After your nightmare talk to the computer.

No matter what you say, you’ll learn that the ship is evacuated and you’re the only one left. You need to get out fast before the ship crashes. Take the DEVICE from the desk so you can communicate. It’s the DRM. Use the DRM and take the stick from it. Use it on the door on the right. The stick will break but the door can be opened. Use the door to go outside and you’re on the map.

Use the center circle, the elevator, to get to the hangar. Walk to the left in the hangar. On the floor is a box and when you use it you take the FLYER that’s on top. Use the DRM and look at the flyer.Use the box to conclude you can use it to escape. Use the box again to find it locked and you need access to the rooms of Toolzok and Tzaatik.

Use the closet door with the red sign on it and take the SPACE SUIT out and close the door again. Use the door to the store room and take the black POT from the first shelf. Leave the closet again and use the elevator to go to your room.


Talk to the computer and ask him to open the rooms of Toolzok and Tzaatik. It’s denied. Ask what it means and try to discuss it in detail. Conclude that only the captain can give authorisation. Tell him you’re the only one left. Then tell him the command goes to the one with the highest rank and that’s you. Some arguments later the doors open.

Leave your room and go to Toolzok’s room. Take the CABLE from the desk. Look at the scrap of paper on the door and look at the plant hanging next to it. It’s a slimey plant. Use the pot on the plant to catch some SLIME.  Leave the room again and on the map go to  Tzaatik’s room.

On the side of the alcove are flyers. Take a FLYER and read it. It’s instructions on how to use a transport box. Use the locker to open it and use the locker again to take the CRYSTAL KEY. Look at the scrap of paper on the inside of the door to find the code: 8749. Close the locker again.

Use the door on the right to go to the map and use the elevator in the center to return to the hangar. Use the door to the storage room to open it and use the slime you collected with the rusty hinges of the toolkit. Use the toolkit again to open it. Take the PLIERS out of the toolkit. Use the pliers on the long cable and pickup the CABLE. Leave the storage room and go to the transport box. Use the transport box. Use the crystal key on the box and then enter the code you’ve read on the paper.

Take the CIRCUIT BOARD from the box and the STRANGE OBJECT. Use the elevator and return to your room. Use the data exchange cable with the PCB board and use the combination on the computer to program the board. Specify a few options and the board is ready. Use the pot on the plant again to take some more SLIME.

Use the floor tank near the stop sign to open it and use the blue cable on the floortank. Pick up the CABLE again and use the other end on the Functionbot 372. A few moments later the bot is charged. Use the pot with slime on the bot to lubricate the machine and use the programmed circuit board on the bot to give it the right instructions.

You take control over the function bot. Drive to the left and pick up the DRM. Use the DRM on Trevor to disintigrate him and then use the  opened transport box to close it.  This will send you to Toolzok and Tzaatik.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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