You start in the office of your PI-agency. Let Tim or Tiffany answer the phone. It’s the museum with a case.
Leave the office and you’ll automatically go to the museum. Talk to the curator as much as possible. You’ll learn about the missing crystal and must try to solve the case. Let Tim talk to Tiffany and ask what to do next. She suggests the Oracle so the next stop is The Dart and Scotch bar. Leave the museum and select the bar on the map.Go to the shop. Let Tim go inside to the TV-set and look at the device next to it. Put it on high. Let Tiffany talk to the bird outside. Ask it to sing. Then ask about the lady birds. Ask the bird to sing again from a higher point and it’ll climb on the antenna. Back to Tim. Put on the TV. The bird will be electrocuted and the antenna will bend. Take the antenna. Take a flower as well.

Go to the bar and talk to the bouncer. He won’t let you in until you have the right password. The barkeeper won’t tell you either. Let Tiffany talk to Mister Love. She can then go to the office (alone) and take the KISS album. Back to the bar to give the album to Mr. Love. He’ll tell you about how Mr. Bovino likes Glenn Miller-songs. Note the one he couldn’t forget. Give the flower to Mr. Love. He’ll turn it into a beautiful one. Leave the bar again. There will be a rat stuck with his tail. Let Tiffany talk to the rat. So that’s how to get the password but how to get the rat? You need something long to open the window with. Let Tim float and use the antenna to open the window. The rat’s free. It’ll tell you the password. Enter the bar again and talk to the bouncer. Go see the Oracle. You’ll hear about Mr. Bovino.

When you leave the bar, you can select the mansion on the map. Go there. Talk to Mr. G. Talk to the squirrel. It’ll tell you about the safety measures Mr. Bovino took. You can start by giving the squirrel some nuts. You can get them in the store. But you don’t have any money. In the store it was Silly Hat Day and it took $2 off of all prices. The nuts were $2 so you can get them for free if only you had a silly hat. Back to the bar. In the alley next to the bar is a bum lying on the ground. He’s wearing a silly hat. Talk to the bum. He’s willing to give it in exchange for another hat.

Let Tim go back to the office. Open your own drawer and take the scissors. Open Tiffany’s drawer and take the hairband. Use the scissors on Tiffanys slippers (make sure she’s not there). Use the fluffy balls on the hairband. Take the earmuffs to the bum next to the bar. Give him the muffs and you’ll get his hat. Now to the store and use your hat. You have $2 credit. Get the nuts. All we need to do now is to get honey and get rid of Mr. G.


Go to the farm. Tiffany must talk to the dog and the cow. Let Tiffany use the flower on the bees and let her take them to the cow. Now Tim can take a peace of honeycomb from the hive. Use the honeycomb on the nuts. Let Tiffany walk back to the beehive again to get rid of the bees. Walk to the alley and talk to the cat. The cat will ‘apologise’ to the dog and let Jolly go after him. You can take the formula now. Go to the store and use the formula on the grass. Then go inside and talk to Mrs. G. Tell her about the grass. She’ll call Mr. G. immediately and he’ll leave his post. So both can go back to the mansion.

Let Tiffany give the nuts to the squirrel. That’ll disable the camera. Let Tim float to the keypad and enter the correct code. Remember the song? There you go: security disabled.

Explore the mansion. Upstairs is a pile of papers that you need to look at (use papers). Browse through them and learn a lot. When done, take the inkwell and open the closet. Take the shoelace from the shoe and go downstairs again. Go through the door on your left (the kitchen). Open the cabinets in between the windows by using your floating powers. Take the three bowls and the acid and open the door on your left. Go downstairs and use the book. Go to page 174 and look at the recipe. Use the shoelace on the wax to create a candle. The use the candle on the ink to get a black candle. Use the black candle on the bronze bowl and your first bowl is finished. You can use the bronze bowl on the ring if you want to.

Go upstairs to the kitchen and use the silver bowl with the sink. You now got water in the bowl. Leave the mansion and both go to the farm. Let Tiffany use the flower to get the bees like she did before and let Tim use the gold bowl with the cow. Let Tiffany walk to the cow who gets so nervous that she’s giving milk. Take the gold bowl and bring the bees back to their hive. Go to the alley next to the bar and give the silver bowl to the bum. He’ll turn it into wine. Now back to the mansion to the basement. Use both bowls on the circle. Let Tim stand in the circle and Tiffany read the book. Turn to page 174 and use the magic words. Tim will be transported to the cave. Use the acid from your inventory in your watergun and use the watergun on the crocodile. Open the stone door and let Tiffany go to the the cave as well (just click Follow). Talk to your sister and ask her to help open the other, heavier, door.

Standing with the devil let Tiffany use the yellow crayon on her smiley-sticker first to erase the smile. The use the red crayon on the sticker to draw a triangle. Give the sticker to Tim. Let Tim float and use the sticker on the devil. It’ll knock him out but the sticker is there. Let Tiffany open the book at page 174 and use the magic words again. This time the devil will go in between worlds.

No crystal, no case, no money. But at least you saved the world.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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