You’re in the Video Shop.

Look at the shelf on the left. It’s filled with unsorted tapes and there’s one black tape on the shelf in the middle. Take the TAPE from the shelf and give it to the salesman behing the counter. He’ll register it and after that you can leave the shop on the south.

At home use the tape on the tv to watch the content of the tape. You don’t like the content so you decide to get something to eat. Use the tv again to get the TAPE out again and walk to the right to leave the house and walk south to get to the map. Walk all the way to the left and enter the Pizza Shop. Inside there’s no one to be seen. Take a TOOTHPICK from the counter, right of the coffee display. You decide to return to your own garage.

Walk to the left to leave the Pizza Shop and walk to the right on the map to return to you own house. Look at the garage door to discover there’s something stuck in the keyhole. Use the toothpick on the garagedoor to unblock the lock and open the garage door.


Use the fridge inside to open it, use the fridge again to take the pizza out and eat it. Now the tape must be returned. Walk to the south to leave the garage, south again to go to the map.Walk to the building in the middle to get to Rent-V.

Give the unlabeled tape back to the man behind the counter and tell him you want to return the video. You’ll end up in the basement. Talk to the man to find out what he wants but it’s not clear. Talk to the door after he’s gone to get some attention but without success.

You manage to untie yourself and then look at the boxes. The one on the right contains a BASEBALL BAT. Take the bat and use it on the door. Walk up the stairs and into the shop and use the bat on the shop attendant. Walk to the north to leave the shop and live on..

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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