship. On the desk is the last CARD (#22). Take it. Use the joystick first then the green button. Another game starts in which you must shoot all the flying hats. You can skip the game by pressing SKIP. You saved the earth and are back home again. There’s pa sitting on the porch. Give the hat to pa. He’s happy. But if it’s not the hat ….

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. Thank-you for your walkthrough. I have become so perplexed I started to think the game had a bug that wouldn’t allow me to go past the sticky porriage I threw in the tree. Hoo-Ray !!!!!

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