Look at the vintage calendar on the wall to realize it’s almost your sisters birthday.

Look at the desk twice to see that all has been cleared. You need to find your stuff. Use the pillow on the bed to reveal a key. Pick up the KEY (5/5) and use the key on the closet door to unlock it (5/10). Then pick up the KEYBOARD (5/15). Walk up the stairs to leave your room and talk to your mother in the kitchen.

Ask mum if she cleaned your room and tell her you can’t find your stuff. She can’t help you now but gives you a SHOPPING LIST (5/20). Look at the shopping list in your inventory twice to find the notes you made on the back side (5/25). Open the fridge and take the CHEESE out (5/30). Look at the cheese in your inventory twice to discover your MOUSE (5/35).

Walk to the right into the living room and use the couch twice to discover an empty CD (5/40). Walk south to enter the bathroom. Your father is watching TV. Talk to dad to tell him it’s your computer and not his new TV. Tell him it’s dangerous to watch TV in the bathroom and you can take the MONITOR (5/45). Look at the monitor in your inventory twice to have your COMPUTER back (5/50).


Leave the bathroom, walk left to the kitchen and north back to your own room. Put the computer on the desk (5/55), add the keyboard (5/60) and the cheesy mouse (5/65). Put your notes on the computer to create a game (5/70) and add the CD to burn your PRESENT (10/80).

Walk up the stairs to the kitchen and to the right to the living room. Use the gift on the door of your sisters room on the right to join the party (5/85).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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