You’re kicked out of the caravan to get the lost pages and a lighter. Oh well..

Take the STEPS from the front door. Go to the flag on the golf course closest to the caravan. Look at the hole and then use the hole to get the GOLF BALL out.  Look at the Pitch ‘n’ Putt sign in front of it. There’s a club on it. Use the sign to get the GOLF CLUB.

Walk to the right to the arcade hall. Look at the Pizza Boy machine, second from the left. Someone forgot a coin that’s in the return slot. Use the machine to take the GOIN. On the Space War machine on the right someone left his gum. Use that machine to get the GUM. Go to the ice cream shop on the right and look at the sign. The ice cream is a bit loose. But too high to reach. Use the golf club on the sign to get the ICE CREAM. Walk to the left and go to Minnie Garr. Talk to her and see what you can order. That’s nothing because you don’t have enough money. But she can fry something you brought. Give her the Mars bar and she’ll fry it for you. It’s 20p.

Walk over to the beach and look at the sandcastle. There’s something in the middle. Use the castle and get the SPADE out. Walk to the right and talk to Bud Crack. He’ll tell you he’s hungry. Give the deep fried Mars to him. Appearantly that wasn’t too good. He’ll leave and Dude wakes up. Talk to Dude.

Ask for a ride again and you must measure again at the emu. Still too short. Use the spade with the emu to dig him in. Then use the steps with the emu and use the ice cream with the emu to make his beak shrink. Quickly ask Dude again for a ride and this time you’re just tall enough and receive your TICKET.

Walk to the right into the tent and enjoy the ride. Well… at least you found the LIGHTER. Walk to the left and give the gum to the dog. Dogs don’t like gum so you get the chewed gum back. Walk over to the golf course. Use the ball on the tee. Use the chewed gum on the golf club and then use the weighted club on the tee. Nice shot!

Take the stunned BIRD and use the golf hole to retreive your GOLF BALL. Walk over to the gas cylinder next to the caravan. Use the bird on the cylinder and then use the lighter to get a torch. Walk over to Mrs. Nakamura on the beach. Talk to her and ask what she’s reading. That’s the book you need.

Use the golf ball on the water and Abbe will fetch. That is, Abbe will stay in the water. Stand next to Mrs. Nakamura and talk to Abbe. She’ll come out of the water and sprays all over Mrs. Nakamure. She’ll put down her book and starts to dry off with the towel.

Use the golf club on the cylinder to make it white hot. Then use the golf club on the water to let it cool down and creating a cloud of steam. As soon as the cloud is hanging over Mrs. Nakamura she sould still be drying. If not you’ll have to try again and be quicker. When she’s still drying, use your book of voodoo on hers to switch it. You’ll return home a bit late but mission accomplished.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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