The Restaurant:

You took your girlfriend to a restaurant and now someone stole the tablecloths! No more magic. No more romantic dinner. And now? What do we tell her? You offer her to find a tablecloth. But where to start looking? Talk to Dana and she’ll tell you to go to hell. And so we do.

The Hell:

Talk to the devil. Ask him if he has a tablecloth and tell him your story. Then ask him about your girlfriend. She’s the one who sent you here (multiple times already). The devil has a nice DIY KIT for you to do a brain transplant. But that’s for later. Then ask him the meaning of life and about himself.


The devil asked you to do a favour. There’s a man in the mortal world who offered his soul to the devil. Now he only has to be freed from this mansion. His name is James Green and he’s in the Tablecloth Manor. Maybe some tablecloths there? When you know enough, you should do as the devil asked: give yourself to the devil. So touch yourself and take YOURSELF from the inventory and give it to the devil. What follows is the teleportation.

Tablecloth Manor:

Open the front door and enter the manor. There’s no way back now. Use the door on your right. It’s the kitchen. On the table is a PUMPKIN. Take it. In the trash can you find more. It’s a bald RAT and you call her Tamara. That’s all for now in the kitchen. Use the door on the left and walk into the hallway. On the other side is another door, leading to another hallway, this time with stairs.

On the right in the room is a mirror with a small table against it. On the table is a board. Take the board and find a minigame. It’s Tic-Tac-Toe. Not very difficult to win. When you win the game an item is added to your inventory: a bottle with HAIR GROWTH SOLUTION.

Go up the stairs and walk to the right. Enter the door there. Meet Grandpa Tablecloth. Talk to him. You might not understand him. He’s talking backwards. One of his lines is: To defeat me, you must find the one tablecloth. Another is: The key is in the pumpkin, where else it may be? Allright then. Use the door on the right to get into the bedroom and walk to the south to the bathroom. What’s that in the bathtub? It’s a skelleton hand. Take the hand and you’re invited for another mini-game: Rock, Paper, Scissors. This one is a bit harder to win but still can be beaten. You actually have to if you want to take the COIN out of the hand of the skeleton.

Leave the bathroom, leave the bedroom and leave grandpa for now (walk to the south). In the hall walk to the door on the left. Try to open it. It’s locked. Now what did grandpa say about the key? It’s in the pumpkin. But how do we get it out? I haven’t seen a knife. Use the pumpkin on the stairs to throw it down. Use the stairs yourself to see what mess you made downstairs. Indeed you find the KEY in the remains. Pick it up, including the remains. Go back up again and use the key on the door on the left.

Now that the door is unlocked you can open it and find: James Green. Talk to him several times to find out that he has a pair of scissors. Talk some more and he’ll tell you about the tablecloth locator, made of a coin and a piece of string. When you’ve got that, you need to charge it. Next to James is a BROOM. Take it.

Time for magic. Use the hair growth lotion on the rat. That’s one funky rat. Give the rat to James so he can use his scissors to cut the rat. From the hair you can make a piece of ROPE. The rope can then be used on the coin and voila, one COIN ON A ROPE. Now all we need to do is charge it. Leave the room to the south and walk to the right. Visit grandpa again.

Use the coin on a rope on grandpa and the device is charged, set to locate the one tablecloth. Leave the room to the south again, walk to the left and go down the stairs. Use the door on the right and walk through the hallway to the right. Enter the kitchen. Under the sink and cutting board are three cupboards. The middle one has a door you can actually use.

Look at the door twice to find a keypad hidden behind it. Open the door to reveal the keypad. It’s a bit of a puzzle to find the right code but with 4-2-0 you must be able to enter the world behind the cupboard. Now you’ve reached a maze with doors with greek letters on it. The shortest way? You have a choice of four. Walk to the left and take the Alpha door. Behind it a choice of two but the Beta door is your best option. Behind it a choice of … one. So use that Beta door. Behind that another choice of … one. Another Beta door. Behind that one door with a Complex sign on it and the words EXIT over it. Take that door.

You’ve reached thousands of tablecloths. But which one is the one? Good thing you made the tablecloth locator so now, when we use the pile of tablecloths, the ONE TABLECLOTH we need is found in seconds. Leave the storage room to the south and you’re back in the kitchen again. Use the door on the left, walk through the hall to the left and use the door on the left side. Take the stairs to the first floor and walk to the right to use the door to grandpa.

Use the tablecloth on grandpa and you manage to catch his ESSENCE in the empty bottle of hairgrowth lotion. Leave the room to the souh and walk to the left to the prison where James Green is waiting to be released. Show the bottle to James and now you’ll both go to hell.

The Hell:

Talk to the devil and he’ll send you straight home.

The Restaurant:

Dana is still waiting. Show her the tablecloth and she’ll be happy. But it’s not over yet. To prevent the possibility to be send to hell again, you need to use the DIY kit on Dana. That will be some surgery. But not all goes as planned….

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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