Waiting room:

You’re standing in the waiting room for quite some time now. See if we can get out. Look around. On the desk is a pen holder. Borrow a PEN from it. All drawers  are locked. On the right bottom side of the screen is the door to the captains cabin. Let’s see if he’s there. Talk to the door and wait for an answer. Nothing. Walk over to the other door and look at the device next to it. No buttons. Hmm… Try to open the door. Also locked. Try to get attention from someone on the other side of the door. A steward will answer you. Talk to him and leanr about the voice operated activation system on the door. So you need a code for it. Oh well, we’ll think of something.

When the steward doesn’t want to talk anymore, it’s time to create a plan. Talk to Nick. He’ll come up with the magic word and the desk drawer will open. Take the SCRAP OF PAPER and the DICTAPHONE out. Read the paper. It has the code. But it must be spoken by the captain. Show the dictaphone to Eve. She’ll know what to do with it. As she shows it, the door will recognise the voice. But it won’t open. Try the Memo on the guard. It works through walls so… Push the Erase button and then Activate. Erase “I must keep the combination secret”. Now he’ll tell us. Go back to the main menu. Click on the Infuse button. Then on Activate. First try “I can reveal the combination”. Hmm. He doesn’t know it. Then try “I can reveal how to open the door”. That’s better. Go back to the main menu again and turn off the Memo.

Talk to the steward again. Now at least you know how to get out.  Talk to Nick again. When he immitates the voice of the captain the door recognises the voice. Aha! Give Nick the piece of paper so he can speak the code. Bingo! We’re out of here….


The hallway:

We’re being welcomed by the steward…. with a gun. He wants us to go back in the room or kill us. Talk to the steward. That will distract him. When there’s nothing more to talk about, look around the room. See that big brown pipe on the right against the wall? Wonder what that could be. Let’s ask the steward. Oil, right? So just when his patience runs out and he’s about to shoot you… there’s Grace. Talk to her. Then leave for the bar. Time for that drink.

The bar:

No one here to make you a drink. Talk to the lady. Ask her about her cruise and she’ll tell what she saw. When done talking, use the Memo on her. She’ll give you her GLASS. Click on Infuse on the Memmo and Activate. Select “My hair looks absolutely gorgeous” to make her think you’ve done her hair. Back to the main menu. Now click on Replicate and Activate. Select “I saw two stewards acting strangely”. You have it in your Memo now. Back to the main menu and turn off the Memo. Talk to the lady again about her hair. She’ll be very pleased. Leave the screen on the right, back into the hallway.

The hallway:

Grace is still cleaning. Talk to her again.  Ask her about the steward and then tell her what you’ve found out. Use the Memo on Grace. Press Infuse and Activate and select “I saw two stewards acting strangely”. Than back to the main menu and turn the Memo off. Talk to Grace again and ask her where the stewards were. Follow Grace to room C505.

Room C505:

Look at everything you can find. When done, talk to Grace again. She has a feeling something’s changed but can’t remember what. Now we’ve got a perfect device to remember! Use the Memo on Grace and click Infuse and Activate. Select “I know exactly how this room looked before”. Then back to main menu and turn off the Memo.  Talk to Grace again and she’ll remember the position of the big box. Move the box to find a panel. Talk to Grace again.

Look around the room to find a light. The main bulb is out. Look at those planks. There’s a flashlight behind it. Take the FLASHLIGHT and give it to Grace. Talk to her again. Then Nick steps in and wants to be hypnotised. Oh well, go ahead. Use the Memo on Nick. Select Replicate and Activate. Select “It wasn’t the captain the barman was talking to”. Then back to main menu and turn off the Memo. Talk to Nick and see what he found out. While gathering all information the barman will come in. You hide quickly behind the door. When he’s done talking, try the Memo on the barman. Indeed it’s blocked. Open the inventory and look at the manual. When done, step from behind the door and use thr Memo on the barman. Select Erase and Activate and erase “I must keep this operation secret”. Back to main menu ans select Infuse and Activate. Then insert “Grace is in her store room”. Back to main menu and turn off the Memo.

Talk to Grace to give her the chance to escape. Then talk to the barman.  He’ll explain everything. Talk to Eve. You’ll be taken to the boss.

Captain’s Office:

So that’s the captain? She’ll be telling you all about the operation and what’s expected of you. She’ll be talking forever and ever and while pacing up and down the room, you give the glass from your inventory to  Eve. She can use it as a tumbler and the captain will fall. Use the Memo on the captain. Oops. It doesn’t work. Try that again….

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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