You need to find Dr. Coppelius and all you have is the photo of his house.

Look at the picture in your inventory. That’s what you need to find. Look at the crow. It has a chain with a key tied to it. You need that key. Use the handle from the well to lower the bucket, literally, and then pick up the HANDLE. Use the lantern next to the crow to open it and then use the lighter from your inventory on the lantern to light it.

Now that the light is on, you can see a shiny thing in the strange box next to the lamp. Pick up the THING and walk across the bridge to the house on the other side. Look at the house to realize that it’s the house of Dr. Coppelius. But whatever you do, you can’t get inside and no one answers.

Take the FLAG from the pole and then take the STICK. Walk south to find a lady on a bench reading. Talk to her and learn about her, her granddad and the book she’s reading. On the bench next to her is a GLOVE. Pick it up. From the field behind her you can take some WHEAT. On the barrel next to the shed is a COCKTAIL SHAKER. Pick it up and lift the stone next to the barrel. Underneath you’ll find a wiggly WORM. Take the creature and walk to the right twice to return to the well.


A stranger has turned up. Talk to the stranger about his hobbies and he’ll give you a can of DR PEPPER. Other than that he can’t be of any help. Walk across the bridge again to the house and south back to Nora. From there walk north to the sea. Talk to the sailor about his name and ask him for help. He’ll let you have his book. Ask about his business and he’ll tell you that you can take a bottle from the crate.

Take the BOOK from behind the wooden box and take a BOTTLE from the crate next to it. In your inventory use the book to learn about the anaesthetic. You can make something like that and is very useful for that crow! Open the can of Dr. Pepper and then use the can to drink it. Now that the can is empty, give it t0 the hermit crab who will release the old glove and take new shelter in the can. Pick up the GLOVE. In your inventory combine both gloves to make a pair.

Look at the timetable. It’s old. Look at the LEAFLET pinned next to it with a FISHING HOOK.  Leave the seaside on the lower left to return back to Nora. Use the pair of gloves on the barbed WIRE to take a piece. Walk to the right to return to the house of Dr. Coppelius.

Use the barb wire on the iron gate on the left side of the house and walk north to the water side. In the tree next to the water is a piece of STRING. Take if from the tree and leave again. Walk south to Nora and north to the sailor. Walk all the way to the right and in your inventory tie the string to the long stick. Attach the hook to the string to make a fishing pole.

Bite the corked bottle in your inventory to take the CORK from it and attach the cork to the fishing pole. Your rod is now ready. Put the worm on the hook and drop the rod in the sea to catch a fresh FISH. Give the fish to the old dog to perk him up a bit and then give the book to him to hunt for the mushroom. The dog doesn’t get from his place but apparently the mushroom was in front of him all the time.

Pick up the MUSHROOM. Leave the seaside on the lower left and at Nora’s place walk to the right, back to the mansion. From there walk to the right once more to return to the well and the crow. In your inventory empty the bottle of alcohol in the cocktail shaker. Add the wheat (as cereal) and the mushroom. Use the shaker to mix the ingredients and now you have your SEDATIVE SEEDS.

Give the seeds to the crow. Repeat that two more times until the crow takes off to take a nap. Now you must find the bird. Walk across the bridge to the mansion and through the gate on the left. The bird will be asleep on a wire. Take the KEY from the sleeping crow.

Walk to the right and south back to Nora. She stopped reading. Talk to her to find out she’s not feeling well. She asks you to give the part of the key to her granddad. Pick up the part of the KEY and in your inventory combine the part of the key with the key from the crow. Walk to the right to the mansion and try the key on the front door. It won’t fit.

Walk south to see Nora’s gone and walk north to the fisherman to find Nora there as well. Talk to Nora and the fisherman to learn about Dr. Coppelius. Walk south on the left side to find an old man. Talk to him and learn about the key. Walk to the right and pull the doormat to find the third part of the key. Pick up the piece of the KEY and in your inventory combine it with the other two parts.

Use the key on the door to unlock it and enter the house. In the middle of the room is a bird statue. At the base there are two oval shaped holes that you need to fill. You have a shiny metal plate in your inventory. But it needs to be cleaned first. In your inventory soak the cloth (from the flag) in the bottle of alcohol and use the wet cloth on the muddy shiny plate to reveal the death PLATE. Put the plate in one of the holes of the statue. Now you need another one.

Look further around the room. It’s filled with boring books, plans and maps. But one blue book on the left is rather interesting. Look at the book and learn the title: The inside matters. Take the BOOK and in your inventory open the book. You’ll find the second oval adventurer PLATE in it. Put the plate in the hole in the statue and it will come to life, revealing a hidden room.

Look around the room. Use the binoculars to have a look at the pier and find Nora and the fisherman. Look at the note on the board on your right and read the larger note next to it. Look at the map underneath to find out about the island. Look at the picture on the pillar next to the board and use the picture to reveal the hole in the wall behind it. Put the handle you took from the well in the hole and use the handle to open the gate.

Walk into the room on the right and meet Vincent and the Doctor and watch as the true nature of the plan unfolds. In the end you’re trapped in the room with the Doctor. Talk to the man to learn more about his invention and everyone involved. Then you need to find a way to leave the room. Look at the old photo on the desk to find out more about the group.

Walk to the left back to the gate and talk to the crow to wake it up. Talk to the crow again to lure it on the handle and open the gate. Use the cupboard under the binoculars to open it and use it again to get some of your stuff back. Walk back to the Doctor in the room on the right.

In your inventory use the lighter on the leaflet to set it on fire and put the burning leaflet in the tank of the pod. Add the wet cloth as well and the bottle of alcohol. The pod will now open. Use the pod to escape from the house.

After the landing walk to the right and back into the house. Take the two golden PLATES from the floor and insert them into the golden statue. The entrance to the basement will open again. Walk down to let the Doctor know that he’s free again. Then you have to find Nora….

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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