Your mission, as agent 47, is to uncover the location of the weapons and free the prisoner. You’re travelling through time to go to the location of that prisoner.

Well, getting the prisoner out was pretty easy. Search the dead bodies because the one on the right has a KNIFE. Take it and go through the door. Also exit this room through the door and there’s your prisoner. His hands are still tied, but when you use your knife, he’s free in notime. He’ll give a tank to you to fill with petrol for the car…. yeah right. No petrol… no car… oh well…

NOTE: Don’t talk to the man! Because of a bug, you can’t exit the dialog anymore.


Walk one screen to the south and you’re in the office building again. Use the tank on the water and use it again on the cooking pan with oil. There’s a mixture you can use for the car. Go through the door and give the tank to the prisoner. He’ll drive you to the bunker.


The man gives you a map of the prison site just in case. Look at the store behind you. Look again to enter the shop.

NOTE: If you enter the shop with the hand icon, you’ll be invisible inside and can’t come out (bug). Use the eye icon twice instead!

Take the PEN from the counter and leave the shop on the right again. Walk to the right and enter the museum. Talk to the man there. He’s been there quite some time now. Ask him if you can take the satelite dish. He doesn’t mind so pick up the SATELITE TRANSMITTER. Look on the wall. There’s a POSTCARD. Take the card. Leave the museum again.

Talk to Mr. Taliban, Sam, and ask to go in. The answer is no so we have to get rid of him somehow. Look in your inventory. Use the postcard on the map and use the pen on the both to create a postcard from Osama to Sam. Give the card to Sam and he has a new destination.

Look at the AK47. Never used such a weapon. Try to use it and you’ll ask help from the prisoner. He’ll run off to the missile and fire it. When you walk to the right there already is a big hole in the fence and you can go throug. Enter the bunker.

There’s a wire and a dish on the floor. Use your transmitter on the wire and then cut the wire with your knife. That’s a nice bypass and you can reveal the entrance to the lower part of the bunker. Climb through the black hole.

Now you must make a quick copy of the files because  you’ve been detected…. Fortunately there’s help from an unexpected person.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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