You woke up by a loud scream. Better check it out. Use the door to go to the hall and use the middle door to find Hendrix behind it. Talk to him. He screamed because he’s thirsty. Let’s see how we can help him.

Search the couch and find a pair of SCISSORS. Leave the room. Use the scissors on the carpet and discover a LADDER under it. Take it to the room on the right. A fish in a an upside down room. Talk to the fish. He woke up of the scream as well. You’re never going to search the couch like that but if you use the ladder on the couch, you’re able to reach it.

Search this couch to find a BLUE CUP. Leave the room and go back to the middle one, back to Hendrix. Use the cup on yourself first to fill it up, then give it to Hendrix. Now that he isn’t thirsty anymore, leave the room and go back to the one on the left. You can rest again.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.


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