[Note: This game is only available in German language]

Your dog has been kidnapped!

Look at the tracks in the snow. You have to follow them but first make some notes about your task and get some items to make the journey. Once back in the house, pick up the PEN and blanc PAPER from the desk. Use the pen with the paper to write down your requirements. Look at the written paper to note the things you need.

Pick the SKIS from the wall and take the CHAIR with you. Use the door to go outside and put the skis and chair in the snow. Walk to the left and use the door of your neighbour’s house to call him. Talk to him about everything and learn about the salesman that sold him the door spy. It’s not working right so he wants a word again.


Talk to him about the compass and the food for the dogs. You can have the compass when you remove the snow from the window. You need something to distract him. Look at the snowman. Maybe he can help. Walk to the left.

Talk to the fisherman. Ask him about his catch and about his foot. He lost his boot. Ask him if you can have the fish if you return the boot. You can so you need to find a boot. Talk to the man again and ask if you can have a go as well. You can but need your own rod.

Walk to the left, then to the right and enter your own house. Take the FISHING ROD from the wall and use the wardrobe on the left to take a SNOWCOAT out. Get the PICTURE from the side of the wardrobe. Take a second piece of PAPER from the desk. Leave the house again and walk to the left. Use the snowman to take the CARROT from him and put the coat on the snowman.

Walk to the left and give the carrot to the buffalo so you can take his GLASSES. Use your rod on the pool to fish and catch… a BOOT. The fisherman can’t use the boot any more but he’ll give you the FISH anyway. Walk to the left and put the sunglasses on the snowman. Now all he needs is a name tag according to your neighbours description.

In your inventory use the pen with the blanc piece of paper to create a NAME TAG. In your inventory use the picture to take a piece of TAPE from it, stick it to the name tag and put it on the snowman. You’ll then call the neighbour again.

While he’s busy talking to the ‘salesman’, you’ll sneak into his house. The window is covered with snow but can easily be fixed. Use the picture from your inventory and stick it on the window. No more snow! Look at the picture on the right and notice the quality. Look again and see the resemblance with the room. Look once more to find the black dot out of place. Use the stool to get the TOOLBOX from the cupboard on the left.

Use the door to leave the room and tell the neighbour the window is clear from snow. Once he’s checked it, he’ll give you the COMPASS. Walk to the right and use the toolbox on the part of the sled in the snow to build a proper sled. Give the fish to the dogs.

Use the door of the house to enter. Use the second drawer from the top of the cabinet on the right to find a KNIFE. Leave the house again and you’re ready to go.

The trail is leading up the mountain so walk up there. A large bear is blocking the path to follow the trail. Use the boot from your inventory and throw it above the cave entrance on the mountain to create an avalanche and cover the bear under the snow. Quickly walk to the left.

The trail suddenly stops. But near the last footprints you can see a tiny red button. Look at it and then try to push it to realize you can’t reach it. Use the fishing pole to push the button and reveal a secret passage. Use the passage to go inside.

Now before you move around and the weight detector shuts the door, pick up a stone and put it back on the ground, left of the black stalagmite. Repeat this with all other six stones. Then walk to the left and you’ll see a red pressure plate. The plate now thinks you’ re on the plate with your seven stone weight. Pick up the stones one by one again and put them back where they came from, fooling the plate that seven stone (your weight) was removed. The doors will open so now you can walk through the door.

Inside you’ll find your dog and a Yeti. Talk to the Yeti about everything to learn about the two scientists. You need to rescue the Yeti. It’ll tell you one of them is out, the other is about to return. On the side of its cage is a keypad and when you look at it you’ll see that you need an eight-digit code. In the poster on the wall are some darts. Take one of the DARTS from the poster and use the sharp point to open the medicine box on the floor next to the table.

Use the box to take the SLEEPING PILLS. Put the pills in the sandwich on the desk and turn on the fan to spread the nice odour of the sandwich. The sandwich will be eaten and Bourne will drop to the floor. Search him to find a CASSETTE PLAYER and a CASSETTE. In your inventory look at the cassette which has a promising label.

The player has no batteries though. Use the knife in your inventory on the fishing rod to cut the rope from the pole. Use the rope to tie Bourne and make him harmless. Use the fan to notice the switch is stuck and use the fan to take the BATTERIES out. In your inventory put the batteries in the cassette player and insert the tape to hear some kind of ‘melody’.

Use the keypad on the side of the cage and hear that the keys make similar noises. Now you have to find the correct code. Type 95847522 and the Yeti will be free. You’ve also got your dog back.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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