You’re standing on a KEY (1/1).

Pick it up and leave the stage on the left. You’re outside. On the right between the garbage is a STEAK. Take it with you (1/2). Against the dumpster is a CROWBAR (1/3). You never know when you might need that.

Walk to the left and you’ll reach the zoo. But the entrance is blocked by Mr. Hamster. Use the hamster to kick him (1/4) and use the door behind him to open it. Walk to the right the enter the lion’s cage. But be quick. If the lion gets to you, you’re dead. So before he reaches you, use the key on the lion to lock his mouth (1/5). Pick up the BONE (1/6) and walk to the south.

On the right is an ATM machine. Use it to take all the MONEY you want (1/7).  Walk further to the south to reach the intersection. Walk all the way to the right until a fat man is blocking your way. Give the man the steak and he won’t see you anymore (1/8). Walk further to the right,  take the shopping cart (1/9) and use the sliding doors to enter the mall.  Take a BUM BEAR from the shelf (1/10) and walk further to the right.


From the produce shelf you can take the BANANAS (1/11). Use the frozen food shelf to get the HASH BROWNS (1/12) and use the cereal shelf to get the CEREAL (1/13).Walk to the right to leave the shop.

Walk all the way to the left and you’re home. Take the PAN from the worktop (1/14) and use the bananas on the cooker (1/15) to create the Chocolate Monkey Haskbrowns.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

One Reply to “The Wacky World Of Wally Weasel – Walkthrough (Zoramium Software/2003)”

  1. This walkthrough is NOT complete. Although it is very useful, it only covers one out of 3 quests in the game, ending with a score of only 17 out of 40. I hope someone adventurous and able to think “out of the box” can submit the full walkthrough. Very nice and interesting game so far, but I am stuck where the walkthrough prematurely ends!
    Regards, Wendy Mann

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