You’re Tipi and your creator wants you to play. But you have to go to the toilet so you must ring the bell. The only problem is, you can’t walk. At the bottom left of the screen are some items you can use. Use the hammer on the egg to break the egg. A little chick will appear and when you look at the chick you can see a MEMO.

Look at the memo. It says something about a firefish fires twice. Hmm.. There’s a flask. Look at it and discover it’s to recover messages written in invisible ink. Use the flask on the puzzle piece to reveal a message. But when you look at the puzzle piece it’s in a language you don’t understand.

Use the crown on yourself. All of a sudden you can speak multiple languages. Lookat the puzzle piece again and read about throwing. Use the hammer on the bell. You can’t reach at first but the message about throwing helps a lot. There’s the creator again. Explain the situation and he’ll solve it.

Look at the little statue. There’s a button on it. When you push the button it says: Use the force. Swim to the left and talk to the starfish. He can’t talk because he’s to hungry. Swim two screens to the right and talk to the crab. He has wire cutters on offer for two pearls. But you have nothing. Take the STRAW from the soda can and swim to the left again.


Use the straw on the bait on the hook. You suck up the BAIT but don’t swallow. Swim further to the left and give the straw to the starfish. Talk to the starfish again and learn about paradise. Ask about the statue and  he’ll tell you about the lost flask. You’ll have to use your instinct to find it. To the right of the starfish is a memo between the rocks. Look at it and learn about the firefish.

When you follow your instinct, you’ll end up all the way on the right with the anemone. Talk to it. It hasn’t much to say. Swim to the pile of eggs and swim around it a bit until you find a cooking pot. Using the pot reveals a PEARL and a BOOK about fighting.

Swim two screens back to the left. Swim behind the lower right leaf of the plant on the left below the hook. That’s where the FLASK was hidden. Swim further to the left and give the flask to the starfish. You’ll get a second PEARL in return. Swim to the right twice and give the pearls to the crab. You just bought a pair of WIRECUTTERS.

Swim two screens back to the left and use the wirecutters on the net. Your way to paradise is opened. Swim through the net to the left. There’s a maze with lightsensors. The sensors will open and close coloured beams at the exit. So you have to pass each colour an odd number of times to remove them from the exit.

Swim to the right to pass the RED beam once. Swim to the right again and pass the RED beam a second time. Swim to the right again to pass the RED beam a third time and the red beam from the exit is gone. Now swim up to pass the BLUE beam. Then all the way down to pass the GREEN beam and to the left and up to pass the YELLOW beam. All beams are now removed from the exit and you can swim to the left.

Now the exit is blocked by a firefish. We’ve already read some memo’s and book about it but you’re reminded of the tactics: after full light comes full fire and full fire is twice in a row. So use half fire/block fire most of the time and with this knowledge it should be possible to win the fight.

After the firefish is defeated swim to the left again to enter paradise… well…. sort of..

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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