Inside your house:

You’re standing in your garden. Everyone is leaving. Enter your house. Take all you can find for your journey. Take the SWORD standing against the wall (2/2). Open the cupboard on the left and take the FOOD out (2/4). Also take the EMPTY BOTTLE. You never know. Take the MIRROR (4/8). Take the ROPE (2/10) from the cupboard. Take the ARROW (2/12). Tie the arrow to the rope (1/13).

Outside the house:

Leave the house and look at the pond. Give some food to the fish (4/17) . Talk to the fish (2/18). Leave the screen on the south and explore the country.


The big tree:

Look at the tree. There’s a door with a cage standing in front. Take the CAGE (2/21). Open the door (2/23) and talk to Mr. Mouse. He’s glad you removed that trap. Talk to Mr. Mouse and ask him about the Golden River (2/25). Mr. Mouse complains about a noise above his house. Let’s see if we can help him. Climb the tree (use the tree). There’s Mother Duck. Talk to her (6/31). She’s lost her son and wants to go home. Sure we can help. Pick up MOTHER DUCK (4/35) and climb down again (use the tree). Talk to the mouse again (2/37).

Duck Pond:

Walk to the south and take the right road. You come to a crossroad. Go north here. There’s a duckpond. Since we’ve got Mother Duck with us, we might as well put her back in the pond (4/41). Talk to the other ducks. We still need to find Mrs. Ducks son. We get her sons TOY (2/43) to take with us. Go south and south again. Follow the dry riverbed to see where it comes from. Walk to the right to see the waterfall.

Golden River:

Take the bottle and fill it with WATER (4/47) from the Golden River. Back to the left and to the north. We’re at the big tree on the crossroad again. Go left and south at the house of Mr. Mouse.

Resting Area:

You’ll see Miss Canary. Talk to Miss Canary (2/49). She’s not feeling well. We must help her. Give the water from the fall to the bird (4/53). It’s feeling better now. Look at the table. There’s a needle on it. The needle is poisoned. Use the water from the Golden River on the needle (4/57). It’s clean again. Pick up the NEEDLE (2/59). Talk to Miss Canary (2/61). You’ll learn why the animals get poisoned. Miss Canary saw something sparkeling and will get it for you. You can wait very long but Miss Canary isn’t coming back. Walk north twice, back to you own house.

Back to your house:

Use the water from the Golden River on the fish (4/65). It’s feeling much better now. Mr. Fish will tell you what happened and will help you. Look at the lotus in the pond. Talk to Mr. Fish again to get the lotus nearer (2/67). Pick up the LOTUS (2/69). Leave the screen on the south and walk to the right. At the crossroad go south,

Golden River:

So there’s Miss Canary. Talk to her (2/71). He’ll get you the shiny thing. Pick it up. It’s a GLASS (2/73) with 5 symbols on it. Use the glass on Miss Canary to talk to her about the glass (2/75). Follow her home, the place with the table where you found her (left, north, left, south). Near the table is a CANARY PENDANT (8/83). Pick it up. Go back to your own house (north twice).

Back at your house:

Talk to the fish. Leave it for now. Go south to the mouse.

The Big Tree:

Talk to the mouse. He won’t give you the pendant until you show others. Back to our house again.

Back at your house:

Take the FISH PENDANT (4/87). Go back to the mouse.

The Big Tree:

Talk to the mouse and you’ll get the MOUSE PENDANT (8/95). Go to the right and the to the north. There’s the duck pond.

Duck Pond:

Talk to Mother Duck and receive the DUCK PENDANT (8/103). Go south and follow the sign to town.

In town:

Talk to the man in front of the information center. He’ll refer you to the Magician. Talk to the man in front of town centre. He knows where to find little duck. Let’s go to the magician first. Go left twice and south twice. The big building is of the magician.

The Magician:

Talk to the magician (2/105). He’ll refer you to Mr. Turtle and gives you MAGIC DUST. Now to find Little Duck. Use the magic dust on something that floats: the lotus (2/107). Leave the house, go north twice and then right. North again (Duck Pond) and right again. You’re at Turtle Beach.

Turtle Beach:

Use the magic lotus on yourself (2/109). This will bring you to Turtle Island. Talk to the turtle (2/111). Use the glass on the turtle (2/113) . Show one of the pendants to the turtle (2/115) and receive the TURTLE PENDANT (14/129) . You return to the beach automatically. Now visit the migician again: left, south, left, south twice.

To the Magician:

Talk to the magician (2/131), he’ll tell you about the pendants. He fears an enemy so can give you something to protect yourself if you have something with sharp edges. Give him your needle (1/132). He’ll turn it into a MAGIC DART (2/134). We’ll need to go back to the Golden River again. Leave the house and go north twice, right, south, right.

Golden River:

Use each pendant on the waterfall. (4*2/142) Put the glass plate to the left in the river (4/146). The reflection will show where to put the fifth pendant. (2/148). A cave is revealed. You want to go in but the water is to strong. Use the arrow on rope to swing behind the waterfall (4/152). When the snake is done talking to you, you use the magic dart on the snake so it shrinks. (10/162). Use the cage to trap the snake (2/164). Try to open the cage with the duck. It’s too strong. Use your sword on the cage to free the duck. (6/170). The magician is outside and rewards you with a GOLDEN EGG (10/180). Give the cage with the beast to the magician (10/190). The river turns back to normal because the spell has been broken. Put the golden egg on the glass and the river will turn gold (200/200).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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