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Time Gentlemen, Please – Walkthrough (Zombie Cow Studios/2009)

By Leon | August 14, 2009

Time Gentlemen, Please Walkthrough Warning! This page contains the complete solution or walk-through to this game. Reading this page can spoil the challenge to complete the game by yourself. Please consider this when reading on. The walk-through of this game given here might not be the optimal solution, it’s a solution. Just to prove that the game can be finished. If you want a section of the walk-through or just a hint, send us an email with the part where you’re stuck, we’ll send you the section of the page you’ll need.

The warehouse:

Walk to the right and find two panels on either side of the door. Use the left one and then use Dan on the right one. The door will open and you’ll enter the warehouse… sort of. Use the flashy button of the elevator on the left and the arrow will come off. Pick up the ARROW and use the arrow on the door to the right of the elevator to pry it open.  Walk into the room and find the spare time travel equipment.

You come up with the plan to go to history to change the invention of the coat hanger. On the machine in the lower right corner is a REEL still on the machine. Take it off and discover a keypad under it. Use the keypad to open the door on the left and pick up the TIME TRAVEL STICK to be teleported to 1945.

The Tower of London:

Talk to Hitler and when he doesn’t know what to do with you tell him to wait it out. Then tell him to lock you up and throw away the key. He’ll tell you that the jails are full. Tell him you don’t mind sharing and he’ll order to throw you in jail with an old man. Agree to that and you end up in jail.

Once the old man is taken away, use the time travel stick to decide that preventing the invention of the coathanger isn’t a good idea so prevent it. The travel doesn’t go as planned and rips a hole in the room, showing part of the day before. You now have to decide how to approach the man in chains: with wits, with fists or tippy-toes. Whatever you choose, when you talk to the man you at one point need to convince him by answering three questions.

Who’d win a fight, Hitler 0r Churchill –> Churchill
Who was prime minister when the war started –> Neville Chamberlain
The real name of the Red Baron –> I don’t know

Now you must get the man out of there. Open the box on the floor and use Dan with the cake. He’ll find the RASP inside. Talking to the man on the wall he’ll tell about Dr. Hartnell who can help with the time travel. He’ll mention the map so use Dan with the man to get the MAP out of his pants. In your inventory look at the reel to get the TAPE. Use the tape with the arrow from the elevator and use the combination with the rasp.

Use the contraption on the bars in the window to get one out. Then use the window to escape from the cell. On the map select the professors house.

The professor’s house:

When no one answers, look around.  Use the handbag on the door to open it and find the tights. Take the TIGHTS from the handbag. Against the table is an UMBRELLA. Pick it up. On the table is a little hula doll. Use it and discover what it does to the mouse in it’s hole. Use the pocket from the coat on the left to see there’s something in it. Then take the FLASK from the pocket. Walk all the way to the right to see the 1940’s cupboard door. Open the door and take the MOUSE and TRAP from the cupboard.

Walk back to the left and use the arrow from the clock on the clock left of the mouse hole. Use the clock until the arrow is at the 12 and then a little doll comes out. Quickly use the doll to remove the DRESS. If you don’t succeed at first, use the clock again until the arrow is pointing up. In your inventory use the dress with the dead mouse and use the dressed dead mouse with the hula doll on the table to switch it. Use the hula mouse to lure the mouse from it’s hole.

Once the mouse is out, use the mouse hole to get the piece of the SUNDIAL. Put the piece back on the dial on the left and then pull the blinds in front of the window to let the sun shine on the dial. Look at the dial to discover it’s 10:20. Use the clock with the little doll again to set the arrow to the 4, opposite of the little hand of the clock. It’s now 10:20 on this clock as well. Use the picture with the clock tower (3 times) until it also indicates 10:20.

The grandfathers clock already has the right time painted on it and use the digital one twice to turn it around and then it also shows 10:20. The grandfathers clock will now open and show a secret passage. Use the clock to enter the passage and find a computer on a desk. Walk to the computer next to the stairs and take the SCATEBOARD and the WRENCH. Walk to the left to find a machine. Walk all the way to the left and use the drawers of the cabinet on the left to find an power cable. Take the CABLE from the drawer. Use the umbrella with the bookshelf to take a BOOK from it.

Look at the book in your inventory and look through it to discover that the professor is the robot. Time to repair the robot but there are some things still missing. In your inventory look at the map and select the prison on it. There’s a giant fridge in the cell now. And there’s a magnet on it. Use the tape from the reel with the fridge and take the MAGNET off. Open the fridge and take the JAR out. Close the fridge again.

Use the wrench from your inventory on the big cog on the left to lower the cage. The COG comes off but you still can’t reach the floppy. Use the umbrella again to knock to floppy from the cage and pick up the FLOPPY and the skeleton’s HAND. Use the map in your inventory again and select the professor’s basement.

Look at the drawing on the wall behind the machine to see what it should look like. Take the PIN from the upper right corner. Use the cog from your inventory on the yellow generator. Use the tights on the cogs as a belt. Use the hipflask with the right side of the generator to fill her with fuel and the green light comes on. Use the extension cord with the front of the generator and use the green little button on the turbine to start the engine. Let Dan put the other end into the robot and an error message will come out. Take the REPORT from the robot.

Look at the report in your inventory to conclude you need a boot disk with the error code in it. Note the code. Walk to the computer on the right, use the floppy with the computer and use the computer to see the menu. You can select option ‘1’ to play a game and explore the world on Anubis. But you won’t get very far because the door is stuck. Select option ‘2’ to create a boot disk. There are some parameters needed: the software version is ‘v4.2’ as can be found in the book. The manufacture date is ‘24.05.1655’ as can be calculated from the first page of the book. The personality is ‘Professor Alan Hartnell’ and the error code can be found on the report. Enter it and take the BOOTDISK back from the computer.

Use the disk on the robot next to the generator to bring PAL back to life. He’ll take his book back and show you his time machine. But it doesn’t work. PAL is looking for inspiration. Use the time stick to give it to the professor and he’ll have an idea how to finish the time machine. But then Hitler messes up and takes the time stick, kills PAL, knocks out Ben and the robot’s skate falls on the floor.

Time to revive Ben. Take the robot’s SKATE from the floor and use the time rip in the left wall. Use the skate with the dripping water and return to the basement of the professor. Put the wet skate in the time machine and use lever on the panel left of the machine to slide it to the right. Then use the button on the panel to send the skate to the future. The wet skate disintegrated and left the WHEELS behind. Take them from the time machine and in your inventory use the wheels with the skateboard.

Use the skateboard with Ben and use Ben on the skateboard to push him through the time rip and revive him. Now you need to revive PAL and get back to Hitler.

Time Rips – Space ship:

Use the time rip to go back to the hallway in the spaceship where you started. Use the magnet on the board on the left to get the NAIL out. The board will fall down and you can walk further to the left. Pick up the SKATEBOARD and also take some CONDOMS from the pile.  Use the map in your inventory to return to the basement (or walk to the right and use the time rip again).

Time Rips – The basement:

Use the hip flask with PAL to get the OIL from the ground and walk to the right. Climb the stairs and use the door. The go through and see the dino-guard marching outside. When he’s not looking, use the flask with oil on the floor and he’ll slip. Now you need to get the timestick back. You’ll discover two more time rips which will be marked on the map.

Time Rips – The ruins:

Select the ruins on the map and walk all the way to the right. Talk to the dino-guard and ask him why he doesn’t go home. He’ll tell about the mouse in his house. Give him the mouse trap and he’ll leave. But his place will be taken by another guard. He says he just loves spanners so give him your wrench and he’ll leave as well. Use the unguarded time rip and you’ll end up at a prehistoric era.

Time Rips – The prehistoric era:

Next to the tree is a FEATHER. Pick it up and walk to the right where you’ll find some dead dino’s. Next to them are some tissues. Take a snotty TISSUE from the ground. Take a stick of DYNAMITE from the boxes next to the entrance of the cave. Use the map in your inventory and travel back to the basement.

Time Rips – The basement:

In your inventory use the snotty tissue with the jar and put the jar in the time machine. Make sure the lever is pointing to the right and push the button on the panel. After the machine’s finished, you have a dino VIRUS in a jar.

Time Rips – The Tower of London:

On the map select the dungeon in the Tower of London and overhear the conversation about the living organism. Once the guard marched off, use the fridge to open it and put the jar with virus inside. Use the map again and select the construction yard.

Time Rips – The construction yard:

It’s the old Big Ben with a time rip to a newer version. Use the time rip and find yourself in the future. Now you need to find Hitler. There’s a clown standing at a stall. Give him the condoms and he’ll make you a BALLOON. Walk left to exit the time rip. Use the balloon with the pin in your inventory to scare the worker on the boxes. He’ll spit out the toffee he was chewing. Pick up the TOFFEE from the canvas. Use the map in your inventory and travel to the basement.

Time Rips – The basement:

Use the skeleton arm from your inventory on the time machine, set the lever to the right to de-age and push the button. Out comes an arm and when you look at it, it has a code on it. Use the map in your inventory and select the ruins on it.

Time Rips – The ruins:

Talk to Rose, the lady worker and ask about the resistance. Ask who’s in it and if you can join. She’ll tell you about getting into the mech and then you can have the password for the resistance. Ask her what Charlie did with the code. Show her the arm and ask her if she recognizes it. It’s Charlie’s arm so it must be the code for the door. Use the arm on the door of the mech and press the buttons in the order shown on the arm. So press button four twice, then button 2, button 4 again, button 7, button 9, button 10, button 9, button 7 and button 4 again. The mech door will now open. Talk to Rosa again and tell her about the door. She’ll give you the password used in the resistance. Use the door of the mech to go inside. On the toilet on the left is a bottle with ALCOHOL. Pick it up and look at the bottle. You need a corkscrew to get to the liquid. Use the map from your inventory. Go back to the construction yard.

Time Rips – The construction yard:

Talk to Frank. Salute the brother rebel and he’ll ask for the password. Tell him “You are part of the rebel alliance and a traitor”. Ask for the saw and you can take it. Pick up the SAW and use the map in your inventory again. Travel to the basement.

Time Rips – The basement:

Use the saw in the time machine. Set the lever to the left to de-age the saw and push the button. Take the saw back from the time machine. Use the map and visit the prehistoric era.

Time Rips – The prehistoric era:

Use the toffee on the lowest branch of the middle tree. Then chase the parrot until it lands on that branch. Use the saw to cut off the branch with the bird to take the PARROT with you. Walk to the right into the cave and see the prehistoric disco. There’s a pig on a spit. Use the saw on the tail of the pig to cut the PIG’S TAIL off. Use the map in your inventory and travel back to the time machine in the basement.

Time Rips – The basement:

Put the pig’s tail in the time machine and set the lever to the right to age the tail. Push the button and after the transformation, take back the hardened tail.  Then use the map to go back to the cave disco.

Time Rips – The cave disco:

In your inventory use the pig’s tail with the bottle of alcohol. Use the open bottle on the coal under the pig. Use the fridge magnet on the caveman on the left to obtain his GLASSES. Use the glasses with the coal under the pig and wait for the ray of sun to shine through. There’s your fire. Use the stick of dynamite with the fire to light it and use the map in your inventory to travel to PAL’s house.

Time Rips – PAL’s house:

Walk to the right and use the stick of dynamite on the chest next to the digital clock. After the blow, you’ll find more DYNAMITE in the chest so take it. Open the map in your inventory again and travel to the future.

Time Rips – The future:

Walk to the right and talk to the guard. Talk about Hitler and ask to go inside. Threaten to hit the guard and he’ll let you pass. Look at the keypad next to the laser door and read the plaque under it. So Eckles knows more. Use the map in your inventory to travel to the Tower of London.

Time Rips – The Tower of London:

Talk to the guard. You need to get rid of him. Ask what’s in the fridge and then tell him there’s something exciting in the fridge. He’ll have a look and be struck by the virus. Talk to Eckles in chainst against the wall and ask him about Hitler’s fortress. He’ll explain his situation and makes you an offer. You need to prevent him from getting shot in the balls. Use the hipflask on Eckles and his future will be restored.

Talk to the ‘saved’ Eckles and ask him to reset the entrance code of the fortress. He’ll reset it and gives you back the hipflask. Use the map in your inventory to return to the future.

Hitler’s Fortress – Level 1:

Use the keypad next to the entrance to turn off the laser beams. Then walk into the fortress. It’s filled with booby traps. Use the glasses on the laser beams to reflect them and then let Dan flip the switch on the right. Once the lasers are off, take a piece of the DINO FLESH with you. Use the teleporter on the right to move to the next level.

Hitler’s Fortress – Level 2:

There’s a hand scanner on the wall. Use the map in your inventory and travel to the basement. Use the lever and switch it to the right to age. Use Charlie’s arm with the time machine and push the button to turn the arm back into a skeleton arm. Take the arm and use the map to go to the ruins. Go inside the mech now. Use the skeleton hand with the bloody toilet on the left to get some of Hitler’s DNA on the hand. Use the map to return to level 2 of the Big Ben. Use the DNA covered hand with the panel on the wall and the lasers will turn off. Walk to the right and use the teleporter to reach level 3.

Hitler’s Fortress – Level 3:

Read the plaque to the right of the microphone. Now you know what to say into the mic. But you need the voice of Hitler. Use the map and go to the ruins. Go inside the mech again and let Dan use the microphone. Let him speak: We have meat here in the building and then use the ladder to climb out. Outside use the parrot to record the message. Use the map and travel to level 3 of the Big Ben. Use the parrot with the hanging microphone and he’ll speak the right message. The metal noise indicates deactivation of the mechanism.

Walk to the time rip and use it to enter an alien world. There’s a space pod jammed against a tree. Use the saw to cut down the tree and use the umbrella to pry the door of the pod open. Talk to the man inside to find out you’re on planet Anubis. We’ve heard that before. And the door is now open….  Use the map and travel to the basement.

The adventures of W.T. PAL:

Use the computer on the right and select option 1.  LOOK to find a door open to the north. Go NORTH to leave the pod and visit the plains of Anubis. There’s a pale structure with majestic stairs. LOOK STAIRS to find an error in the game. The object ‘stairs’ does not exist.

Leave the game for now. Dan will suggest a conversation. Talk to Dan and ask about the alien plinth. He can easily fix it in the code. Use Dan on the computer and he’ll add some stairs. When Dan’s finished, use the computer again, and continue with the game.

LOOK STAIRS to see them there and CLIMB STAIRS to make it to the top. You’re standing in front of a plinth. LOOK PLINTH to discover the buttons and the slot for the tablet. USE TABLET WITH SLOT to insert the tablet and a new tower will arise. LOOK TOWER to see the new tower, the translucent door and the crystal behind it. LOOK again to see a crack at the base of the tower.

Alien World:

Leave the game, use the map and travel to the ‘real’ alien world. See how it changed.  And indeed there’s a crack at the base of the tower. Look at the triangular door above it and the handle on it. Use the dynamite with the crack. As soon as the steam comes out of the crack, use the umbrella with the handle on the door and the steam will take care of the rest.

Use another stick of dynamite on the crack and once it has exploded, take the umbrella back and the CRYSTAL. Use crystal on the pod on top of the tower and you can cross the gap caused by the dynamite. Talk to Dan about the crystal and then he’ll tell you to give it to him. Give him the crystal and he’ll figure out the binary code for it. But he needs a pen to write it down.

Use the feather with the tree stump you cut down earlier to use the blood as ink. Now Dan can write on the error message. Give the crystal to Dan and he’ll write down the binary. Use the time rip on the left to return to level 3 of the Big Ben. Use the teleporter on the right to reach level 4.

Hitler’s Fortress – Level 4:

There’s a joystick to play an old adventure game. You can try the game but you can’t win. Use the binary code on Dan to ask him to code it into the game. Use the joystick to play the game. Let Hitler use the crystal on the switch to deactivate the force field. Once it’s done you can see that the real force field also has been de-activated. Use the teleporter on the right to move to the next level.

Hitler’s Fortress – Level 5:

A very dangerous machine is swinging around the room. On the wall is a BLUEPRINT. Take it from the wall and use the map in your inventory to go to the basement. Use the lever on the time machine to set it to the left and put the blueprint in the machine. Press the button to de-age the blueprint. Take the blank blueprint back from the machine. No you need some new plans. PAL could draw you some.

You the cork from your inventory on PAL to plug the hole. Then use the dino flesh from your inventory in the time machine and set the lever to the right. Push the button to transform the flesh into oil. Use the flask to take the OIL and then use the flask with oil on PAL to get him up and running again. Give the blueprint to PAL and when he asks what you need ask for a room full of kittens.

Use the map in your inventory to travel to the construction yard. Put the altered blueprint in the bucket with blueprints and use the map to return to level 5 of the Big Ben. There’s a huge pile of dead kittens in there. Take the KITTEN that’s separated from the pile and use the map to visit the construction yard again. Take the BLUEPRINT from the bucket again and use the map to go back to the basement. Use the blueprint in the time machine and make sure the lever is set to the left to de-age the paper. Push the button to erase the blueprint.

Give the blueprint to PAL again and this time when he asks, ask him to create a small exhaust port. He’ll alter the blueprint again. Use the map to travel to the construction yard and put the blueprint in the bucket. Then use the map to go back to the fifth floor of the Big Ben.

Use the kitten on the exhaust pipe to let the machine explode and you’ll use the teleporter to visit Hitler.

Fighting Hitler:

Use the magnet on the little hand on the clock to turn back the time and make it 10 o’clock. This will make the bell sound and the gargoyle of Dan fall from the pedestal. Use the skateboard from your inventory to put it in front of you and then use the skateboard to roll it to Dan. Now Dan’s in control, take the gargoyle and put it on the skateboard. Use the skateboard to push it back to Ben.

Walk towards Dan and Hitler will fire his laser beams on you. Use the glasses from your inventory to reflect the beams and hit the Dino robot. It’s now broken into pieces and a piece of the jaw is in front of you. Use the magnet to get the JAWS from the floor. In your inventory use the rasp with the jaws to sharpen them. Use the jaws on the gargoyle on the skateboard to cut off the wings. It’s looking more like Dan already.

Use the skateboard again to push it back to Dan. Use the jacket from your inventory on the gargoyle. Use the skateboard again to push it back to Ben. Use the bird with the gargoyle to hide it under the jacket and make the gargoyle talk. Use the skateboard again to push it back to Dan. Then talk to the statue to let the bird know what to say and repeat it. Use the skateboard again and push it back to Ben. Put the dynamite in the gargoyle and give it one last push towards Dan. Hitler will now think it’s Dan and fire the laser again.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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11 Responses to “Time Gentlemen, Please – Walkthrough (Zombie Cow Studios/2009)”

  1. nolan Says:
    September 21st, 2009 at 5:48 pm

    yea theres a bug in my game i cant go back to the dungeon to get the magnet iam already at the part of the space ship rift…..:P love the game though

  2. Dorian Cornelius Jasper Says:
    September 28th, 2009 at 3:29 am

    @nolan: Tried going up the stairs and knocking out the patrolling dinosaur with the flask of oil yet? When you do that you’ll be able to use the Map to get to the dungeon again.

  3. Anna Says:
    January 29th, 2010 at 1:06 am

    In the basement, it won’t let me pick up the pin from the plans… Why not?

  4. Michael Says:
    February 17th, 2010 at 12:15 pm

    Anna, you need to Look At the plans and then you can pick up the pin when they’re zoomed in.

  5. Guybrush Says:
    June 28th, 2011 at 11:15 am

    Game suffers from errors of many point and click games – start off great and logical then decent into random bullshit.

    Fine if you want to spend hours and hours clicking every item on every world object but some of us actually have a life…

  6. Josh Says:
    August 21st, 2011 at 12:43 am

    It was surprisingly fun although cheaply made with crude jokes.

  7. Terra Says:
    August 21st, 2011 at 12:46 am

    Extremely odd game if you didn’t play the first one this one would be a pain in the ass.

  8. David Says:
    November 11th, 2011 at 11:27 pm

    I can’t seem to get past the “make a bootdisk” part because after I enter the “v4.2” and hit enter, it doesn’t give me the opportunity to enter anything else, it just automatically says “processing” moves onto the next question, and says “processing ” again.

    I’ve tried 5 times, even switching in a different keyboard. Same result.

  9. Andrew Says:
    December 10th, 2011 at 5:51 am

    David, on the off chance you come back here to check try “4.2” instead of “v4.2”

    Best of luck!

  10. Aaron B. Says:
    August 2nd, 2016 at 4:18 pm

    OK, just in case anyone is checking this thread for the Boot Disk dilemma… the key is you need to subtract ten years from the first journal entry date because he says its his 10th birthday in that entry. That was the trick for me.

  11. 1scholarships Says:
    June 21st, 2022 at 6:13 am


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