Look around. As if there’s much to see. Look at the window. Can’t get that open. Toilet? No escaping through there. Turn around. Look at the box. Open it. Take the TAPE and read the journal. More becomes clear of the story. Look at the door. Look through the grating. What the #!^@# was that? Turn around and look at the window. Something came through. That made a mess of your bed. Take the debris. At least there’s that piece of WOOD.

Turn around again and look right of the door. There’s a box on the wall.  Try to open it. Screws huh? If only we had a screwdriver… Look at the cover. To the right bottom. There’s a small METAL PIECE. Take it off. Try to use it as a screwdriver. Not strong enough. Use the metal piece in the inventory on the wood in your inventory. Now use the tape to stick them together. Use the ‘screwdriver’ on the screws of the cover.

There’s a paper. …structural damage to lower… if blocked…. Ok. Let’s try to stop the thing. Just push a button. The first won’t work. The second won’t work. The third will. Then the second. … Nope. It’s the sequence: third, first, second.  Nothing. Right sequence. Wrong effect. Look to the left of the control box. There’s a lever. Ah! … if blocked!. Let’s block the thing. Pull the lever. Then try the buttons again: third, first, second. The ventilation stopped. Hold on!

That’s wet. Nothing here but water and steel walls.  Turn around. What’s that? Click on the creation. Flashes. Click again…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

3 Replies to “Unbound – Walkthrough (Limping Fish/2007)

  1. With panel I mean cover… I adjusted the text. Thanks for that.

    The metal piece is in the lower right corner of the cover when you have the closup of the control box.

  2. What is for you the “panel”? I checked every pixel of the game, found the tape and the wood, but unable to find the metal piece.

    The only words available in the game are:
    control box

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